Scotland and Basse-Normandie sign international cooperation agreement for Renewable Marine Energy
Wednesday, Oct 30, 2013

West Normandy Marine Energy received a Scottish delegation in Caen and Cherbourg, France, comprised of government representatives, economic development agencies and research organisations, to explore potential synergy and cooperation projects between the two regions as both are focused on developing their marine energy resources.

As a follow-up to that mission, and with Renewable Marine Energy (RME) currently in the news in France after presidential announcements regarding the creation of a marine current power sector, a delegation of elected officials and stakeholders from the Basse-Normandie region is participating, yesterday and today, to a trip to Scotland for the annual conference organised by the European Ocean Energy Association (EU OEA), a European lobby working to create a framework and market for RME. Active members include Scotland, Basse‑Normandie and Alstom.

In parallel with the EU OEA conference, Laurent Beauvais, President of the Basse-Normandie Region, Jean‑François Le Grand, President of the Manche General Council, and André Rouxel, President of the Cherbourg Urban Community, are signing an international cooperation agreement today for Renewable Marine Energy with Anne MacColl, Chief Executive of Scottish Development International, and in presence of Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Government's Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism.

This agreement covers cooperation on aspects related to research, supply-chain, and training. Bilateral meetings are being held today with Basse-Normandie teams and their Scottish counterparts to scope out  concrete projects that will contribute to the agreement:

§  Researchers from BioMEA (Biologie des Mollusques Marins et des Ecosystèmes Associés), LCMT (Laboratoire de Chimie Moléculaire et Thioorganique) and LUSAC (Laboratoire Universitaire des Sciences Appliquées de Cherbourg) laboratories met with the director of ISE (Institute of Energy Systems), IDECORE (Industrial Doctoral Center for Offshore Renewable Energy), and the UK SUPERGEN programme to define the projects they will set up together.

§  The supply-chain committee and Cherbourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry met with Scottish RME companies.

§  Basse-Normandie and Scottish training organisations worked together to plan exchanges for learners.

Energy Minister, Fergus Ewing: “I am delighted that the signing of this Co-operation Agreement will increase the opportunity for Scottish companies to be involved in the supply chain of future tidal energy projects in Normandy and will facilitate research between universities in Scotland and France. It represents a genuine opportunity for greater partnership working with a French region which has a real interest in promoting tidal energy not only within its own region, but across Europe and on the international stage.”

Anne MacColl, Chief executive of Scottish Development International: “With more wave and tidal devices being tested in Scottish waters than anywhere else in the world, marine energy has significant potential for Scotland’s economy. This Co-operation Agreement is further testament to the strengths that both Scotland and West Normandy have in this sector, and we look forward to working closely with the region to build on opportunities at a global level. It also comes in a week where Edinburgh is delighted to host the European Ocean Energy Conference, the first time this event has ever taken place outside of Brussels.”

Laurent Beauvais, President of the Basse-Normandie Region: "Today, more than ever, steps to promote RME must be considered at an international level to leverage diverse experience and accelerate growth in the sector, and the economic impacts for our territories. This agreement enables us to create favourable conditions for real and efficient cooperation between Scotland and Basse-Normandie on research, training, and the structuration of the whole value chain”.

Jean-François Le Grand, President of the Manche General Council: "Our common interest with Scotland consists of creating a value chain that covers all the phases of building a marine current power sector: experimentation performed by the Scottish at their EMEC site; pilot production fields as preparation for the Raz Blanchard zone off the coasts of Cherbourg; and for everyone in the long-run, operation of commercial marine current power production fields."

André Rouxel, President of the Cherbourg Urban Community "This agreement seals the link of two regions which each have a complementary role in the development of tidal energy. It announces the work we will do in common.”

Source: SPL Ouest Normandie Energies Marines

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