Advancing Solar panel testing with sophisticated controller features
Thursday, Jun 30, 2020

Thermotron’s controller group has added two new features to the intuitive 8800 programmer controller specifically to meet the synchronized testing requirements of companies doing IEC solar tests.

The 8800 can now fully control and record up to 20 power supplies for biasing modules during temperature and humidity testing.  The 8800 can automatically turn power supplies on and off during a test at a desired temperature humidity condition as required by IEC testing specifications.  The current can be cycled to switch between peak current and low current during the continuity test profile.  The voltage and current of each power supply is recorded in the 8800 Paperless Recorder along with air temp, product temperature and relative humidity.  Thermotron currently offers integration of power supplies from leading manufacturers such as Lambda/TDK, Ametek/Sorensen and Glassman.

The 8800 now has a second humidity sensor input to allow the use of a redundant sensor.  If the primary sensor drifts due to contamination, the redundant sensor can take over, preventing the loss of valuable test time during super critical long term Damp Heat and Humidity Freeze test profiles.

The easy-to-use 8800 Programmer Controller has all of the most common solar test specifications pre-programmed into memory.  Simply select the solar test needed, touch the run button, and the chamber is off and running.  The 8800 features a 12″ color touch screen monitor with an intuitive graphical user interface.  USB ports, Ethernet, and computer interface are all supported to enhance communications with the test equipment.


Source: PR Newswire

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