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YIN - Allspeeds

Allspeeds supply decommissioning tools to Sellafield

Wednesday, Apr 17, 2020

Within the Sellafield Seascale site the Pile Fuel Storage Pond (PFSP) dates back to 1948, PFSP is the oldest fuel pond and is currently being decommissioned. In order to complete a decommissioning project at the PFSP, Sellafield Ltd needed a tool to cut multiple steel sections. Having known about the capabilities of Allspeeds, Sellafield Ltd approached them for a cutting solution.

Allspeeds design and manufacture the Webtool range of hydraulic cutting and gripping tools. Originally engineered over 30 years ago for use in the subsea market, the recently adapted nuclear range benefits from the same quality and hard wearing materials found in the subsea range.

In July 2012 members of the Seascale and Birchwood team visited Allspeeds to view the manufacturing capabilities and to witness a live test cut. The trial took place at Allspeeds test facility where they cut 200mm x 90mm steel channel. The Sellafield staff watched the live cut on a video link playing into the design office.

In October 2012 Sellafield placed an order directly with Allspeeds as they became an approved supplier.  The order consisted of a RCV215A (215mm guillotine cutter) and a full kit including lifting frame, slings, hydraulic pump and hoses. An excellent level of communication was maintained throughout and during production, members of the Sellafield team visited Allspeeds and a second test cut was completed. This time the actual tool that would be supplied to Sellafield was used and a 200mm x 75mm steel channel was cut. Due to the vertical orientation of the cut, a spring system was supplied by Allspeeds to reduce the shock at the point of cut.

Shortly before the supply date, Allspeeds provided the Sellafield handling technicians with onsite training to ensure the cutter would be used correctly and effectively, avoiding any damage and loss of time. The cutter and full kit was shipped to the Seascale site in January 2013. Shortly after its arrival the cutter was put to use. In April 2013 staff at PFSP informed Allspeeds that this stage of the project is now complete and thanked Allspeeds for all the after sales support. Allspeeds are pleased with the success of the RCV215A at PFSP and look forward to future decommissioning challenges.

The standard Webtool Nuclear range consists of guillotine cutting and gripping tools capable of cutting or gripping 22mm to 215mm wire rope, cables and steel & stainless steel piping. Allspeeds onsite capabilities also allow the opportunity to create bespoke and custom tools designed and tailored to meet the customer’s needs.

Source: Allspeeds

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