Leading Provider of E1FW Cable Gland in Asia

Are you looking for a provider of E1FW Cable Gland in Asia? CMP Products are a leading provider of E1FW Cable Gland in Asia and throughout the world.

CMP Type E1FW Tri-Star Triple Certified Flameproof (Type ‘d’), Increased Safety (Type ‘e’) and Restricted Breathing (Type ‘nR’) cable gland for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 Hazardous Areas with Single Wire Armour (SWA) cable.

All CMP Cable Glands are EMC Tested.

This cable gland provides a Flameproof seal on the cable inner bedding and in addition the gas tight seal has been tested to prove compatibility with Restricted Breathing equipment. The cable gland allows mechanical cable retention and earth continuity via the cable armour termination. Separate tightening actions for the inner displacement seal and the armour termination afford maximum control over the pressure applied to the cable bedding, and also allows the effectiveness of the gas tight seal to be tested. A detachable armour cone and AnyWay clamping ring arrangement facilitates remote make off and enables the cable to be disconnected from the equipment. An environmental / load retention seal is provided on the cable outer sheath.

The CMP E1FW Tri-Star Cable Gland is suitable for use with all forms of equipment protection permitted in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 & Zone 22 provided always that the prevailing code of practice for selection and installation is observed, e.g. IEC 60079-14.
For further information on CMP Products, please visit their website.

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