Oil and Gas professionals feel under appreciated as research reveals pay rises fail to keep pace with inflation
Monday, Nov 05, 2012
Almost half (48%) of Oil and Gas professionals have not received inflationary pay rises within the last two years, according to research released today by oil and gas recruitment specialists, Change Recruitment Group.

One in ten (10%) said there were structures in place within their organisations to ensure that pay keeps pace with inflation. A fifth (20%)
said they had received nothing at all.

Two thirds of respondents (73%) subsequently felt that they would be paid better if they worked for a different organisation. Over half (54%) also thought benefits would be better if they jumped ship.

Over a quarter (26%) of Oil and Gas workers felt they were not appreciated by their organisation.

The figures highlighted that frustrations are starting to show as three
quarters (75%) confess to job hunting, with almost half (44%) of those
looking for a move doing so in order to take a step up.

Laura Drysdale, Change Recruitment's international managing director said:

"The failure of pay rises to keep pace with inflation ultimately amounts to
a backwards step in earnings for employees. It is really disappointing to
see that only one in ten organisations have the appropriate structures in
place to assess pay.

"However, if remuneration is the only gripe an employee has, then I would advise them to speak to their current employer and put their case forward for a pay rise before embarking on a search for a new job. It is important that workers know what their market value is so that they know they are getting a fair deal."

Source: Change Recruitment
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