Sunergy America signs new solar 605 KW project in NJ

KRI, owner of The Fillo Factory’s future facility in Northvale, NJ has hired Sunergy America of Eatontown, NJ to design, engineer and construct a 605 kw Solar power system to create a reliable, sustainable plant and reduce their energy expenses.
The Fillo Factory, a company committed to health, offering vegan, vegetarian, organic and kosher food products, needed to reduce its energy costs and have confidence in a reliable energy source. So, their landlord contracted Sunergy America to design and construct a solar power system to supply their manufacturing facility and headquarters.

Sunergy America will assist to execute an Interconnection Agreement with Orange & Rockland for Net Metering. This is a metering option that:

1) Credits customer-generators at the full retail rate for each kilowatt-hour produced by a Class 1 renewable energy system installed on the customer-generator’s side of the electric revenue meter, up to the total amount of electricity used by that customer during an annualized period; and

2) Compensates the customer-generator at the end of the annualized period for any remaining credits, at a rate equal to the supplier/provider’s avoided cost of wholesale power.

In order to reduce some of the costs for the new solar power system, Sunergy America assisted Klaus Rexroth, Inc. to register so they can acquire a US Treasury Section 1603 Federal Grant that covers 30% of the system cost and qualifies them to earn New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC). These SREC Certificates are sold to the electric companies to help them meet New Jersey carbon reduction emissions standards.

Ron Rexroth, the President of The Fillo Factory stated “KRI, in partnership with Sunergy America has helped us realize our plan to reduce energy costs. We are thrilled to go Green and it makes great economic sense. Ultimately Sunergy America will afford us the ability to pass to our consumers the savings with more competitive pricing. Their team of professionals answered all of our questions and provided us with an excellent alternative energy saving system.”

“KRI has made an investment that will help them maintain their building’s value for years to come,” commented, Bruno D’Uva, CEO of Sunergy America.

Sunergy America provides complete alternative energy solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional organizations including solar power and cogeneration systems. Our services include design, engineering, financing, compliance, procurement, construction, monitoring and maintenance.

Source: Sunergy America

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