Xodus team expands and nets £2 million worth of contracts

International energy consultancy Xodus Group has seen demand for its technical safety and risk (TSR) services accelerate in recent months, having secured £2 million worth of contracts so far this year.
With a target of £5 million turnover in 2013, the specialist team has expanded from ten to 30 people in Aberdeen, and 55 internationally, in the past 18 months. To accommodate the growing need for expertise in this area, there are plans to recruit up to a further 25 staff in the next 12 months.

Xodus provides a full suite of health, environment and technical safety and risk management support. The team is working with major oil and gas operators to ensure operations are carried out in the safest possible way and adverse events can be predicted and mitigated. As an integrated Group, TSR capability has been added to the Xodus teams in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Houston, Dubai, Oslo and Perth, Australia.

Maggie Leitch, TSR global director at Xodus Group, said: “The 25th anniversary of Piper Alpha, and the Deepwater Horizon incident, drives home the crucial role of safety and environment risk management and the need to have strong procedures and processes at the core of oil and gas operations.”

Recent Xodus projects include the provision of greenfield safety engineering for the newly installed Apache Forties Alpha Satellite Platform (FASP) designed and built by the OGN Group based in Newcastle.

Alan Sherriff, TSR Scotland manager at Xodus Group, adds: “Xodus is working on significant technical safety scopes for major oil and gas companies, using our strong technical competency to assist from decision making through to design and operations stages. We have strengthened our workforce and specialist services to meet the increasing need across the global industry for robust management in these areas.”

TSR engineers and support staff are part of Xodus’ 120-strong HSE team delivering services such as value, decision and risk management (VDRM). As part of this growth, Xodus has added computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capability for highly precise risk modeling, and also developed its own quantitative risk assessment (QRA) model.

Source: International energy

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