DSME leads the world’s defense market
Thursday, Sep 05, 2013

DSME won a new order for a battleship from the Thailand Navy. It is the biggest defense contract ever awarded by the Thai Navy and the value of this contract is approximately 470 million USD. This contract is the second defense order awarded to DSME this year following a combat support ship ordered by the Norwegian Navy.

A frigate is a kind of surface combat ship and they are able to attack and defend against submarines, aircrafts, and battleships. The frigate will be 122.5m long, 14.4m wide with 3,700 full load displacement and is scheduled to be delivered to the Thai Navy in August 2018.

During the bidding stage of this contract, DSME beat 13 world famous warship contractors. The Chief of Thailand’s Naval Operations Mr. Surasak Runroengrom said, “It’s not easy to integrate a new battle system with our previous battle ships. However, DSME presented a specialized model to meet our request. Thus we decided to award the order to DSME.”

DSME also succeeded in its goal of further diversifying its portfolio by exporting battleships. Starting with the submarine contract for the Indonesian Navy in 2012, DSME won a defense contract from the U.K. for four combat support ships, followed by one warship for the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization.

Recently, Korea’s President Park Geun-hye visited Okpo shipyard and was impressed with DSME’s submarine construction technology.

On 13th August, DSME held the launching ceremony for a 214 class submarine ordered by the Korean Navy. It is the fourth 1,800 ton 214 submarine of its kind in operation. It is named after Korea’s well-known independence fighter General Kim Jwa-jin (1889-1930), who led the Cheongsan-ri battle during the Japanese colonization which is widely regarded as the most successful battle in Korean history.

Mr. Jaeho Ko, the President and CEO of DSME said, “The competition to protect ocean sovereignty among countries is becoming fierce. By diversifying its defense products, DSME will take an advantageous position in the defense market.”

Source: DSME

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