ACCIONA highlights the need for a sustainable energy plan at the global level in Mexico
Wednesday, Oct 14, 2020

·         President Calderón visited the company’s stand in the Global Renewable Energies Forum that closes its doors today in Mexico. 

·         The Government of Mexico has invited ACCIONA to join the Advisory Council for the Renewable Energies  

13 October 2020. The implementation of a sustainable energy model that guarantees the global supply of energy and slows down climate change needs a World Transition Plan that would define emission reduction objectives, the capacity required for clean energies and the availability of financing and technology for all the countries of the world. This was the main argument put forward in the speech by the General Manager of the Energy Division of ACCIONA, Esteban Morrás, in the Global Renewable Energies Forum that closed its doors last weekend in the Mexican city of León. 

Organised by the Energy Secretary of Mexico and the United Nations Organisation for Industrial Development, the three-day Forum has reviewed the economic, social and technological aspects of the transition towards a low-carbon model and the promotion of renewable energy sources.

In his speech, Mr. Morrás pointed out that, unless specific action is taken on a global scale, greenhouse gas emissions will grow by 70% and demand for oil by 130% by 2050. The scale of the intervention is so drastic and wide-ranging that, according to Morrás, a “Global Energy Plan” needs to be designed, one that is more ambitious than current international agreements.  

The senior ACCIONA executive underlined Mexico’s potential to drive renewables and he restated the company’s commitment to collaborate with that country, where this year construction work will be completed on the 250.5 MW Eurus windpark, the biggest in Latin America and the biggest ever built by the company. The electricity from this facility, located in the state of Oaxaca, will be sent for consumption by plants belonging to the cement company CEMEX, under a supply contract between that company and ACCIONA. 

ACCIONA has taken part in the fair associated with the Global Renewable Energies Forum with a stand, which was visited by the President of the Republic of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, on the opening day. 

Advisory Council for the Renewable Energies 

Recently the Secretary for Energy of Mexico’s Government has invited ACCIONA to join the Advisory Council for the Renewable Energies, which has been created to advise the Mexican Administration on the implementation of policies supporting clean technologies. 

ACCIONA thanks the honour which awards ACCIONA’s commitment to actively collaborate in the development of renewables in Mexico and the company’s track-record in the country. 

ACCIONA – 30 years in Mexico 

ACCIONA has worked in Mexico for over 30 years in the development of the country’s infrastructures. It carries out innovative projects providing services in social infrastructures, including the design, construction, financing, equipping and maintenance of the campus of San Luis Potosí Polytechnic University and the design, construction and management of the non-medical services of the High Specialisation regional hospital of Bajío, in León. 

It designs and builds residential buildings applying sustainability and ecoefficiency criteria, and is currently tendering for the construction of the biggest waste water treatment plants in the country. 

The Group employs – directly or indirectly – 2,500 people in Mexico.

Corporate information

ACCIONA is one of the main Spanish corporations and operates in infrastructures, energy, hydropower and services in more than 30 countries. Its motto “Pioneers in development and sustainability” reflects its commitment, in all its activities, to contribute to economic growth, social progress and the protection of the environment. ACCIONA leads its sector on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, has a workforce of around 35,000 people and earned revenues of 12,665 million euros in 2008. ACCIONA is listed on the selective IBEX-35 index of the Spanish stock market (ANA.MC). 

ACCIONA Energía is a world leader in the field of renewable energies. It has installed 7,291 MW of wind power capacity in 252 windparks in 14 countries, of which 5,819 MW are owned by the company. It manufactures wind turbines using proprietary technology and owns and operates CSP, photovoltaic, hydropower, biomass, biodiesel and bioethanol plants. The company is also a global service provider for customers interested in the development, construction and operation of renewables projects.



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