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Safety and quality effortlessly combined

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Incorrect measurements and tool inaccuracies in all industrial sectors can lead to hazardous consequences not least of all risk to personnel safety. So ensure operator safety and minimise downtime with HTL Worldwide’s range of Torque Calibration rigs.

A common misunderstanding is that only used tooling must be calibrated, when in actual fact calibration should also be carried out on new tooling to ensure accuracy is maintained from the beginning of use.

HTL, a Global OEM of controlled bolting equipment, recognises the critical importance of tool calibration, and have therefore designed highly safe, premium quality torque calibration rigs to allow clients to entirely control their own in-house calibration.

Mike Johnson, Group Director of Engineering, HTL Group comments:

The reality of accurate calibration is that it’s a necessity for industry but it mustn’t come at the expense of project downtime. The new range of torque calibration rigs bring to market a fully integrated piece of equipment incorporating unique safety features. The ability to calibrate tools to a planned schedule effectively contributes to reducing downtime, allowing client projects to run as planned.”

Technically suited to any industry or business who frequently calibrate torque tools, the HTL range of torque calibration rigs enhance the existing market offering by introducing a standardised range of quality torque calibration rigs, with the ability to customise to meet every individual requirement.

As part of the Premier range, the enclosure incorporates Norbar torque measurement equipment, an interlocked safety canopy, a heavy duty and robust modular frame, lockable pump cupboard and safety interlocks to ensure operator well-being during use. The Premier Rig also includes an integrated control panel, electric pump, a precision gauge and an emergency stop mechanism to further promote safe operation.

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Impact Subsea and Unique Group launch new generation of flooded member detection system


A ground breaking underwater Flooded Member Detection (FMD) system has been launched today by Impact Subsea in collaboration with Unique Group.

The ISFMD offers a significant advancement in flooded member detection, providing a new level of clarity in non-destructive testing for the presence of water in underwater structures.

For use by divers or ROVs, water level, depth of reading, position of the sensor probe and temperature of water are all monitored and recorded. With 1mm accuracy and a range in excess of 100m, the ISFMD system provides an exceptionally high accuracy reading.

An advanced software suite provides a visual indication of all sample points along the underwater member or structure being surveyed. Upon completion of the survey, the software automatically generates a survey report with all recorded readings.

Following collaboration in the development of the system, Unique Group has been appointed as exclusive rental partner for the ISFMD system.

Commenting on the launch of the new system, Andy Doggett, Survey Equipment Divisional Director, Unique Group, stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with Impact Subsea on this exciting new FMD system. Following significant investment in Impact Subsea Altimeters, Depth Sensors and FMD systems we are able to meet customer demand for the latest underwater technology”.

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Preventative maintenance made simple

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Controlled bolting equipment manufacturer HTL Worldwide Ltd have released a specialist coating to extend the life of any structure or assembly; HTL Pro-Tect.

Offering complete joint preservation and corrosion prevention, HTL Pro-Tect is suitable for any mechanical and electrical application which is subject to climatic corrosion in any industry sector. With easy application and a life span of up to 25 years, the product will protect all mechanically exposed assemblies in the harshest environmental conditions including subsea.

The high strength nature of the product comes from its silicone base which forms a strong, resilient, and rubberised coating; averting moisture, debris, and water or oxygen ingress, therefore resulting in the workpiece being kept in its “as installed” condition. Non-marine pollutant, or toxic to the environment, HTL Pro-Tect is 100% recyclable.

The external part of any mechanical joint is highly vulnerable to the ingress of debris and moisture which can result in the degradation of bolted joints as well as corrosion damage. Excessive corrosion is hazardous and repair could mean unscheduled downtime for machining, failure and potentially replacement of damaged flanges, gaskets and fasteners.

Supplied as a complete kit with everything needed for application, this product promotes best practice engineering and is a major contribution towards maintaining critical joint integrity.

Easily removed by cutting and peeling back, HTL Pro-Tect is applied and removed as desired. Complete or partial reinstation is a simple secondary application.

Paul Storey, HTL Group Managing Director Comments:

An increasing demand from our client base to protect mechanical joints introduced us to the development and addition of HTL Pro-Tect to our complete portfolio of joint integrity solutions. With an unlimited amount of uses, the product is an essential inclusion for any joint preservation programme to maximise efficiency and cost savings. Additionally what has become clear is the unlimited potential for effective use of this product in any application subject to climatic corrosion.”

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Three new Waterbag sales, rental & service centres for Seaflex’s European network

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  • Seaflex waterbags now are stocked in France, Germany and Greece to service local demand for the testing of cranes, lifeboats, gangways and other load-bearing structures.

  • The number of Seaflex rental locations within Europe now increases to eight, stretching across the continent from Stavanger to Athens.

  • The sale of waterbags and convenient local through-life servicing support is also available from all these bases, to customers who prefer to purchase rather than hire such equipment.

Three New Waterbag Sales, Rental & Service Centres for Seaflex's European Network

Kevin & Nicolas (Acebi), Georgios & Manos (Navaltech) and Marc (Woell Marine Safety) in the Seaflex training room with Ben Board (Trainer) and Gary Hook (Service Manager) from Seaflex behind them

  • Seaflex have been helping contractors worldwide work more safely, efficiently and profitably since 1987.

As of early October 2016, the Seaflex brand of Unique Groups Buoyancy & Ballast division is delighted to welcome three new waterbag partners to their European network.

Seaflex WaterLoad™ bags and Seaflex-trained service technicians are now deployed at Acebi SAS of Saint Herblon, Nantes (France), Woell Marine Safety of Ahrensburg, Hamburg (Germany) and Navaltech of Piraeus, Athens (Greece).

The equipment servicing standard in each of these locations is exactly the same as in all other bases in the Seaflex network. Each and every bag will be thoroughly inspected and tested by a trained technician between rentals, so users can be assured that the bags they receive will do the job required of them straight out of the crate, first time, every time.

Alongside offering rental of this equipment within their domestic markets, these new partners are also able to offer the sale and subsequent local support of Seaflex waterbags up to the new and market-leading 100t WaterLoad™.

Chris Sparrow, Unique Group’s Buoyancy & Ballast Global Sales Manager commented, “We are extremely happy to have Allan, Sascha, Iraklis and their teams onboard as part of our ever-expanding Seaflex network. Their companies are well-known and well-respected within their markets, the Seaflex business model is a very neat fit with their current range of activities, and we are sure that the presence of Seaflex equipment combined with first-rate back-up will be of great interest to those involved in the testing of cranes, lifeboats and other load-bearing structures within the French, German and Greek markets.”


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C-Kore Subsea Testing Tools supplied to PTTEP Australasia

C-kore Zetechtics

C-Kore Systems successfully completed another campaign with PTTEP Australasia by supplying them with their C-Kore Subsea Testing Tools.

The C-Kore tools speed up and simplify subsea testing. They were used to fault-find electrical cables subsea where traditional measurement methods would have taken much more time to deploy and given less accurate results. The C-Kore units saved the customer a substantial amount of time with their repeatable results and streamlined reporting.

C-Kore is a subsea measurement tool used to test insulation resistance (IR) and confirm the integrity of subsea cables. It can be deployed remotely by ROV or diver.

Tim Overfield, managing director of C-Kore Systems commented, “It is satisfying to see our C-Kore units proving their worth to our customers. We are able to save them time and money on both fault finding and commissioning campaigns. In an environment where cost savings are so crucial, it just makes sense to use C-Kore.”

C-Kore Systems is sponsoring and exhibiting at SUT’s Subsea Controls Down Under Conference: Enhancing Value Through Technology on 19-20 October in Perth. Come and visit us!

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Unique Group’s Nigeria-based JV training centre secures pivotal accreditation

Unique Group's Nigeria-based JV training centre secures pivotal accreditation
Unique Group has recently announced that its training centre for Dynamic Positioning (DP) systems has obtained an accreditation from Nautical Institute. The training centre is located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria and is a joint venture between Unique Group and Nigeria based Charkin Maritime & Offshore Safety Centre.

Charkin Maritime & Offshore Safety Centre is a local and privately-held maritime training institution focused on providing the best-in-class safety and maritime training, anywhere in the world. It is a part of Charkin Group headquartered in Nigeria.

Unique Group

The training centre will offer the DP Basic Operator and DP Simulator Courses which are now certified by the Nautical Institute. The DP Basic Operator course will mainly focus on defining the principles of DP and the components of a DP system. It will also impart knowledge about the relationship between vessel movement, position reference systems, sensors, computers, propulsion units and feedback. The DP Simulator course will help trainees to further enhance their DP knowledge and skills through hands on experience of simulation tasks. The other courses offered are the DP Introduction and DP Technical Courses.

Sharad Kumar, Group BDM at Unique Group commented, “We’re delighted to obtain an accreditation from the Nautical Institute and the accreditation comes at a time when Unique Group is significantly investing in its training division to impart world-class training standards by providing industry-specific individuals with top-class facilities and experienced trainers. The location of Port Harcourt is also of strategic importance to the Group and this is in line with empowering the local youth to enhance their maritime skills, thereby opening the path to improved maritime job prospects in Africa.”

Sir Charles K. Wami, CEO/MD at Charkin Group further asserted, “We’re happy to be partnering with Unique Group to offer trainings related to dynamic positioning. The initiative has been introduced due to the demand from the growing Sub-Saharan Africa maritime and offshore industry and will include a string of DP trainings so as to diversify our own portfolio of safety and maritime courses, all accredited to the best of quality and safety standards. Unique Group has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the maritime industry and we’re eager to begin our training partnership.”

The accredited courses are scheduled to run on a monthly basis. The details will be divulged soon on uniques group’s training website:

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Trelleborg partners with Unique Group to extend presence in India

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Unique Group’s India office has been selected by Trelleborg’s offshore operation as one of its agents in India. As a part of the agreement, Unique Group’s base in India will offer the full range of solutions from Trelleborg’s offshore operation to customers within the region.

The decision was based on Unique Group’s successful track record and their dedicated, proactive team in the region.

Andy Hey, Key Account Manager at Trelleborg’s offshore operation, commented, “We are glad to partner with Unique Group’s India office as they have been our value added partner for the Middle East region for several years now. As they are renowned for their global presence, seamless sales and support structure along with a broad client reach, we are confident that Trelleborg’s offshore operations will have an even greater presence in the Indian market over the years to come.”


Sharad Kumar, Managing Director at Unique Group’s India office further added, “Our team in India is continually growing its presence in the region. India is a strategic market for the offshore industry and our partnership with Trelleborg will help us strengthen our global reach and help expand our innovative portfolio of services in the Indian subcontinent.”

Trelleborg is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. Its innovative engineered solutions accelerate performance for customers in a sustainable way. Using advanced polymer material technology, Trelleborg’s offshore operation provides high integrity solutions for the harshest offshore environments and specialises in the development and production of polymers and syntactic foam, for all levels of the offshore industry.

This new partnership supports Trelleborg’s strategy to strengthen its positions in attractive market segments.

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VABH-B excavator hook for bolting


RUD Chains offers over 500 different tested and certified lifting and lashing points which cover a working load capacity range of 0.6 to 250 tonne. RUD’s lifting equipment is used across a wide range of working environments from Heavy Lifting, Engineering, Materials Handling, Offshore, Construction, Rail, MOD and many more.

The VABH-B VIP Excavator Hook for bolting offers a range of advantages and lifting options for the user. Firstly they can be used as lifting points on cross bars and beams or for wire rope slings and round slings. They can also be used for lifting means with loop or oval suspension rings.

The VABH-B Excavator Hooks are known as the threaded hook for all lifting means due to the fact they can be used with most commercial lifting means without the need for additional connecting elements.

The ICE-Bolt is made out of RUD patented steel and offers a higher toughness, higher bending strength as well as less wear occurrence.

RUD patented wear marking indicator helps highlight when the lifting equipment is no longer fit for service and needs to be replaced. Therefore, offering an ultimate safety factor to the user.

The VABH-B Excavator Hooks offer a safety factor of 4:1 and are operational from temperatures as low as -40° to plus 350°. They also come with RUD RFID chips embedded into them to help make management of all lifting equipment a quick and easy process should you wish to use the RFID technology.

RUD provide standard and tailored solutions to meet even the most demanding environments. Top quality products combined with technological innovations and experience make RUD a top choice for all your lifting requirements.

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Artificial lift systems market characterized by ongoing alliances and expansion activities in vendor landscape


Driven by the rising production of deepwater oil and the high volume of crude oil in matured reserves, the global artificial lift systems market is poised to expand at a 6.20% CAGR from 2014 to 2020. The value of the global market was pegged at US$13 bn in 2014 and this is projected to rise to US$19.8 bn by 2020.

Some of the top companies competing in the global artificial lift systems market are Flotek Industries, Inc., Weatherford International Ltd., Superior Energy Services, Inc., Kudu Industries, Inc., Schlumberger Limited, Halliburton Company, Borets Company LLC., Baker Hughes, Inc., Dover Artificial Lift, and National Oilwell Varco, Inc.

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Here’s a snapshot of some of the recent developments in the artificial lift systems market:

Weatherford’s Expanded Artificial Lift Systems Portfolio: Texas-based oil and natural gas service company Weatherford International Ltd. recently added a new product to its portfolio of existing artificial lift systems. The sand-tolerant pump is aimed at slowing production declines, optimizing the life of oil wells, and reducing workovers, and serves as a substitute for standard rod pumps in wells that have high sand production. The accumulation of sand in the plunger or barrel results in abrasions and the sand-tolerant pump prevents this accumulation, thereby reducing the chances of pump failure or inefficiency. The sand-tolerant pump has demonstrated the improvements made in the design of artificial lift pumps and the overall working in harsh and sand-laden environments.

Cimarron and Keane Group’s Acquisition Activities: Oklahoma-based oilfield equipment provider Cimarron Energy recently acquired North Dakota’s Diverse Energy Systems, bringing in significant design and production experience for operators in North Dakota’s oil and gas industry. Cimarron acquired Diverse’s field and manufacturing assets in North Dakota as well as Texas for an undisclosed amount and the company will now be able to offer artificial lift systems to its clients, along with other offerings such as processing, production, vapor handling, measurement/custody/transfer, and rental equipment. US-based well completion services company Keane Group acquired all of the US assets of Canada-based Trican Well Services for US$247 mn. These ongoing alliances have been significantly driving the North America artificial lift systems market.

Baker Hughes’ New Approach to Artificial Lift Systems: Texas-based Baker Hughes, one of the largest oil field services companies in the world, recently trialed a new adaptive production system, which it says, is a completely new approach to artificial lift systems. The Leap system was first installed in the Mississippi Lime play in Oklahoma at a depth of 5,200 feet. This new system is designed to adapt to changing production profiles that are typical in some of the most unconventional oil wells. Baker Hughes had set up its artificial lift research and technology center in 2014 and has been dedicatedly working on developing new artificial lift technologies.

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Subsea boosting systems market – extensive exploration activities propel adoption of subsea boosting systems


The rising need for energy amongst the exponentially growing urban dwellers across the globe has led to a sharp decline in the oil and gas reserves. This deficit is expected to increase further due to rapid industrialization along with the rising number of opportunities for oil and gas exploration and production in deep water.

All of these factors are collectively expected to create a sizeable demand for subsea activities, thereby leading to growing adoption of subsea boosting systems in the near future, states report published by Transparency Market Research. The ongoing technological developments to deliver subsea equipment that has better reliability, endurance, and performance to make an effective recovery from the reserves.

According to the report, the opportunity in the global subsea boosting systems market will be worth US$3,078.6 mn by 2023 as compared to US$1.46 bn in 2015, as the market expands at a CAGR of 9.7% between 2015 and 2023. The positive CAGR of will also be supported by the ability of subsea boosting systems to improve recovery from oil and gas reservoirs across ultra-deepwater and deepwater areas.

The increasing investments in the development of subsea technologies and equipment are also resulting growth of this market. The increasing expenditure on compressors, pumps, and other subsea equipment for development of offshore oilfields will also offer lucrative growth opportunities to this market in the coming few years.

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Asia Pacific Leads Subsea Boosting Systems Market Due to Flourishing Exploration Activities

According to TMR, Asia Pacific dominated the global subsea boosting systems market in 2014 due to flourishing shallow water and deepwater projects across Malaysia and Australia. In the coming years, this region will maintain its leading stance as China, Vietnam, and Indonesia will witness a growth in subsea activities. As of 2015, Asia Pacific held a share of 25.0% in the overall subsea boosting systems market. Analysts predict that Central and South America will also be attractive markets for these systems as the regions are taking up development of pre-salt reserves in the deepwater of Brazil seriously.

Deepwater Exploration Holds Promise as Existing Reserves Deplete

An evaluation of the subsea boosting systems market on the basis of water depth showed that shallow water held a leading share of 58% in the overall market as of 2014. However, increasing emphasis on deepwater areas due to declining shallow water fields is expected to increase the share of deepwater explorations to 45% by the end of 2023. Though, the shallow water segment will hold the leading share in 2023, subsea boosting systems for deepwater exploration will show signs of remarkable progress. The growing number of deepwater discoveries have also increased the investments flowing into subsea exploration activities to cater to the insatiable demands and the decline reserves.

Some of the key operating players in the global subsea boosting systems market are FMC Technologies, Inc., OneSubsea, GE Oil & Gas, Aker Solutions ASA, Baker Hughes Incorporated, Flowserve Corporation, Framo AS, ITT Bornemann GmbH, and Sulzer Ltd. These companies are focusing on collaborating with smaller players to acquire competencies in technologies to establish leadership in the global market.

Research Report:

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Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a market intelligence company driven by high-pedigree consultants and researchers. TMR leverages its Syndicated Research, Custom Research, and Market Consulting expertise to help businesses make accurate decisions. TMR’s exclusive blend of quantitative forecasting and trends analysis draws on proprietary data sources and techniques, while their data repository is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends.


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Shark watch: Intelligent buoys boost protection

Swimmers off the Australian coast are enjoying safer seas in the knowledge that Fendercare Marine’s hi-tech buoys are keeping track of shark movements in the area.

Fendercare Marine Australia has been closely involved with the Australian Government’s ‘shark watch’ programme since 2008 but it recently landed a deal to supply dozens of  “Shark Monitoring Buoys” in New South Wales – bringing the total of 71 buoys supplied in Australia’s coastal areas so far.

Each buoy is fitted with electronics and attached to a specially built leg which extends 4.5m below the surface to pick up any signals transmitted by tagged sharks.

The buoys, anchored at intervals 500-700m off the coast in populated areas, beaches and surf breaks, provide early warnings of shark activity and so offer increased protection for bathers.

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Unique Group’s diving & life support division sells two innovative ABS Nitrox Dive-ROV Systems

unique group

Unique Group’s Diving & Life Support team has announced orders for two of its HYRDA ABS Nitrox Surface Dive-ROV Systems to its client in Nigeria.

The systems sold each comprise a Dive-ROV control and chamber container, machinery container, air and nitrox 10ft HP gas storage containers, two single basket LARS and a SRP boat. The systems will be ABS Classed and compliant with the latest IMCA, OGP and ExxonMobil requirements.

As an independently owned global company, Unique Group leads the way in providing engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment and the latest technology for the diving, marine, survey, pipeline and subsea market sectors.

The Diving & Life Support division is a specialist division focusing on the design, build and installation of commercial and military diving equipment. Unique’s Hydra team spent time engaging with their client to provide a diving system design that reduces the cost of the assets as well the operation.

Bob Elshove, Sales Director at Unique Group’s Hydra division, which is based in South Africa commented, "We are very pleased to have received this order and look forward to seeing these systems make the journey offshore and working. Through engagement with our client we are producing innovative diving systems that will reduce our client’s operational costs."

The Dive-ROV control and chamber container is fitted with a 1500 chamber and a control space with both a nitrox dive control suite and a ROV control station for a Seaeye Falcon ROV system. The control space is technically and ergonomically designed for effective co-operation between diving and ROV operations.

The machinery container is fitted with a Nuvair nitrox generation unit, two L&W HP air compressors, a Unique Hydra Tools HPU, a technician’s workbench and spares storage.

Each system is supplied with two 10ft HP gas storage containers one for air and one for nitrox. This enables the operator to switch easily between air and nitrox diving.

The SRP Boats supplied are 7.5m Rhino HDPE rugged workboats with diesel outboard engines. They are specifically designed for diving operations and have Unique Hydra SRP systems fitted.The systems will be delivered by the end of October 2016

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Unique Group Nigeria

C-Vision NANO now on board with Wessex Archaeology!


The C-Tecnics ‘C-Vision NANO’ is a welcomed addition to the tools available to Wessex Archaeology helping them to provide their customers with a market leading service.

Since 2004, Wessex Archaeology has owned and operated one of C-Tecnics earliest models of colour video system, named the ‘Colourwatch’. 2016 saw a change for the diving team as their video system was upgraded to the latest offering from the C-Vision range, The C-Vision NANO.

The new acquired piece of C-Tecnics equipment serves as a portable video-capture system designed specifically for use with a laptop. The C-Vision is being used for underwater diving operations, this distinctively developed unit combined with its easy-to-use video monitoring and recording software, is ideal for a number of diving operations. Just install the software, plug in and you’re ready to go.

Graham Scott, Diving Superintendent at Wessex Archaeology commented:

“Wessex Archaeology has always prided itself on providing innovative technological solutions to archaeological problems. The acquisition of this new C-Tecnics camera and Nano digital recording system provides us with a step change in our archaeological inspection capabilities that also retains our cost-effective edge. By combining it with our other digital recording and positioning systems and archaeological expertise, this system helps us to provide our clients with a sector leading service.”

Wessex Archaeology, with offices nationwide, was founded as the Wessex Archaeological Committee on 1st May 1979. In 1983 the name changed to the Trust for Wessex Archaeology and it became the not-for-profit charitable company which it remains today. Wessex Archaeology’s divers have provided diving services to national curators and marine developers since 2003 and their divers are regularly commissioned to dive on sites of archaeological significance.

C-Tecnics, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, is a manufacturer of high quality diving and subsea equipment, who specialise in underwater video and communications products for the subsea community.

c-tech12 C-TECH13

Toby Gane and Paolo Croce retrieving dropdown camera. Crown (C) taken by Wessex Archaeology.

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Subsea power grid industry – A market waiting to boom as offshore exploration gathers steam; research report 2020


Offshore oil and gas exploration activities need failsafe power supply and in massive quantities at that. This has increased the reliance of exploration companies on subsea power grids, creating a profitable window of opportunities for companies in the subsea power grid market. This report studies the other high-impact drivers that will prompt greater investments in subsea power grids, thus helping the market grow rapidly. The energy requirements of deepwater exploration operations are especially high and critical considering that these operations are typically carried out in harsh conditions.

The growth of the global subsea power grid market is expected to run parallel to that of offshore oil exploration activities across the world. For the purpose of this study, the global subsea power grid market has been segmented based on the source of power generation, components used in the power grid, and geography. By power grid components used, the market has been segmented into variable speed drives, subsea transformers, and switchgears. Likewise, based on the source of power generation, the market has been divided into wind power, captive power, and other sources (mainly tidal).

From the standpoint of geography, markets in the following regions are studied: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and Rest of the World.

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Overview of the Global Subsea Power Grid Market

The report projects healthy growth for the global subsea power grid market through the current decade. According to the report’s authors, the increased pace of offshore oil and gas exploration activities in Latin America and Africa are expected to provide a massive push to the overall subsea power grid market. A look at the current market dynamics reveals that exploration companies are currently exploring investment opportunities to invest in power supply solutions for offshore, deepwater locations.

On the subject of market drivers, the report notes that depleting onshore oil and gas reserves have compelled companies to look at offshore reserves – this is expected to augur well for the subsea power grid market. Moreover, the deployment of renewable energy sources at offshore locations improves the feasibility of supplying power through subsea power grids, acting as a driver for the global subsea power grids market.

The report predicts that the growth of the subsea power grid market in North America will grow only marginally but the scenario in Latin America and Africa will be contrasting given the frenzied drilling and exploration activities occurring here. In Europe, as well, investments are flowing into the oil and gas sector in Norway. Ambitious offshore wind farm projects in Europe will also support the growth of the subsea power grid market in this region.

Even so, growth could be hampered by the high operational risks involved in deploying, maintaining, and upgrading subsea power grids. This factor also adds to the cost of deploying subsea power grids, acting against the market’s growth.

Companies Profiled in the Report

The report on the subsea power grid market carries a competitive analysis by profiling the following companies: FMC Technologies Inc., Cameron International Corporation, Aker Solutions ASA, Technip SA, Siemens AG, and General Electric Company.

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Demand in subsea electrical power distribution systems market fueled by matured onshore oilfields; report


Electric power distribution facilities in subsea locations are very different than those observed in offshore facilities or locations situated on land. Subsea locations are point to point electrical distribution systems and have a very limited set of routing alternatives. It is for the highly innovative, technically complex, and advanced power distribution systems made for subsea locations that the capabilities of some deep water oil and gas reserves are fully exploited.

Global subsea electrical power distribution systems market enable the proper supply of all electrical loads to subsea drilling, exploration, and other activities, using one single power cable. The typical elements of a subsea electric power distribution system include installation equipment, transformers, and subsea frequency convertors. For ensuring reliability, the equipment is usually kept enclosed in a liquid filled tank.

Existing Subsea Electric Power Distribution Systems

The electric power distribution solutions for subsea locations currently available in the market require the use of one cable dedicated to each pump or compressor (electricity consumer). As such, a major portion of costs incurred in deploying a subsea electric power distribution system is formed by the cost of cables used. Thus, cables represent an important segment that exhibits impressive opportunities for reducing the overall cost of any subsea electric power distribution system.

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Subsea electrical power distribution systems enable the effective transmission, distribution, and control of electric power as per the subsea situations. The need for high voltage power supply in the megawatt range and availability of distribution system closer to the end-user system are facilitated by specially designed subsea power distribution systems. The use of lesser number of on-load and start-up motors in subsea power distribution systems lead to reduction in the several problems caused by resonance and harmonics.

Maturing Onshore Oil and Gas Reserves to Boost Subsea Exploration Activities

Across the globe, a rising number of onshore oil and gas reserves are nearing maturity and some have already matured. On the other hand, the ever increasing demand for oil and gas products from the global population, which again is rising at an extreme pace, presents the dire need to look for newer oil and gas reserves. Hence, leading oil and gas industries have focused their attention at potential deep seawater or subsea oil and gas reserves.

In the next few years, subsea exploration activities are projected to increase at a swift pace across the globe. With the expansion of subsea oil and gas exploration market in the future, subsidiary markets such as subsea boosting systems and subsea electrical power distribution system will also embark upon a good growth path.

Rising Demand in Latin America Presents Huge Growth Opportunities

The market is observing increased attention and adoption from the subsea oil and gas production regions of Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. The rising investment in the field of subsea exploration and production in these regions is expected to create significant growth opportunities for the global market for subsea electrical power distribution systems in the coming years. Latin America especially represents one of the most lucrative regions for the global subsea exploration and production market and for its supplementary markets.

Research Report:

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Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a market intelligence company driven by high-pedigree consultants and researchers. TMR leverages its Syndicated Research, Custom Research, and Market Consulting expertise to help businesses make accurate decisions. TMR’s exclusive blend of quantitative forecasting and trends analysis draws on proprietary data sources and techniques, while their data repository is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends.


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Unique Group continues its global expansion plans with the purchase of Singaporean company Oceanvision PTE

unique group

On the 13th July 2016, Unique Group, the leading integrated subsea and offshore solution provider, through its subsidiary Unique Maritime Group (SEA) PTE Ltd, completed the acquisition of Oceanvision PTE Ltd and Oceanvision Equipment Services PTE Ltd. Oceanvision will now be part of the Unique Group of Companies and is the third acquisition that Unique has made in the last nine months.

Oceanvision Pte Ltd specialises in manufacturing and supplying imaging and intervention products for sub-ocean, marine, offshore and petrochemical industries for use in hazardous areas and harsh environments.

12 months ago the founder, chairman and CEO of Unique Group, Harry Gandhi, outlined his plan to grow his business in line with customer requirements and market opportunities and this latest acquisition is a further execution of that growth strategy.

“Opening an office in Singapore is an important milestone for the business.” commented Harry. “The team at Oceanvision provides us an immediate presence in the area and, with this company’s strong reputation and history, their fit within Unique Group is excellent. We will invest significantly (circa £5million) and quickly so that we can give our customers access to the full offering across our group divisions and companies. In particular, we will strengthen our engineering base to provide our full on-site engineering services to the region as well providing Capex for our diving and survey divisions to enhance their stock in the area. We also plan to recruit key personnel in the area, however the day-to-day running of the business will be continued by the current team at Oceanvision led by founder, Ian Johnson.

Svein Gunderson, engineering manager, commented, “This is an exciting time for Oceanvision as we become part of the globally respected Unique Group. I, and the team, look forward to working with our new colleagues at Unique. The additional products and services we can now offer will be advantageous for our current customers and provide new opportunities that exist in the area.”

As an independently owned global company, Unique Group leads the way in providing engineering expertise, sales and rental equipment, and the latest technology for the marine, diving, survey, pipeline and subsea market sectors.  Unique Group delivers bespoke, off-the-shelf engineering solutions and cost efficiencies across the oil and gas supply chain – onshore and offshore, surface and subsea. Unique Group employs over 500 people worldwide through its six multi-site divisions: Survey Equipment; Marine & Subsea; Diving & Life Support; Buoyancy & Ballast; On-Site Engineering; and Specialised Boats.  Its 200-plus dedicated engineering specialists work across nine strategically important global oil and gas regions – USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

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Manager of Engineering Projects appointed at AquaTerra Group Ltd

AquaTerra Group Ltd, specialists in offshore construction, rigging and lifting and decommissioning has announced the appointment of a new Manager of Engineering Projects.

With more than 18 years’ of successful experience in engineering and 11 years’ in the international Oil and Gas Industry, Stephen Taylor commenced his new role in the company earlier this month. In a move that underpins AquaTerra’s drive to restructure business efficiency to meet the demands of the current climate, Mr Taylor will play a crucial role in the firm’s strategy to bring real change to its operational activities.

His role within AquaTerra’s Operations Team will see Mr Taylor manage multi-disciplined construction projects for a number of key clients.

Peter Robinson, Managing Director, AquaTerra Group said “This is a key appointment for AquaTerra as demand for our specialist construction skills grows. In the current climate our clients are seeking integrated solutions to reduce costs and, as part of that initiative, we believe that providing engineering support to our portfolio will greatly enhance our services.  Stephen’s 11 years in both the drilling and production sectors, as a client and contractor, means he brings to AquaTerra a broad experience and added value.

“AquaTerra has a number of high profile projects approaching and we are looking forward to Stephen’s contribution in delivering these as part of the team.

“So, we’re delighted to welcome Stephen in the midst of an exciting phase in the growth and development of the company.

“One of the greatest assets of AquaTerra is the ability to respond quickly and as a company, we have taken positive and pro-active steps over the past two years to shape and re-shape our business to meet the challenges of the current climate and market. Stephen’s skills and knowledge will complement the skills we have within the existing team well and will be a valuable resource as we continue to grow the business both internally and externally. ”

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Left to Right: Peter Robinson, Managing Director, AquaTerra Group Ltd with Stephen Taylor, Manager Engineering Projects, AquaTerra Group Ltd.

Marine lubricants market size to exceed $13 bn by 2023: Global Market Insights Inc.


Marine lubricants market size was estimated at 2.6 million tons in 2015, as per the latest research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Increase in seaborne trade coupled with shipbuilding industry development should benefit marine lubricants market growth. According to International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), approximately 90% of the global trade was carried out by the international shipping industry.

Global marine lubricants market size looks poised for USD 13.1 billion revenue by 2023. Government initiatives such as the creation of Transatlantic Free Trade Area, Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership as well as other existing initiative such as Asia Pacific Trade agreements may favor marine lubricants demand.

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Engine oil application was dominant and accounted for over 44% of the overall demand in 2015. Increasing ship engine capacity and efficiency has led to growth in engine oils demand.

Marine engine oils classification includes TPEO (trunk piston engine oils) and MDCL (marine diesel cylinder lubricants). TPEOs are majorly employed in four stroke engine lubrication of costal and cruise ships, while MDCLs are employed in two stroke engines for large cargo or container ships.

Key issues, recyclability, aqueous toxicity and biodegradability, may challenge marine lubricant market share. Most additives used in product formulation are petrochemical derived; they can pose serious threat to water pollution.

Browse key industry insights spread across 77  pages with 54 market data tables & 14  figures from the report, “ Marine Lubricants Market Size By Product (Bio-Based, Synthetic, Mineral Oil), By Application (Grease, Hydraulic Oil, Engine Oil), Industry Analysis Report, Regional Outlook, Application Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2016 – 2023” in detail along with the table of contents:
Key insights from the report include:

  • Global marine lubricant market size is forecast to attain gains at 3.7% CAGR and register 3.47 million tons by 2023.
  • Mineral lubes market size was dominant by accounting over 86% the overall demand in 2015. Key supporting factors, low cost and easy availability of mineral oils, will most likely benefit this segment.
  • Europe marine lubricants market size, with Germany and UK as major contributors, dominated the overall consumption with over 1.07 million tons in 2015. Synthetic lube in Europe is forecast to attain highest gains at over 6.4% in revenue terms and register more than USD 500 million by 2023.
  • Asia Pacific, led by China, Japan and South Korea, is estimated to witness highest gains at over 3.9% CAGR up to 2023. Hydraulic oil application in Asia Pacific may grow significantly and register over USD 970 million by 2023.
  • North America, dominated by the U.S. shipping industry, may experience moderate gains and register over USD 1.65 billion by 2023. U.S. marine lubricants market size is forecast to reach over 340 kilo tons by 2023 with expected gains at above 3.2% CAGR.
  • Global marine lubricants market share is competitive and moderately consolidated. Notable industry participants include Chevron, ExxonMobil, BP Marine, Royal Dutch Shell and Total. Major industry participants are partnering with biotechnology companies to gain competitive advance.
  • Other prominent companies include LUKOIL, Sinopec, Quepet and Gulf Oil Corporation. Industry has witnessed joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions as key growth strategy.


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Global Market Insights has segmented the marine lubricant industry on the basis of application and region:
Marine Lubricants Market Product Analysis (Volume, Kilo Tons and Revenue, USD Million, 2012 – 2023)

  • Bio based
  • Synthetic based
  • Mineral based

Marine Lubricants Market Application Analysis (Volume, Kilo Tons and Revenue, USD Million, 2012 – 2023)

  • Grease
  • Hydraulic oil
  • Engine oil
  • Others

Marine Lubricants Market Regional Analysis (Volume, Kilo Tons and Revenue, USD Million, 2012 – 2023)           

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • South America
  • Middle East & Africa


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Unique Group’s diving & life support team develops extended reach diver LARS

unique group

Unique Group is a global subsea and marine service company. The Diving & Life Support equipment manufacturing division is a specialist division focusing on the design, build and installation of commercial and military diving equipment.

Unique’s HYDRA brand has sold over 200 Diver Launch and Recovery units worldwide to the Oil and Gas industry and continue to research and develop their systems in order to provide industry with their best value solution.

The company has developed their new LRE50-A2 Extended Reach Diver Launch and Recovery system. The LRE50-A2 is designed to resolve an operational requirement to deploy divers a distance off of the side of a vessel.

DP Diving vessels need to keep a safe distance from Oil and Gas Platforms or FPSOs. This distance offset from the dive site is a challenge to diving operators as the divers excursion distance is limited by umbilical lengths that need ensure the diver is always kept at a safe distance from the vessel DP thrusters.

To overcome this operational challenge, diving contractors will typically make use what is referred to as a Gold Gate, which provides an aperture through which the divers will pass on route to the dive site. The Gold Gate is typically suspended from the vessel crane which limits the use of the crane during diving operations.

The HYDRA engineering team spent time engaging closely with their clients to understand their operational requirements to provide an engineering solution to meet their specific requirements.

The LRE50-A2 is design based on safe operational requirements and a design FMEA. The unit is also DNV approved and designed in accordance with the latest IMCA guidelines, PUWER and LOLER requirements.

The LRE50-A2 compact design ensures that minimal deck space is utilized with a skid footprint of only 4.2m by 2.83m. The unit is provided with a remote control station that operates the A-frame boom and knuckle, main winch, guide wire winch and both umbilical power sheaves via joystick and button control.

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Subsea boosting systems market (shallow water and deep water) for oil and gas industry – market to account for US$3.07 billion in revenue by 2023


Transparency Market Research has released a market research report titled “Subsea Boosting Systems Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth Trends, and Forecast 2023”. According to this report, the global subsea boosting systems market was valued at US$1.34 bn in 2014 and is projected to reach US$3.07 bn by 2023 at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2015 to 2023.

Depleting oil and gas resources led oil and gas companies to explore offshore oil and gas fields. Subsea technologies used in combination with floating production systems have increased interest among exploration and production companies to focus on deep water areas. These technologies are used to extract hydrocarbons from offshore oilfields. Increasing oil and gas drilling activities and rising oil and gas demand have compelled oil and gas service providing companies to utilize subsea technologies. Innovation in subsea boosting technology provides higher reliability, performance, and endurance which have led to increase in demand for subsea technologies. Growing population and rising urbanization are likely to fuel the demand for energy across the globe. Depleting oil and gas reserves at onshore locations coupled with growing opportunities in deep water oil and gas exploration and production are expected to boost subsea activities in the near future.

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A subsea boosting system is an arrangement deployed at the topside of the well to ensure the flow of fluid (oil and condensate) from the oilfields at an economical rate. Some of the key parameters that lead to subsea boosting system installations are increased water depth, increased distance from the host, heavy oil, higher number of field tiebacks to the host, and low reservoir pressure. A subsea boosting system primarily includes multiphase and down-hole boosting, gas compression, and raw subsea water injection. Subsea boosting process helps in safer and faster start-up of low-energy wells, increases the economic life of the field, increases production and recovery, and enables a different production strategy.

The subsea boosting systems market has been analyzed in terms of revenue (US$ Mn). Additionally, the market has been segmented on the basis of water depth, application, and geography. Based on water depth, the market has been segmented into shallow water and deep water. The shallow water segment held the largest share of 57.8% of the subsea boosting systems market in 2014. In terms of application, the market has been segmented into oil fields and gas fields. The oil fields segment accounted for the largest share of 69.4% of the subsea boosting systems market, by application, in 2014.

In terms of geography, the subsea boosting systems market has been segmented into six regions: North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, South & Central America, Africa, and the Middle East. Asia Pacific was the largest market for subsea boosting systems, accounting for 25.0% of the global market share in 2014. Asia Pacific is emerging as a key oil and gas producing region. Subsea activities in the region are largely concentrated in countries such as China, Indonesia, and Australia. Apart from these countries, the Philippines, South Korea, and India also have a few subsea projects.


Increased energy demand coupled with the need to boost offshore oilfield production has propelled the demand for subsea boosting systems. Europe was the second-largest market for subsea boosting systems in 2014. Growing demand for energy and need for increased production from offshore oilfield are expected to drive the demand for subsea boosting systems in the near future. Africa was the third-largest market for subsea boosting systems in 2014. The market in South & Central America is expected to witness significant growth in the near future, with Brazil leading the market.

The key players in the global subsea boosting systems market are General Electric Company, Aker Solutions, Framo AS, Flowserve Corporation, ITT Bornemann GmbH, Baker Hughes Incorporated, FMC Technologies, Inc., OneSubsea, Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp, and Sulzer Ltd.

Research Report:

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