Virgin Galactic in Space Ship Three talks
Thursday, Dec 11, 2008

Virgin Galactic is discussing with organizations in Europe a two-stage expendable satellite launcher, previously referred to as Space Ship Three, that would be launched from its White Knight Two Mother ship.

Speaking to Flight International at the 4th Appleton space conference at the UK’s Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Virgin Galactic president Will White Horn said that an all-composite two-stage rocket, launched from WK2 using commercial off-the-shelf solid rocket motor technology could put a 200kg (440lb) satellite into orbit.

White Horn said his company’s study found that a two-stage booster using hybrid rocket motor technology developed for Space Ship One could put a 100kg satellite into orbit. He declined to identify the organizations interested in the satellite launcher, but said they were in European countries that had a relevant capability. These are likely be France, Germany and Sweden.


Source: Flight International

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