American shipyard ESG boot its first ship designed with FORAN
Tuesday, Oct 27, 2020
On 6 November the launch of the vessel HARVEY SUB-SEA in the shipyard Eastern Shipbuilding Group (ESG) located in Panama City, Florida. This is the first ship of design detail has been entirely done at the shipyard with FORAN CAD / CAM developed by naval engineering group SENER and technology. The Multipurpose (MPSV) vessel, the first of a series of two, has a length of 103.7 m, a breadth of 22.3 meters strut 8.92 m, is regulated by ABS / USCG / SOLAS DP2 Z-Drive MPSV and operate in the area US Gulf of Mexico to the owner Harvey Gulf International Marine. Imagen1: 249 Photomontage ship ESG. Detailed design in FORAN made of ESG.

SENER and ESG signed a contract for the full implementation of FORAN in the shipyard in June 2013. It was an important decision for the shipyard, accompanied significant changes to strengthen and expand the technical office, with the aim of improving the quality of design and production processes. FORAN was introduced successfully in all disciplines of design and production, and was adapted to meet the requirements of US production. The shipyard, with a long track record of success behind him thanks to a deep knowledge of the industry and an innovative mindset is always open to new technologies that meet the demands of the shipping industry.

FORAN is currently used successfully in numerous projects and, as a result, the shipyard has optimized both production time and their quality, as confirmed in recent statements the ESG vice president of engineering, Fernando Malabet: “Eastern Shipbuilding Group received a package design classification detail, with what was necessary, therefore, the definition of many parts of the project during its development in 3D. This task should be developed not only for draftsmen in 3D with enough experience, but also with the participation of naval engineers as a fundamental part of the modeling process, to successfully complete ship design. This could only be carried out with a CAD / CAM FORAN tool like “.

Fernando Malabet added: “FORAN has not only cut modeling time by 50% compared to other software packages, but it has allowed the different design disciplines and people with different levels of knowledge may have been involved in the process that has become more efficient and accurate and has been done enough to receive input from both the owner and the Department of Production time. Once the types of outputs generated in FORAN to that shipyard Production Department agreed, have automated as much as possible the generation of nested and manufacturing plans, with the assistance of SENER, and created reports for production with reduced 25% of the time it took with other software packages. “

“Although the original design information received for vessels with construction number 249 and 234 was only qualifying, ESG has been able to complete the design for the production of ships using FORAN in all areas (Structure, pipelines, electricity and Armaments) and with the participation of both 3D designers and drafters and engineers from various disciplines. The shipyard and build a 3D model with a level of detail and greater accuracy. Finally, ESG confirmed that the design of classification of the ship 249 was conducted by VARD and the 234 by Robert Allan while the detailed design and production of both vessels has been developed by ESG through the use of a fully integrated system as FORAN “he concluded.

SENER, which works closely with ESG to meet your expectations, plays an important role in North America, where intense effort made in FORAN in marketing, in order to assist the shipbuilding industry in the development of better and more competitive projects. FORAN in 2015 celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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