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Heskins Thick Safety Grip Now Available


Heskins are proud to announce that H3404 2mm safety grip is now available for order. Thick Safety Grip™ now allows business to kit out their factories to ensure effective slip prevention, that also provide slight cushioning and reduce leg fatigue on a production line. It can also be applied into recesses that are considered trip hazards.

Heskins made the decision to produce thick Safety Grip™ after the demand became great. The reason Heskins had to ensure the demand was there, was simply due to the commitment that would have to be made to produce it. Many of our production and post production machines were modified to produce thick Safety Grip™ to the same quality standards as all the other Heskins products.

Investment was also made into a new range of high-volume crush cut blade holders. The reason this was necessary was due to the thickness. Heskins anti slip tapes are generally no thicker than 1.4mm. While the difference of .6mm doesn’t seem great, the adhesive applied to the base increases this thickness further, making it more difficult to cut.

Now the modifications are in place, Heskins have added a versatile new anti slip product into the range, and like all others, can be slit in rolls ranging from 20mm up to 1170mm, all 18.3m in length.

Heskins H3404 thick Safety Grip™ is available at a very competitive price, and if you would like to place an order, or enquire further, you can contact Heskins by phone or email.

Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

When it comes to 5S and floor demarcation in the workplace, there are many guidelines, of which many provide very little insight.

A quote often used is ““In lean manufacturing, the general rule of thumb is that anyone should be able to walk into a workplace and identify the flow of work being done within 60 seconds.”

Keeping this quote in mind, for someone venturing into this for the first time, finding the right information before implementation is a tough task. Many options are available for floor marking and signage products to allow you to begin optimisation of floor demarcation, which in the first instance will be a tough task without the correct information to hand.

Depending on the function of your workplace will naturally determine how you proceed, do you want to optimise what is currently working? Or do you want to start from scratch to improve the whole process? We believe that Heskins can help you provide a strong starting point by defining the regulated and approved colours to identify and optimise key workflow areas in your business.

Heskins products are always manufactured in regulation colours, from anti slip tape, to floor marking systems, Heskins products can be used to create a full, optimised workflow demarcation system. heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines

Demarcation Area Black

Demarcation Area Black

Workplace 5s Walkway

Workplace 5s Walkway

5S colours are as follows:

Yellow – Highlights an area that is to be treated with caution. Mainly used for aisleways and walkways, more often than not because these areas could cross with other working processes, such as forklift traffic or other foot traffic.

Red – Highlights danger or can relate to fire. Red alerts people or vehicles that they need to stop before proceeding, or to notify people where fire fighting equipment is available, if it of course can.

Blue – Marks out information, or can be used to hold equipment or machinery that is out of order.

Green – Notifies an area of safety, whether that be a first aid point or notice, or a walkway that is out of the way of potential dangers.

Orange – Used to mark out zones where vehicles are stored or for areas where vehicles operate. Combining yellow and red with this creates a traffic system that is safe and organised.

Black/Yellow – Notifies of potential hazards and to proceed with caution. Areas that store potentially harmful chemicals or areas that can only be entered with additional safety measures.

Red/White – Notification to keep an area clear at all times. Emergency access or electrical points are two such areas that benefit from these markings.

White – Indication of an area where production or work processes are ongoing.

Black – Completed jobs are put in these areas, indicating the job is complete.

For a full colour reference guide for Heskins products and general 5S colour references, you can download the colour reference guide heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines. The Heskins colour guide refers to regulations for all of Europe.

Heskins offer other colours, as well as custom production, so dependent on order quantities, you can get the perfect anti slip or floor marking solution for your workplace. Get in touch


ESS Treble Profits on Back of 90% Revenue Hike

Diversification in to renewables and interconnector market rewarded

Ecosse Subsea Systems Ltd (ESS) more than trebled profits to £3.4 million and increased revenue by 88% to £15.6 million according to its latest published accounts.

The Aberdeenshire-based subsea engineering specialist attributed the phenomenal growth to a diversification from its traditional oil and gas market in to renewables and interconnectors.

ESS has developed technologies which are in high demand for seabed clearance work, trenching and cable laying projects. In the past two years the company has made huge inroads in to the emerging renewables sector which now accounts for 55% of projects and builds upon an earlier focus on oil and gas contracts. Read more…

Fugro completes two key tasks on Gwynt Y Môr

Fugro successfully completes the trenching and burial of inter-array cables for CT Offshore and provides unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey support at the Gwynt y Môr offshore wind farm.

Once complete, RWE Innogy’s 160-turbine Gwynt y Môr, in the Irish Sea off the North Wales coast, will be the second largest offshore wind farm in the world.  Read more…

Silver Fox® Wind Energy labelling solutions breeze into Hamburg

Sep. 9, 2014 – WELWYN GARDEN CITY, U.K. – Silver Fox®, a leading UK manufacturer in labelling solutions, will be featuring a number of their solutions at this year’s WindEnergy Hamburg, at the Messe Exhibition Centre, Hamburg. This new international trade fair will provide a comprehensive overview of the current status and future prospects of this energy sector.

On its exhibition Stand B6.297, Silver Fox® will be demonstrating in particular the Fox-Flo® Low Smoke Zero Halogen Tie-on Cable Labels, Legend™ LHZ2 Low-smoke Zero-halogen Heatshrink and LNST Non-shrink Tubing as well as Prolab®  Equipment Labels including both self and non-adhesive labels. Read more…

AFL Introduces Optical Ground Wire for the Renewables Market

Spartanburg, SC – August 26, 2014 – AFL is adding to its Optical Ground Wire product line by introducing Renewables-Optimized Optical Ground Wire (OPGW), an aerial fiber optic cable designed specifically for the renewables market. The Renewables-Optimized OPGW allows for greater ease and flexibility in installation timelines while providing excellent electrical and mechanical properties. Read more…

Polish competition authorities approve DONG Energy’s sale of the Polish onshore wind business

In continuance of the company announcement of 19 February 2013 regarding PGE’s and Energa’s acquisition of DONG Energy’s Polish onshore wind business, DONG Energy can now announce that competition clearance from the Polish Anti-Monopoly Office has been obtained. On this basis, the transaction is expected to be closed during the coming weeks. Read more…

IBERDROLA allocates €25,000 million towards development of renewable energies in last decade

IBERDROLA has allocated some €25,000 million to developing economically sustainable renewable energies in the last decade. This is the highest figure ever invested by a company in this field.  Read more…

New Dogger Bank contract takes Forewind offshore spend to almost £45 million

The latest seabed survey contract award by Forewind, developer of the Dogger Bank offshore wind zone, takes the consortium’s spend on offshore surveys to almost £45 million. Read more…

U.S. department of interior approves SolarReserve’s 100 MW Arizona solar power project

SANTA MONICA, Calif., June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell announced the approval of the Record of Decision (ROD) for the Quartzsite Solar Energy Project located in La Paz County, Ariz. With this authorization, SolarReserve, a U.S. developer of large-scale solar power projects, is proceeding with the development of its 100 megawatt project, located on Bureau of Land (BLM) managed land. The Quartzsite Project will be utilizing SolarReserve’s concentrated solar power (CSP) technology with integrated storage which allows the facility to operate like a conventional power plant, but without the environmental damage from emissions and waste. Read more…

Kyocera Solar Inc. announces 127 megawatt utility-scale solar installation opens in Arizona with 25MW of U.S

Kyocera Solar Inc. today joined LS Power and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to officially open the Arlington Valley Solar Energy II (AV Solar II) utility-scale installation in southwest Arizona. Kyocera is providing 25* megawatts (MW) of proven, reliable solar modules for the 127MW photovoltaic (PV) installation; all Kyocera modules included in the project were U.S.-made. Block 1 of the 5-section installation is now live, with the remaining sections expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2013. Read more…

Greentech Media identifies “Intelligent Efficiency” as a top driver of the energy efficiency market

BOSTON, May 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Greentech Media releases a special report today, “Intelligent Efficiency: Innovations Reshaping the Energy Efficiency Market,” that identifies how energy efficiency is evolving into “intelligent efficiency,” highlighting value for customers, energy providers, building managers, and others. The report’s author, Stephen Lacey, previously of Climate Progress and Renewable Energy World, has joined Greentech Media’s editorial staff as our Senior Editor covering energy efficiency. Read more…

ABB to power one of Africa’s largest photovoltaic solar plants and support renewables thrust

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has won an order worth around $25 million to supply electrical and control systems for a new 75 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) power plant in the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The order was booked in the first quarter. Read more…

Finavera Wind Energy finalizes terms for sale of two wind projects to Pattern Energy for $28 million

VANCOUVER, April 29, 2013 /CNW/ – Finavera Wind Energy Inc. (‘Finavera Wind Energy’, ‘Finavera’ or the ‘Company’) (TSX-V: FVR) is pleased to announce the completion of a Purchase and Sale Agreement with Pattern Renewable Holdings Canada ULC, a subsidiary of Pattern Energy Group LP (‘Pattern’) following discussions with BC Hydro and various government agencies.  Pattern Energy is a large, independent power company operating 1,155MW of wind energy projects in Canada, the United States and Chile.  Pattern and Finavera have prioritized the purchase by Pattern of the Company’s Tumbler Ridge and Meikle Wind Energy Projects for gross cash consideration of up to $28 million subject to certain conditions.  Pattern will retain an option for two years from closing of this transaction to purchase the Wildmare and Bullmoose Wind Energy Projects on similar terms.  The Transaction is subject to Shareholder Approval and third party consents.

Finavera CEO Jason Bak states, “This transaction provides a strong return on capital invested in these projects and provides a platform for the next stage of growth for Finavera Wind Energy.  Finavera has established itself as an early stage developer of renewable energy projects up to the point where large scale capital is required for construction.  The incoming cash will be used to pay down debt, aggressively manage our burn rate, and embark on a fiscally prudent
review of opportunities in the marketplace within the next 2 to 6 months.

Given the depressed state of a significant number of junior companies with excellent assets, it is an ideal time to be in a strong positive cash position.”

Under the terms of the agreement with Pattern, up to $9.3 million will be paid to Finavera upon shareholder approval of the transaction and the completion of Pattern’s acquisition of the project companies. The balance of the $28 million will be payable on a milestone basis as the projects proceed to construction financing.  Pattern has also agreed to provide a credit facility to the Company at a rate of 10% per annum, which will be repaid in 2013. The agreement is subject to approval from shareholders and the TSX Venture Exchange.  The Company will be mailing an Information Circular to shareholders shortly and a shareholder meeting will be scheduled before the end of June to seek approval for the transaction.

In addition to the consideration due to the Company for this transaction with Pattern, Finavera is continuing to develop the 105 megawatt Cloosh Valley Wind Project in Co. Galway, Ireland with SSE plc (SSE:LSE).

Cloosh Valley is currently Ireland’s largest onshore wind project and the project is expected to attain financing and commence pre-construction activities in Q4 2013.  At this point, a final payment of EUR7.14 million (approx. $9.53 million) is due to the Company, as per the terms of the agreement signed with SSE in August 2010.  In addition, Finavera maintains a 10% working interest in the Cloosh Valley Wind Project.

“Based on the Pattern transaction and the value of the Cloosh Valley Wind Project assets, and using a set of conservative working assumptions, Finavera estimates the Company’s net asset value to be $0.41 per share. In this market, having cash on hand puts Finavera in a strong position to identify and develop new opportunities for the benefit of shareholders or to return cash to shareholders in the event that opportunities do not arise.” concluded Bak.

SOURCE Finavera Wind Energy Inc.

Envision Solar completes first Cadillac Solar Tree® structure

FREMONT, Calif., April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Envision Solar International, Inc., a leading sustainable infrastructure product designer and developer, announced installation of its new Cadillac Solar Tree® array at Fremont Cadillac Buick GMC. Read more…

Vestas deploys multiple ZephIR Lidars at largest wind power project in the Southern Hemisphere – Macarthur Wind Farm, Australia

Leading wind turbine manufacturer Vestas have announced the deployment of three ZephIR 300 Lidar systems at the 420MW Macarthur Wind Farm in Australia to provide hub height and full rotor wind speed measurements across the Southern Hemisphere’s largest wind power project. Read more…

High Energy Consumption? The Time Has Come To Think Renewable

At a time of high energy prices renewable energy is presenting new opportunities for reducing costs, particularly for businesses with significant energy consumption. Think Renewable Energy is a company that has proudly created some of the most innovative solar PV projects throughout the UK.
The latest scheme in Yorkshire features a 90kWp post driven ground mount system, providing the necessary power of around 82,260kWh a year to serve  an onsite piggery for a major agricultural client. Delivered on schedule, a team of Think Renewable’s specialist designers, engineers and project managers carried out   the project from start to finish, and has  also delivered a number of other projects across the north of England for a range of landowners and businesses.
The smooth execution of such a task is due to the wide experience that Think Renewable Energy has picked up over the years, designing high quality bespoke solar PV systems for an extensive range of clients of various sizes, from residential projects through to major solar farms across the UK.
Projects Suited To Size
Defined as anything over 50kWp, large scale or industrial solar PV projects present huge opportunities for clients and landowners who use high amounts of energy, and wish to lower their costs. Although the feed in tariff rates may fall by 3.5% from the May 1st for large scale systems, Think Renewables can still offer impressive returns of up to 16%.
For commercial or residential projects, Think Renewable Energy also has  a number of systems offering impressive returns, saving significant amounts of money throughout the project’s lifespan.
Choose Think Renewable Energy
So what exactly makes Think Renewable Energy a breed apart from the rest? As an established solar PV specialist with a renowned reputation for fantastic service and quality, Think Renewable Energy proves to be an industry leader in its field.
Offering thorough site assessments, surveys and fully involved project management, a combination of high quality products and fast, reliable installation makes Think Renewable Energy’s  service stand above the rest.
Join Our Seminar
Now is your chance to find out more! If you’re considering investing in Solar PV or simply want to ask a few questions regarding the technology, Think Renewable Energy holds regular seminars and on-site tours providing detailed information and answers to all queries.
Come along to Think Renewable Energy’s next seminar on Wednesday 8th May at Fridlington Farms. The event will include a walk around the solar PC site accompanied by a question and answer session. Places are free but limited and  early booking is essential.
To secure a place contact Victoria Geater on 01423 227 227, or email
Think Renewable Energy, The Stables, Newby, Weeton, LS17 0EY
Tel: 01423 22227

Denmark announces farmers want to invest in solar energy systems

Since the Danish Government changed its subsidy rules for solar energy last December, solar energy systems have become an increasingly interesting and realistic investment for Danish farmers. Read more…

Five megawatt Kalaeloa Solar Farm now generating power on Oahu

HONOLULU, March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Today, Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie will join representatives of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) and Hawaiian Electric Company in a dedication ceremony for a new five-megawatt Kalaeloa Solar Farm in West Oahu. Read more…

Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. new wind turbine prototype to be exhibited at Denver Home Show

WORCESTER, Mass., March 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC: MMMW) is planning to exhibit a prototype of its new patented, ‘Wind Electric Power Generator’ with only seven moving components at the Denver Home Show being held at the National Western Complex in Denver, Colorado on the weekend of March 15, 2013 through March 17, 2013.  This wind-based, power system produces reliable, low-cost, and clean energy that’s well suited at remote and rural locations, including agricultural and commercial facilities. Read more…

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