Leading Provider of Packer Elements in Asia

Are you looking for a provider of Packer Elements in Asia? Rubberatkins are a leading provider of Packer Elements inĀ Asia and throughout the world.

Rubberatkins can significantly enhance element performance & improve packer reliability with our in-house experience designing and developing a range of elements including one-piece retrievable elements, bridge plugs and three-piece permanent systems.

Our Packer Element designs are being used worldwide by a number of large Service Companies on existing and new downhole tools in a wide variety of extreme environments. Typical Element design envelopes are from 120C and 5,000psi to 200C and 10,000psi, with HPHT projects a speciality. Current projects include Packers for service at 15000psi, elements with a large extrusion gaps and multiple casing weight systems.

We can design, manufacture and test packer elements to customer specifications as well as take existing designs and improve the material performance and life of the elements.

For further information on Rubberatkins, please visit their website.

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