AEG Power Solutions expands its solar product portfolio with the new central inverter protect PV.630
Wednesday, May 30, 2020

Energy technology and power electronics specialist AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) today announced the expansion of its product portfolio with a new central inverter with 630 kW performance. The new inverter is the next step in AEG PS‘s offering of high-end utility-class inverters. The product is available as of today. The first central inverter, launched in 2009, already set new standards due to its excellent efficiency levels of 98.7%. Following on from the success of Protect PV.250 and PV.500 (currently with more than 860 installations around the world from Germany to India). Protect PV.630 now represents the next milestone in the range of industrial inverters for multi-megawatt PV power plants.

“stated Bob Roos, Vice President Solar Solutions at AEG PS.”

With its Protect PV series, AEG Power Solutions offers professional solutions for utility-scale solar installations or even for installation on large roofs. All former series are available as different indoor- and outdoor versions for connection to the medium voltage grid. The new Protect PV 630 is immediately available in indoor version, the outdoor solution will be introduced shortly to the market. Designed for global use, PV.630 has received numerous certifications and is compliant with the national grid regulations of several countries. Protect PV.630 is also available as a turnkey container solution, TKS-C 1250, equipped with 2 inverters, transformer and switchgear.

The technical highlight of the new inverter is its power stack PV core, designed in-house with a special control system, enabling an input DC voltage of up to 1,000 V and providing the high efficiency levels due to its optimized pulse pattern. This enables the efficient use of thin-film modules and cost-efficient overall equipment planning. The total concept is flexible and adjustable to many requirements and is applicable for almost all grid codes worldwide.

”With our product portfolio including the new PV.630, and completed by skytron monitoring solutions,, our global footprint, our manufacturing sites in Germany, India opening next month in South Africa we are well positioned to fulfill our clients‘ needs in the coming years. With this latest product enhancement, AEG PS is offering EPC companies and investors a broader range of inverters for the flexible layout of multi-megawatt PV power plants,“ stated Bob Roos, Vice President Solar Solutions at AEG PS.

AEG PS will again showcast its latest product developments in central inverters, storage concepts and smart grid power solutions at Intersolar Europe in Munich 13.-15. June, 2012.

Source: Business Wire

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