Aibel starts Dvalin module construction
Friday, Aug 04, 2020
This Tuesday, the Dvalin project finished all construction drawings for module H25. The following day the fabrication work started.

“We have made a good start during the first nine months of the project. We had a very ambitious target of completing all construction drawings ahead of the H25 first cut. Yesterday we reached our goal. I don’t think we have ever had a more solid base for module construction,” said a pleased project manager, Jon Garborg.

Wednesday morning, champagne corks were popping as the first cut for the Dvalin module H25 was made in Haugesund. The module is to be completed in no more than seven months.

“It is an incredible achievement to complete the engineering ahead of the first cut. We are very pleased with our collaboration and Aibel’s deliveries so far,” Statoil’s project manager Wenche Eide said during the event in Smistadhallen.

Håkon Skofteland, Facilities & Development Technology Manager at operator company DEA, was also pleased to witness the start of the fabrication.

“It has taken us some time to get to where we are today. Several development solutions were considered before we decided upon a subsea development with tie-back to Heidrun. The project is now really starting to take shape, and with Statoil and Aibel on our team, I am sure it will become a success,” he said.

On 17 October, the construction of the second and largest Dvalin module, M40, will start in Haugesund. The prefabrication for the modification scope at Heidrun has been ongoing since May.

“We are now fully focused on completing the drawings for M40 and ensuring that the fabrication team has the materials it needs. We are in good control of progress and are on track,” Aibel’s project manager said, emphasising:  

“We will work determinedly to meet the client’s expectations to quality and safe execution. Safety is our number one priority.”

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