Air Liquide secures 10 new contracts in Asia with solar photovoltaic leaders
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2020
Air Liquide is strengthening its market leadership position in the supply of gases and precursors

The Asia-Pacific region now hosts more than 70% of the solar cells produced in the world, estimated to surpass 10 GWp in 2010.

Air Liquide is strengthening its market leadership position in the supply of gases and precursors to the solar photovoltaic manufacturers by signing over 10 new long-term contracts with photovoltaic industry leaders in China, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. The latest contracts make the Group the supplier of over 120 photovoltaic customers worldwide, with an overall manufacturing capacity above 13,000 MWp per year, which equals around 50% of the worldwide production capacity.

In Yixing, Jiangsu Province, China, Air Liquide has just signed a long-term agreement for the turnkey supply of gases and precursors, equipment and installation, and on-site services, to Guodian Solar, a subsidiary of the Guodian Group, one of the five leading power groups in the country. Guodian Solar is a high-tech green energy company that integrates applications-R&D with large-scale manufacturing with plans up to above 1,000 MWp capacity within three years, and a focus on advanced crystalline Silicon and Thin Film solar cells technologies.

In Shanghai, China, Air Liquide has further developed its existing supply relationship with Suntech Power, the world largest crystalline Silicon cell manufacturer, by signing a contract for the long-term supply of nitrogen, equipment and on-site services to its new production fab.

In Kansai, Japan, Air Liquide has entered into a long-term agreement to supply Silane gas to fabs of a world’s leading manufacturer of high-efficiency Silicon Thin Film solar cells, supporting its current ramp plans to double its capacity.

Francisco Martins, Vice-President World Business Line Electronics of the Air Liquide Group, commented: “Air Liquide continues to reinforce its number one position as supplier of photovoltaic industry leaders, through innovative, cost-efficient and reliable gases supply solutions. These recent contracts in Asia confirm the competitiveness of Air Liquide’s offer and its permanent alignment with customer’s cost reduction road maps. The photovoltaic activity is at the crossroads of Energy and the Environment and requires High Tech solutions, three growth drivers for the Air Liquide Group.”

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Source: Air Liquide

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