Reflex Marine hosts influential Brazilian delegation in Aberdeen
Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013

Reflex Marine, a global leader in safe marine transfer solutions, hosted a prestigious delegation from Brazil’s burgeoning energy industry. The visit to Woollard and Henry in Aberdeen, which acts as a construction base for the company’s specialist crew transfer equipment, was a great success despite the sub-zero temperatures.

The 17-strong party represented global corporations and industry bodies including Petrobras, Prominp, Transpetro, CBO, ABENAV and SINAVAL. They were keen to explore the industry-leading FROG device and were strapped in to experience first hand the security and safety offered by the protective apparatus.

Representatives of UK Trade and Investment Brazil, which was instrumental in organising the visit in conjunction with the Brazilian Government, accompanied the delegates during their visit to Aberdeen.

Carol Richards, Sales Consultant – South America for Reflex Marine, said: “Safety is critical to the success of energy projects around the world and attracting such an influential delegation from Brazil – one of the world’s fastest growing markets – is obviously an exciting development. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of our products.

“We are particularly pleased to have a long-standing agreement with local company Sparrows BSM, who have been instrumental in providing maintenance, re-certification and servicing for all FROG units in Brazil.

“Traditional rope baskets are still used within the Brazilian energy industry however improving the safety of operations, by using a device like the FROG, has clearly captured the imagination. There seems to be a greater appreciation of the fact that it can prevent injury through lateral or vertical impacts and can act as a flotation device if immersed in water.”

The FROG and TORO (Reflex Marine’s other transfer device) were designed to greatly reduce the risk to passengers during transfer, after the company analysed incidents of injury occurring during rope basket operations. Seat belts reduce the risk of falling from the basket – the cause of half of all injuries using rope basket, while a protective frame and shock absorbing seats reduce the risk of injury through lateral impacts (accounting for 35% of injuries) or vertical impacts (22%).

Reflex Marine is currently working with the Brazilian Navy to gain accreditation for the FROG to operate on board vessels registered in the country, although several operators have already put the device to use using foreign ships.
During the visit, UK Trade and Investment’s marine sector manager for Brazil, Paula Abreu said: “It was a great opportunity for the delegation to actually see how safe transfers can be made using a TORO or a FROG. I believe the device revolutionises the way transfers can be made in such a safe and professional way.”

Aberdeen City Council was also heavily involved, not only in the organisation of the event but also in attending the demonstration.

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Source: Reflex Marine

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