3M and Schuberth to collaborate on next-generation helmet technology
Thursday, Feb 11, 2020
3M Deutschland GmbH and Schuberth GmbH have joined forces to develop new and improved ballistic head protection systems for military and law enforcement applications. The agreement outlined plans to collaborate and create custom solutions for end users in the European market. Schuberth will also be a distributor of 3M ballistic helmets manufactured by Ceradyne, Inc., a 3M company.

“The agreement with 3M is an important step for us in strengthening our position in the market segment of ballistic head protection systems,” says Schuberth CEO Jan-Christian Becker. Adds Cheryl Ingstad, 3M business manager, Advanced Ceramics Platform – Defense, “Schuberth is a leader in military head protection and accessories, with a deep understanding of customer requirements. This aligns well with our efforts to understand and translate needs in head protection to exciting, new developments in our products.”

Schuberth is a leading manufacturer of head protection systems for various applications, including motorsports, industrial safety, military and law enforcement. 3M subsidiary, Ceradyne, Inc., utilizes advanced materials and a proprietary manufacturing process to produce lightweight body armor and ballistic helmets, which has helped to make them a key supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces.

Under the agreement, the two companies bring to the market a new generation of products designed to protect military and law enforcement personnel against various types and levels of threats. This is of particular interest, as security concerns are on the rise in many parts of the world.

“Our police and military customers will benefit from this cooperation, as reliable technologies of both companies are immediately available,” said David Cerny, Head of Government Customers at 3M Deutschland GmbH. “Our goal is to offer lighter weight, effective protection in the face of growing threats.”

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About Schuberth

The helmet manufacturer Schuberth is based in Magdeburg and designs and produces head protection systems in the high-end range since the early 1950s. With a multitude of innovative products, the company ranks among the leading manufacturers of motorcycle and motorsports helmets and innovative head protection solutions for occupational safety and health, firefighters, police and military personnel.

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