Leading provider of offshore adhesives in West Africa

Are you looking for a provider of offshore adhesives in West Africa ? Aquasign are a leading supplier of offshore adhesives in West Africa and throughout Africa.

Biohesive® 225 is a high performance Silicone RTV adhesive sealant for use with Aquasign’s anti-fouling subsea marker systems. It is a rapid curing adhesive, skinning within a few minutes and curing overnight, depending on the ambient conditions.

One of the major advantages offered by Biohesive® 225 is that it can be used in geographical locations with high temperatures (>30°C/85°F) and/or high humidity (75% +) without causing significant performance issues, although the skinning time will reduce. The adhesive becomes more viscous in cold conditions but is still useable so long as the temperature is above 2°C (36°F).

Biohesive® 225’s pasty consistency allows it to be used in vertical and overhead applications. In its cured state it is tough yet extremely flexible, allowing its use in applications where rigid adhesives would not be considered.

As a single component adhesive, it requires no mixing or metering of curatives, instead relying on atmospheric moisture to cure. This means that the application of Biohesive® 225 is very straightforward, using just a basic caulking gun (also known as a mastic or skeleton gun). Biohesive® 225 is supplied in a 310ml cartridge to match the most common size of caulking guns.

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