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8th World Wind Energy Conference 2009 for Wind Power for Islands Offshore and Onshore provides update

Friday, Jun 26, 2020

The World Wind Energy Association (WWEA), in association with the Korea Wind Energy Association (KWEA), acknowledges and welcomes the presence of those 600 participants attending this Conference from wind and associated renewable energy technologies. The interests include all aspects of sustainable wind technology development, design, manufacturing, operation and implementation, with a special focus on offshore wind power and integrated renewable energy solutions such as hybrid systems.

The Conference recognises the support of the governments, especially of the province of Jeju Island, Korea, Germany, the province of Ontario as well as UNESCO and all organisations supporting the Conference, and applauds their continued support and vision for the accelerated deployment of renewable energy, in particular wind energy, to provide clean energy, to tackle climate change, increase energy security and create new jobs.


The Conference thanks all those who have contributed to its success, especially the Organising Committee, the speakers, the exhibitors and sponsors as well as all the involved volunteers.

The Conference calls on governments and the private sector to recognise renewable energy as an effective and speedy instrument to overcome the current global financial crisis. Such approach has been supported by several reports published by international organisations.

The Conference welcomes the creation of the International Renewable Energy Agency and strongly supports the early establishment of an operational organisation to which WWEA and the International Renewable Energy Alliance have offered their full assistance.

The Conference welcomes the adoption of the Green Energy and Economy Act in Ontario, introducing the first feed-in law in North America less than one year after it was proposed during the WWEC2008 in Kingston. The Conference encourages the Korean Government to implement similar ambitious legislation.

The Conference welcomes that the World Bioenergy Association has joined the International Renewable Energy Alliance so that all the major world technology associations are working closely together.

In addition, and in the pursuit of renewable energy resources, the Conference resolves to pursue the following objectives, policies and actions:

1.      remove all subsidies and enforce the internalisation of all externalities to achieve a level playing field;

2.      until this is achieved, pursue compensatory regulatory frameworks such as sufficient and effective feed-in tariffs that encourage renewable energy developments, and that provide sufficient financial security to promote long-term investment, especially for smaller investors;

3.      raise the political and social awareness to foster the political will towards the inevitable use of renewable energy, especially by engaging and enabling all levels of society, particularly individual citizens, community power proponents and the youth;

4.      create new human, industrial, administrative and financial capacities and strengthen appropriate supportive and dedicated structures and institutions for renewable energy;

5.      increase energy supply security and system stability through a balanced supply mix of renewable energy and geographically distributed generation and increase interaction of local, national, regional and global networks and alliances that contribute to greater cooperation between renewable energy technologies such as International Renewable Energy Alliance;

6.      reduce overall costs for energy supply and decrease volatility through the increased deployment of renewable energy power;

7.      develop, use and expand appropriate national, regional and international financing mechanisms for the exclusive realisation of renewable energy, especially making use of funds provided as part of the international economic recovery programmes;

8.      in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, enhance developing countries to get easier access to technology transfer in order to realise the full benefits of renewable technologies such as sustainable jobs through local manufacturing, direct economic benefits through community based ownership and accessible energy for increased wealth and productivity;

9.      in order to achieve in Copenhagen in December an effective international agreement on climate change mitigation, take into account the key role of renewable energies and to create the long-term frameworks for their full deployment;

10.    note that the next International Governmental Renewable Energy Conference will take place in India in 2010, hosted by the Indian Government, and encourage governments and the private sector to proactively contribute to its preparatory process;

11.    note that the next World Wind Energy Conference will be held in Istanbul, Turkey, and encourage all members of the Association, others involved in wind power and other renewable energy development, operation and financing as well as the exhibitors to further the cause of wind power development and the expansion of the role of Renewable Energy by participating in the Turkish Conference.


Source: WWEA

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