150 new solar projects for sale
Monday, Mar 27, 2020
A Utility Scale Solar Farm Developer in Asheville, NC has just announced that the company will be immediately selling 150 New Large Scale Solar Farm projects. ISS is currently ranked in the United States as the #1 Developer of Utility Scale Solar Farms and is the process of selling 300MW-500MW blocks of early stage projects. These Solar Farms are located in various key states throughout the US and all will yield long term IRR’s ranging from 10-20%. More and more Billion Dollar fund managers have grown to have an insatiable appetite for Solar Farms due to the stability, high return and low risk of these assets. ISS is the only Solar Farm Developer in the United States that has a 10GW revolving pipeline of Large Scale Projects enabling large funds and fund managers to place Billions per year in large groups of projects.

Innovative Solar Systems will not be taking on any new clients after these current projects are secured due to the fact that the company’s new client list will be closed once it is expanded and those new clients will then have first rights on securing any new projects in subsequent years so time is of the essence for any large fund or entity wishing to lock in and have a secure pipeline of Solar Farms fed to them for the next 5-10 years. Large investment funds, family offices and yield co.’s are quickly finding out that ISS is the only company in the US where a qualified buyer is able to obtain large blocks of projects and where ISS handles it all from early stage development, to permitting, IA’s, PPA’s and the way through construction and COD. The returns on ISS projects are unmatched in the industry due to the quality of ISS’s projects, ISS’s better engineering practices, and the low build costs offered by ISS’s vendors and EPC partners.

Innovative Solar Systems has become known as the “One Stop Shop” for Utility Scale Solar Farms, the company handles it all from soup to nuts and the money partners merely bring the cash to obtain the highest quality, highest return, Solar Farm projects in the US. Foreign Investors and entities are now contacting ISS on a daily basis to gain access to large scale solar in the US. Solar Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) contracts in the US are the most sought out in the world due to the AAA rating of the power off takers here in the US and soon more than half of all of the Solar Farm projects being developed and owned here in the US will be driven by Foreign demand due to the fact Solar is already built out in foreign lands and those entities now have an insatiable appetite for Solar Farms here in the US like many others.

Let’s quickly summarize as to why Innovative Solar Systems is not only the largest, but also the best Solar Farm Developer in the United States; 1) Higher Quality, Higher Return Projects, 2) Lower EPC Costs, 3) ISS Provides “Turn-Key” Solutions, 4) 10GW Revolving Pipeline of Projects.

For more information, please visit: http://solarfarmsales.com/

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