3M announces new leadership development program
Monday, Feb 29, 2020
A company can have a lot of great ideas, but it won’t get far without strong leaders to harness that potential and align it with a vision. Leadership development is critical to any company’s future success, which is why it’s a top priority at 3M.

The science-based company is already recognized as a leader in cultivating internal talent, and consistently listed in Chief Executive Magazine’s Top Companies for Leaders. But the constantly innovating 3M is breaking ground again with its new global leadership development platform, consisting of four programs including Catalyst, which will further strengthen the company, its leaders and the communities in which they reside.

“Our global business plans require aggressive people plans. Our new program is developing leaders who can develop other leaders, empower teams that can create and innovate, and inspire all people to be their best,” said Marlene McGrath, 3M senior vice president of Human Resources. “By preparing our leaders to thrive in a changing world and focus on customer needs and market opportunities, we’ll achieve sustainable and successful business results.”

“The Catalyst program moves leadership development from a limited, time-based event to a continuous journey over 12 months,” said Yaprak Gorur, Global 3M Leadership Way and Supervisor Development Leader. “It incorporates multiple face-to-face learning opportunities with executive leaders, customers and peers, all blended with online and mobile-enabled experiences.”

In addition to Catalyst, the Amplify, Ignite and Spark programs will develop employees at all levels within 3M. Participants will use real-time projects and spot coaching to develop their skills. The programs will also incorporate the company’s award-winning “Leaders Teaching Leaders” approach, but push it to a new level by engaging customers and community leaders to participate throughout several phases of the program.

“Everything we do focuses around our customers, so we want to make sure their needs are central to our approach,” said Janette Shimanski, 3M’s Chief Learning Officer. “Each of these dynamic programs will develop our global pipeline of talent while keeping the customer front and center.”

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