3T Energy en route to transform global oil and gas training
Friday, Apr 20, 2020
Two of the leading players in industrial training and simulation are joining forces to create a unique new technology-focussed organisation which will help the global energy industry work smarter, safer and more efficiently.

‘3T Energy Group’ combines the expertise of advanced simulator developer and manufacturer, Drilling Systems with leading industrial training provider, AIS to bring a radically different approach towards training people for the energy sector worldwide.

Together Drilling Systems and AIS Training have an unrivalled product range and global reach with offices and distributors in all of the world’s key oil and gas hubs including Houston, Dubai, Jakarta, Canada, Vietnam and Australia amongst others.

This approach, which is the first of its kind for the energy industry, will see technology such as simulators, e-learning, virtual reality, iPads and integrated software used alongside traditional training methods to enhance the skills, knowledge and performance of energy sector personnel.

One example of this technology already being used in the field is Drilling Systems’ On-The-Rig (OTR) product – a mobile simulator using extremely realistic scenarios. OTR allows engaging training, competency and assessment to be conducted on-site, however remote the location, removing the need for personnel to be transported elsewhere for continuous learning and assessment. This keeps skills standards consistent and high in the most efficient way.

3T Energy Group is responding directly to the changing needs of the oil and gas sector. Its aim is to substantially reduce the amount of time and cost involved in managing skills and competencies, at the same time as delivering better trained personnel, improving levels of safety and increasing profitability.

London-based private equity firm, Blue Water Energy (BWE), which acquired Drilling Systems in 2015, has provided significant investment to help the new Group achieve its ambitious growth plans, which include strategic global acquisitions and three new UK training centres in the next two years.

Paul Stonebanks, group president at 3T Energy Group, said: “The 3T Group is a global business with an outstanding team of people, expertise and assets and we plan to embrace and leverage our combined strength to meet the needs of the energy sector moving forward. Using the largest portfolio of courses, integrated software platforms, simulation, digital technologies and an unmatched customer footprint, 3T will transform, connect and power the energy industry across the world.”

Ian Hudson, chief operating officer at 3T Energy Group, said: “We are delighted to launch 3T to the global energy sector. Ultimately 3T’s aim is to enable energy industry businesses to work smarter, safer and more efficiently. We will utilise the power of technology to help drive higher safety standards and provide a better education for the workforce of tomorrow.”

Graeme Sword, co-founding Partner at Blue Water Energy said: “We are pleased to provide investment for this exciting new company which we believe is a game-changer for the energy sector and will transform the way training is developed and delivered beyond all recognition.

“3T is truly an example of two companies coming together to make a whole much stronger than the sum of both parts. As the oil and gas sector picks up, skills will be a strategic priority and, with its unrivalled customer offer, 3T is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities.”

For more information, please visit: http://www.3tenergygroup.com/
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