3M showcases science on display at CES 2016
Tuesday, Jan 05, 2020
3M is showcasing its electronics design optimization and assembly solutions for the consumer electronics industry this week in Las Vegas at CES, taking place Jan. 6 – 9. Exhibiting in booth 31411 and demonstrating in its product showcase suites, 3M will display the science behind how 3M enables companies in the consumer electronics and automotive industries to design with freedom by bridging consumer demands for more exceptional displays with maximized assembly and bonding solutions. With a wide array of electronics design solutions like films for display light management, advanced large-format touchscreen technology for more interactive experiences, and advanced bonding solutions for greater device durability, 3M helps enable electronics designers to meet the demands of consumers.

3M Privacy Filters Help Prevent Visual Hacking on Touch-Enabled Devices

Ever feel like someone is reading over your shoulder on the train or in a coffee shop? They may be doing more than glancing; they may be visually hacking. Visual hacking is the act of collecting confidential information by looking at someone’s screen. The increasing mobility of consumer devices means screens are everywhere – from smartphones and tablets to the new touchscreen laptops which have quadrupled in sales from 2012-2014.1 To help users of new touchscreen devices protect sensitive information from visual hacking and enjoy the viewing experience that comes with new, high-resolution designs, 3M has developed its newest and thinnest black privacy filter, on display at CES (Booth #31411).

3M Privacy Products allow anyone viewing a screen from a side angle to see a dark, blank screen while the user still sees a clear image thanks to a proprietary micro-louver technology from 3M. The new privacy filter offers a more responsive and consistent touch experience and is thin enough for laptops to close completely. The smooth matte finish helps ensure fingers move easily across a screen without harsh glare or leaving smudge marks, while delivering strong effective blackout performance at a 30-degree side angle.

New Touch Systems Technology Provides Easy Integration and Exceptional Interactive Experience

Also on display at CES 2016 (Booth #31411), 3M Touch Systems is previewing its new line of projected capacitive (PCAP) multi-touch systems with proprietary ultrafine metal mesh conductor design. The specially designed ultrafine mesh conductor is just 3 microns wide, allowing for a more optically pleasing, vibrant viewing experience when integrated into a display. Additional features include the ability to project through glass up to 5 millimeters thick, a bezel-free design and support for up to 80 simultaneous touch points for more natural multiuser interaction.

This new technology overcomes design and optical challenges found in other PCT solutions by utilizing advanced optical modelling techniques developed by 30 years of 3M science and service to the display industry. The result is a sensor designed to work universally on 2K and 4K applications across a range of sizes, including planar (curved) screens, while maintaining high image quality and touch responsiveness. Additionally, this unique technology minimizes moiré and sparkle – which are known problems in other PCAP systems – and offers equipment manufacturers and display integrators a more durable, scalable and easy-to-integrate, multi-touch system that can be customized to meet customer-specific applications. The new systems are for displays ranging in size from 15 to 65 inches and are designed for a broad range of commercial display applications, including digital signage, industrial shop floor and casino gaming. 3M anticipates it will unveil its full line of new systems in Q1 of 2016.

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