3M: Post-it Brand Unveils New Study Emphasizing the Importance of STEM Education in the United States
Tuesday, Aug 04, 2020
The academic pillars of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which are referred to as STEM, infiltrate every aspect of our lives and reflect a whole new way of living — from TVs to GPS systems and smartphones. Today, Post-it Brand from 3M revealed results from a survey1 commissioned by the brand that sheds light on the value of STEM education in the United States, thus furthering the conversation around the need for student proficiency in these subjects. According to the study, parents of students ages 13 – 18 believe math and science are the subjects that will prepare students the most for the job market. However, nearly 70 percent of those parents surveyed admit they are not as prepared as they could be and state they frequently struggle to help their students with STEM-related homework.

“Parents play a powerful role in exposing kids to STEM at an early age– first by inciting their interest and next by arming them to develop the skill set needed to excel in these areas,” said Dr. Michele Borba, parenting and education expert. “Obstacles surrounding STEM education such as the lack of understanding, intimidation and complex subject matter need to be addressed so that parents can empower students and give them the edge they need to succeed.”

The study also revealed that while parents want to get involved with their students’ homework, there are challenges that exist today that weren’t present several years ago.

  • Then and Now: Nearly 80 percent of parents believe homework is harder now than when they were in school
  • “Big Bang” Barriers: Parents feel they are struggling because the homework is too complicated (38 percent), they’re not good at math and science (29 percent) and students don’t want their help (28 percent)

“STEM education opens the door to endless opportunities, from academic achievements to a student’s future career trajectory,” said Kate Semersky, a global business manager for Post-it Brand. “Post-it Brand continues to create tools and solutions that provide support in STEM subjects. In fact, on Post-it.com we have created a robust selection of articles and activities for parents, teachers and students to further facilitate advancement in STEM learning.”

In addition to the findings from the recent Post-it Brand study, Dr. Borba notes that parents need to start early when it comes to introducing students to STEM. “Research shows that by the early teen years interest in STEM subjects begins to dwindle. Parents need to be adamant about encouraging students and reinforcing a positive message when it comes to STEM subjects,” Borba states. ”Understanding your teen’s learning style and being able to adapt study techniques that resonate with students is essential.”

Dr. Borba provides the following tips to help parents address STEM subjects:

  • Picture This: More than 85 percent of parents think the best way for their students to learn STEM subjects is through visual learning, like reading or seeing pictures. Post-it Brand products are uniquely designed to help students break down complex problems and find solutions to those problems
  • Quiz Me: Use memory games and DIY tools such as flashcards and written study guides to help with STEM subjects at home
  • Enlist Help: Research after school help in your area or find an older student peer tutor to connect like-minded students

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