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Tata Consultancy Services announces CTM selects TCS for multi-year billing transformation project
Thursday, Sep 05, 2013

Tata Consultancy Services (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions firm, today announced that it has been selected by CTM, the leading telecom service provider in Macau, for a multi-year and multi-million agreement for an IT and business transformation project, whereby TCS will deploy a new convergent rating and billing system for CTM.

Currently CTM uses different billing systems for each of its corresponding telecom services. In order to meet its needs of next-generation integrated multimedia telecom services, CTM sought to implement a converged billing system to provide more instant response to market demand, hence further strengthening its market competitiveness. CTM chose TCS as its service partner to deliver its new convergent rating and billing system.

“CTM selected TCS based on its extensive experience and technical strength in providing IT solutions and services over the years,” said Rui Marcelo, director of information technology. “Our new convergent rating and billing system will help transform many of CTM’s key business processes, integrating CTM’s core business support systems for fixed telephone, mobile and broadband services, thereby enhancing billing system features such as real-time data updates, data backup and disaster recovery capabilities, and ultimately improving customer service experience.”

“CTM is an outstanding showcase of how a leading telecom provider is leveraging technology to both maintain a competitive edge and enhance its core IT and business operations,” stated Ravi Viswanathan, president, growth markets, TCS. “TCS and CTM have an extensive working history and we are excited to expand the range of services TCS is providing to CTM and to develop a roadmap for ongoing future cooperation and success.”

The new convergent rating and billing system is expected to be fully implemented within three years. Different service accounts of CTM customers will be integrated into one comprehensive account, thus greatly improving the efficiency for the operator and the customers in managing the account. With the new convergent billing and rating system, customers will receive a more rapid response when they inquire and apply for services and will be able to manage their services and bills more conveniently as all the service details will be shown in one single bill. The new system will enhance the flexibility of the company to formulate pricing models for diversified services and promotional offers, to provide timely support for new services and business development needs, ultimately consolidating its competitiveness in the market.

Source: Tata Consultancy Services

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