Nuclear power market in France - the leading nuclear power country within the European Union
Monday, Apr 30, 2012

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Nuclear Power Market in France" report to their offering.

France has the highest number of nuclear reactors in the world, after the United States. With the country having 58 active nuclear reactors, France is the leading nuclear power country within the European Union. Out of the 143 nuclear reactors found in the EU, France has 58 of them.

France has been a supporter of nuclear energy since the 1950s itself and has strong belief that the technology is safe, even after the Fukushima accident.

For many years, nuclear power has been used for the purposed of generating electricity across the globe. However, with the recent Fukushima nuclear disaster, the safety of nuclear power has been called into question, with many countries deciding to phase out nuclear power completely by 2020. With concerns rising about the use of conventional thermal energy sources, many are questioning whether one can truly phase out and finish off the dependence on nuclear energy.

Source: Business Wire

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