ABB launches solar inverter extensions at Solar Energy UK 2015
Monday, Oct 05, 2020
ABB showcases its most powerful central inverter yet and increases the power options on its UNO and TRIO solar inverters on stand H30 at Solar Energy UK, 13-15 October, 2015 in Birmingham.

With a DC input voltage of up to 1500 VDC, ABB’s PVS 980 central inverter is suitable for multi-megawatt photovoltaic (PV) plants. Its IP65 rated enclosure ensures the inverter is weatherproof, thereby contributing to low maintenance needs. Its self-contained cooling technology uses phase transition and thermosiphon technology to prevent external air from entering critical components which ensures reliable performance.  Maintenance is further simplified by the absence of fillable liquids, pumps and valves.

The new TRIO-50.0 is a three-phase string inverter, distinguishable by its modular three component concept: a central part consisting of the inverter itself and two lateral compartments, one for the DC connection upstream (toward the photovoltaic plant) and the other for the AC downstream (toward the grid). Its configuration offers exceptional flexibility with its ability to change the DC and AC components to cater for specific needs, even when retrofitting. And, with each part being relatively light, costs to reinforce floors or conduct civil works are avoided.

The UNO single-phase string inverter now delivers from 2.0 to 4.6 kW of power to residential installations. These transformerless string inverters are easy to install due to their being some 5kg lighter than earlier versions and feature quicker connections which can be made in all weather conditions, since the inverters no longer need to be opened.

In the residential segment, ABB is introducing its REACT product, a photovoltaic inverter combined with an integrated energy storage system using batteries.  It is useful in cloudy climates, such as the UK, as the REACT can optimise solar energy use by storing excess from sunny days and distributing it for later use when required.

Finally, optimized packaged solutions are also highlighted this year with ABB transformers and ABB SafeRing switchgear shown with the PVS800 central inverter.

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