Nuclear power market in South Africa
Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dublin - Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Nuclear Power Market in South Africa" report to their offering.

South Africa has two nuclear reactors at present generating about 5% of its total electricity requirements. Government commitment to the future of nuclear energy is strong, with firm plans for further 9600 MWe in the next decade, but financial constraints are severe.

Eskom supplies about 95% of South Africa's electricity and approximately 45% of Africa's. Of its total installed net capacity of 40.5 GWe (44.2 GWe gross), coal-fired stations account for 34.3 GWe and nuclear accounts for 1.8 GWe.

Over the five years to March 2013, Eskom planned to spend R385 billion (around US$ 50 billion) on new capacity - mainly coal- and gas-fired plants, as well as on returning mothballed coal-fired stations to service. Eskom said that the country needs 40 GWe of new generation by 2025, about half of which should be nuclear.

In the Draft Integrated Electricity Resource Plan for South Africa - 2010 to 2030, nuclear prospects were revived, for 9600 MWe, supplying 23% of the electricity. Although the draft plan includes six new 1600 MWe reactors coming online in 18-month intervals from 2023, Eskom has said that it would be looking for lower-cost options than the earlier AP1000 or EPR proposals, and would consider Generation II designs from China (perhaps CPR-1000) or South Korea (perhaps OPR).

Source: Business Wire

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