AEI Compounds announces success for newly launched High-performance Sioplas HFFR and Ceramifiable compound solutions at Wire China in Shanghai
Wednesday, Oct 15, 2020
AEI Compounds Ltd, a market leader in wire and cable polymer compound solutions, has launched its high-performance range of HFFR, silane-crosslinkable compounds intended for use in Oil and Gas, Marine and Railway applications, at Wire China in Shanghai. There were over 100 visitors to the AEI stand representing 57 cable manufacturers from more than 10 countries.

Visitors to the AEI stand expressed strong interest in SX-0620, a silane-crosslinked HFFR compound that is highly flexible, oil resistant and formulated to meet strict regulatory requirements of cables made to IEC 60092-359 SHF2 and EN50264 EM104.

SX-0620 can now be specified by cable manufacturers operating within the OGP, Marine and Rail Industries, to produce tougher and more durable oil resistant cable sheathing needed in harsh, exposed offshore environments.

Visitors also showed strong interest in TP-0851, a ceramifiable sheathing compound that when exposed to serious fire situations, it forms a very strong char which protects fire alarm and circuit integrity cable constructions. The use of TP-0851 as a ceramifiable jacketing material permits the cable manufacturer to redesign fire alarm and circuit integrity cable and eliminate the need for mica-

Sioplas technology has also been used to develop SX-0650, an HFFR compound which meets the latest requirements of EN50618 and TÜV 2 Pfg 1169/08.2007 for PV Solar applications.

To meet UL® PV Solar cable standards, AEI Compounds parent company, Saco Polymers, has launched Pexidan® V/T-2UV, which is a silane crosslinked, RoHS compliant flame retardant compound system, UL bulletinized to meet UL4703. Insulation made with this system may be marked SUNRES or ‘SR’ in all colours and in all sizes per UL44. This product is also CSA listed for RW90, RWU90, RPV90, RPVU90 and CIC, ‘SR’ and -40°C rated.

For the EI-5 building wire and conduit cable markets, AEI Compounds launched SX-0612S, which is a silane crosslinked, easy process and high output insulation material complying with BS7211 & BS EN 52020-3-41:2011. SX-0612S processes at high production speeds, is highly resistant to pre-cure in extruders and ambient curable.

AEI Compounds Ltd. received multiple product sample requests in the OPG/Oil-Resistant, EI5-Insulation, NEK 606 and PV TUV Solar areas.

To get more information on any of the new products, please get in touch by emailing – [email protected]


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