HelioFocus the Promising Israeli Thermo-Solar Developer Reveal HelioBooster at InterSolar

HelioFocus, the Israeli thermo-solar developer, is proud to present its Dish technology – HelioBooster  - at InterSolar North America. This technology is physically proven as the most effective way to produce hot air Heat at high temperature (up to 1000 degrees C).

HelioFocus system generates steam at a central air to steam heat Exchanger, allowing existing power plant to utilize the supplied high temperature super critical steam and maximize the electricity production at the highest efficiency, minimizing solar field size. Comparing it to other CSP technology, dish technology will reduce the needed project land area (about 30% project land area reduction in comparison to trough technology).

The use of Dish technology provides the highest kWh annual electricity energy production per kW installed at stable condition, due to the absolute two dimensional tracking (US south west sites over 2650 kWh/kW).

Due to Dish system less sensitivity to slopes, bearable land slope is up to 5% (1% for trough technology).

HelioFocus system – the HelioBooster  comprises a field of large low cost parabolic dish concentrators (500 sq.m. per dish) that harness temperatures of up to 1000 degrees C. Each dish channels sun radiation onto a proprietary volumetric receiver which generates high temperature air, conducted in a pipe system designed for minimum heat loss and parasitic electricity consumption. The air transferred to a central heat exchanger generates high temperature steam. This steam is delivered to a steam turbine, generating clean electricity.

The system is oil free, using pressurized air as HTF (heat transfer fluid), combined with the reduced land use and minimum land slope constrain, provides a true environmental efficient system.

The high efficiency can be used for multiple applications as Boosting existing power plant, Stand-alone system, CHP applications and more. The System allows high modularity and flexibility, minimizing financial risks.

HelioFocus system presents the best performance efficiency, installation efficiency and environmental efficiency all lead to the bottom line of lowest LCOE (Levelized cost of electricity) provide today in the CSP industry.

Source: PR Newswire

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