Allegro launches CTRM mobile application
Thursday, Oct 19, 2020
Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software Company Launches Groundbreaking CTRM Mobile Application
Allegro Development Corp., a global leader in commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software, set a new CTRM industry standard by announcing the launch of its mobile application.
Allegro’s iOS and Android compatible CTRM mobile app provides traders, risk managers, back office and IT professionals with the ability to view reports, manage approvals and receive real- time notifications on any mobile device from any location in the world. With these capabilities now available, commodity professionals will have 24-hour remote access to real-time data, workflow approval and position visibility without being chained to their desks.
The first Allegro customer to go live on the CTRM mobile application is Par Pacific Holdings Inc., an innovative American energy company that identifies, acquires and operates energy and infrastructure companies with attractive competitive positions. Par Pacific chose Allegro’s software and mobile application solution to obtain additional real-time visibility into its crude refining processes, thereby improving risk positioning.
Frank Brienzi, CEO, Allegro:
“We are proud to announce that Allegro has launched the commodity industry’s very first CTRM mobile application. With the ability to view real-time data from any place at any time, Allegro’s current and future customers will have a competitive edge in the marketplace.”
William Pate, President and CEO, Par Pacific:
“We are excited to be the world’s first energy company to have real-time mobile access to trade data. Allegro’s new mobile application will enable us to better manage our transactional workflow through approvals that can be made remotely.”
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