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Crude oil quality presentation by Intertek during the 2013 Argus Americas Crude Summit
Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013

Intertek, a leading provider of quality testing, inspection and safety services to a wide range of industries around the world, will address the important industry topic of crude oil quality in a presentation entitled “Crude oil characterization for the Non-technical Person" at the Argus Americas Crude Summit in Houston, Texas, January 25, 2013.

“Crude oil characterization for the Non-technical Person”

The Argus Crude Summit theme, “Boom, Base Load, or Bottleneck?” will focus on issues of importance to the crude oil industry.

Intertek crude oil expert and business manager Bruce Carlile will address key trends and topics impacting the petroleum market for both conventional and unconventional (shale) crude oils. Bruce’s expertise includes crude oil quality and crude oil assay knowledge gained over 25 years with Intertek and over 30 years of total experience in the petroleum industry.

The Intertek presentation is part of a dedicated session focusing on the current state of North American crude oil quality and the impact upon petroleum producers, refiners and traders.

The world’s crude oils exhibit wide differences in chemical composition and physical properties. Crude oil quality is determined by many measurable factors, affecting market prices and refinery processing economics. Analyzing and monitoring crude oil quality supports the viability of the world’s petroleum refining industry.

Source: Business Wire

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