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Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

When it comes to 5S and floor demarcation in the workplace, there are many guidelines, of which many provide very little insight.

A quote often used is ““In lean manufacturing, the general rule of thumb is that anyone should be able to walk into a workplace and identify the flow of work being done within 60 seconds.”

Keeping this quote in mind, for someone venturing into this for the first time, finding the right information before implementation is a tough task. Many options are available for floor marking and signage products to allow you to begin optimisation of floor demarcation, which in the first instance will be a tough task without the correct information to hand.

Depending on the function of your workplace will naturally determine how you proceed, do you want to optimise what is currently working? Or do you want to start from scratch to improve the whole process? We believe that Heskins can help you provide a strong starting point by defining the regulated and approved colours to identify and optimise key workflow areas in your business.

Heskins products are always manufactured in regulation colours, from anti slip tape, to floor marking systems, Heskins products can be used to create a full, optimised workflow demarcation system. heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines

Demarcation Area Black

Demarcation Area Black

Workplace 5s Walkway

Workplace 5s Walkway

5S colours are as follows:

Yellow – Highlights an area that is to be treated with caution. Mainly used for aisleways and walkways, more often than not because these areas could cross with other working processes, such as forklift traffic or other foot traffic.

Red – Highlights danger or can relate to fire. Red alerts people or vehicles that they need to stop before proceeding, or to notify people where fire fighting equipment is available, if it of course can.

Blue – Marks out information, or can be used to hold equipment or machinery that is out of order.

Green – Notifies an area of safety, whether that be a first aid point or notice, or a walkway that is out of the way of potential dangers.

Orange – Used to mark out zones where vehicles are stored or for areas where vehicles operate. Combining yellow and red with this creates a traffic system that is safe and organised.

Black/Yellow – Notifies of potential hazards and to proceed with caution. Areas that store potentially harmful chemicals or areas that can only be entered with additional safety measures.

Red/White – Notification to keep an area clear at all times. Emergency access or electrical points are two such areas that benefit from these markings.

White – Indication of an area where production or work processes are ongoing.

Black – Completed jobs are put in these areas, indicating the job is complete.

For a full colour reference guide for Heskins products and general 5S colour references, you can download the colour reference guide heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines. The Heskins colour guide refers to regulations for all of Europe.

Heskins offer other colours, as well as custom production, so dependent on order quantities, you can get the perfect anti slip or floor marking solution for your workplace. Get in touch


Useful downloads for the oil and gas sector

Production from the Middle East region will remain at near record peaks this month despite low oil prices; the current economic situation has actually meant that it is important for companies to increase production to balance out the lower prices.

As a result, it is more critical than ever before for NOCs to look at cost reduction throughout their operations, increase reliability through improved planning and asset management strategies.

The critical question is – how can you run your assets in the safest, most reliable and cost-effective way? Read more…

Osiris Projects rebrands as Bibby HydroMap

Osiris Projects is rebranding as Bibby HydroMap as of the 26th March 2015.  A specialist seabed survey company, the UK based Osiris Projects was acquired by Bibby Line Group in May 2012 but has continued to operate under its own name since then.

The decision to rebrand and adopt the instantly recognizable Bibby branding supports its strategic vision to become ‘the survey company of choice’. Since being acquired by Bibby Line Group, the company has grown from 40 to over 100 full time employees and has invested significantly in new survey vessels, including the recently launched Bibby Athena, and new offerings such as the d’ROP, an innovative remotely operated survey platform. Read more…

Blue Economy Seminar Programme Aims to Develop a ‘Forward Strategy’ at Ocean Business 2015

The Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) are hosting a vital seminar for the Blue Economy at this year’s Ocean Business event on 14 April from 9.30 – 5.00pm at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, UK.

Gordon Johnston, Vice Chair of FIG Commission 4 – Hydrography explains, “We’ve just launched an unmissable programme for those interested in reaping the benefits of the Blue Economy. From government to commercial organisations and coastal communities, the seminar ‘Blue Economy – Bridging the Gap’ helps us understand how we can all gain sustained benefits from the sea. The seminar includes outstanding speakers from all corners of the industry, but more than that – it offers delegates an opportunity to contribute and make a difference to help develop a strategy for the future.” Read more…

SMD supply Quasar MkII ROV to Jan de Nul

Industry leader in dredging and marine construction activities Jan de Nul have confirmed an order with SMD for a Quasar MkII 150hp 3000m rated work class remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The high specification system including Tophat Tether Management System, A-Frame, Umbilical Winch and dual control system (vessel bridge and control cabin) will be delivered in the second quarter of this year.

SMD is one of the world’s leading subsea engineering companies designing and manufacturing Work Class ROVs, trenching systems, and subsea mining machines. They have a worldwide customer base operating in oil and gas, telecoms, mining, salvage, renewables, defence and scientific markets, with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Brazil. Read more…

Brent Crude Oil Falls To US$53 In Light Of Dwindling Demand

The price of Brent crude oil fell by 6% to US$53 on the 5th of January, signalling the worst first Monday of the year on record for the UK’s bluechip index. With West Texas Intermediate also dropping to a five year low of US$50, there is a growing concern between investors, that a weakening demand could see a further decline in weeks to come.

The latest slump, which has seen the price of Brent Crude oil half from this time last year, is further evidence of OPEC’s decision to continue at the same production rate, despite the current dwindling demand for oil.

As Brent crude decreases, economic growth is expected to increase, as lower oil prices will see business costs cut and disposable incomes grow. In particular, UK consumer spending is currently overseeing the benefits, as supermarkets reduce fuel prices by up to 2p a litre.

Source: Red Mist Media

For more information on Oil and Gas service companies, manufacturers and suppliers, please visit

4% Global Economic Growth Predicted to Boost Oil Price in 2015

Last week OPEC held a conference to review the outlook on the bleak oil market. The global economic growth is set to make a small rise in forecast in the New Year with a slow steady rise of 4%. This rise was accumulated with the apprehension of the recovering global economy and the expectation of a higher demand for oil in 2015. This confidence has arisen due to many projects are stable and “comfortably above the five-year average, coupled with the on-going rise in non-OECD inventories, are indications of an extremely well-supplied market.” Read more…

North Sea industry needs a cultural shift to maximise UKCS potential

Companies operating in the North Sea require a cultural shift to make the most of the its potential, according to a new report from Deloitte, the business advisory firm.

The report, which gauges the oil and gas industry’s reaction to Sir Ian Wood’s Maximising Recovery Review, calls on the new regulator – the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), the Government and companies operating in the North Sea to adapt to a new reality in the basin. Read more…

AVEVA opens office in Aberdeen to meet needs of North Sea Oil & Gas market

AVEVA today announced the opening of its new office in Aberdeen, further strengthening its growing global network. The office will offer sales and support for all of AVEVA’s solutions and services with a strategic focus on the region’s globally recognised oil & gas sector.

‘We have worked with our customers in Aberdeen for many decades,’ said Richard Longdon, CEO, AVEVA. Richard Longdon, CEO, AVEVA‘This office represents our continued commitment to these strategic companies and the wider region. Aberdeen is, and will remain, a key location for the oil & gas industry with the expertise in Aberdeen exported throughout the world.’ Read more…

Thought of everything? Professional tips for working in confined spaces

Narrowness, limited oxygen and hazardous substances: These are just some of the things that can await those who do maintenance in tanks, silos, shafts, and small spaces. This is why having the right equipment from the very beginning is so important.

Danger lurks in closed areas

The cleaning, maintenance and repair of tanks, silos, vats, and barrels is a daily procedure within the oil & gas industry. This said the work should be seen as anything but routine. Entering these spaces is still considered one of the most dangerous of jobs while working at plants and refineries. According to the official German definition a “confined space” is defined as: “A space that is mostly covered by permanent walls, which enclose the area, thus preventing adequate air circulation and providing a high, and beyond the norm danger potential from substances, impurities and other hazardous materials.”1 Working within confined spaces not only requires an experienced team and practice, but also the necessary technical equipment. Only then can the rooms be measured for toxic or explosive substances and the necessary precautions taken. In many countries, workers required to work in CSE must first successfully undergo the necessary training. This includes the use of gas measurement devices and full knowledge of personal protection wear. Read more…

Bowtech release new PIONEER multipurpose camera

Bowtech Products Ltd, a global market leader in subsea vision systems, is delighted to release the Pioneer multipurpose underwater camera with LEDs.

The Bowtech products Pioneer is a high resolution underwater colour CCD camera with six integral high intensity LEDs. It provides a cost effective solution to general underwater viewing observation, down to 4,000 metres ocean depth. Read more…

Endurance® Pipeline Identification Tape pass 6500 hours of accelerated UV ageing

What is routine for Silver Fox is exceptional for others. The most recent independent UV ageing tests undertaken by Silver Fox clearly illustrate this point. Whereas, if tested at all, manufacturers will test their pipeline ID tape for maybe 500 hours of accelerated UV. Silver Fox’s Endurance® Pipeline Identification tape, has been successfully tested for 6500 hours.  That is nearly 9 months of continual testing, against just 20 days (500 hours). Read more…

Unique Wellube Announces its Expansion, Investment and Strategic Plans @ ADIPEC 2014

Unique Wellube, a division of Unique Maritime Group (UMG) which is one of the world’s leading integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solutions provider, is pleased to share its expansion, investment and strategic plans @ ADIPEC 2014 which is being held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC), from the 10th to the 13th of November 2014.

The ADIPEC exhibition is ranked amongst top 3 prominent shows for the oil & gas industry in the world. It is an unrivalled show which unites the oil & gas industry professionals under a common platform to showcase innovations in technology and highlight issues currently challenging the industry. It is a meeting point for industry leaders across the world to discuss the changing face of the industry. Read more…

Conductor Installation Services and Weatherford International Sign Global Master Services Contract

Conductor Installation Services Ltd (CIS), an Acteon company that provides hammer services to install conductors and drive piles, announced that it has entered into a global master services agreement with Weatherford International. The agreement requires CIS to supply conductor and pile installation services, and associated equipment to Weatherford. Read more…

Seatronics’ Predator ROV verifies identity of lost treasure liner, S.S. Connaught, off Northeast USA coast

Seatronics’ remotely operated vehicle (ROV), the Predator, has successfully verified the identity of lost treasure liner, the S.S. Connaught, off the Northeast coast of the USA. The Predator was deployed in a subsea mission organised and led by Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPL).

Seatronics’ Predator ROV was deployed by Endurance Group to verify the identity of the mid-19th century steamship, which carried a large cargo of gold coins, 100 miles from the shore. The S.S. Connaught, a 380-foot luxury liner carrying 592 people and 10,000 lbs of gold coins, suffered a fierce fire during a storm offshore Boston in 1860. The passengers and crew were rescued by a small fruit transport vessel, which sailed to intercept the burning, sinking ship. The S.S. Connaught became synonymous with courageous and successful maritime rescue efforts, as each passenger and crew member was safely returned to India Wharf, Boston, the next day. Read more…

Pulse motion and strain monitoring system validates new riser design in the Gulf of Mexico

Pulse, an Acteon company, has designed, manufactured and installed a powerful motion and strain monitoring system to verify the design of the first lazy-wave steel riser system to be installed in the Gulf of Mexico.

The monitoring program at Anadarko’s Constitution spar in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico started in 2012 and has enabled validation of the riser design against analytical models and verified riser system integrity during a hurricane event. Pulse was selected because of its understanding of the technical challenges and ability to meet a very tight deadline: the entire monitoring system was designed, manufactured and delivered in less than six weeks. Read more…

Saudi Arabia price cut hits oil market, as oil price drops to US$80.64 all-time low

The OPEC daily basket price has dropped to US$80.64 a barrel on Monday 3rd November 2014, compared to the rise in price to US$82.44 a barrel on Tuesday 28th October 2014.

Saudi Arabia had made an unexpected move by cutting its US crude price, either in an attempt to compete with buyers, or as some have seen it, a negative move towards the production of shale in the US.

The move was also in line with a raise in price for other regions, such as Asia and Europe, therefore indicating that Saudi Arabia is less worried about its market share.

The drop in oil prices has also hit the Russian economy, which is heavily dependent on oil.


Osiris Projects prepare to launch Bibby Athena

Seabed mapping specialists Osiris Hydrographic & Geophysical Projects are making final preparations to launch their latest custom build survey vessel ‘Bibby Athena.’

Due to launch before the end of 2014, Bibby Athena will build on the capabilities of the very successful sister vessel, Bibby Tethra, with a number of subtle changes to reflect the company’s development into a more challenging offshore market. Read more…

New environmental monitoring solution for gas hydrate exploration and production to be developed as part of ‘sugar’ EU project

Kongsberg Maritime Embient, with KONGSBERG partner company Contros Systems and Solutions, has been selected to develop and deliver innovative technologies and strategies for environmental monitoring during Gas Hydrate exploration and production as part of the EU ‘SUGAR’ (Submarine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs) project.

Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology started the 3rd phase of the more than €10 million joint project SUGAR at the beginning of October 2014. The project is a ground-breaking initiative in Gas Hydrate exploration, production and monitoring. The third phase will last three years and will lead into a European venture with world-wide impact for Gas Hydrates as a new energy source. Read more…

Oil price stabilizes at US$82.44 a barrel amidst new low 2015 predictions

Straight after predictions that the price per barrel of oil would not fall below US$80, the price of oil of 12 crudes has stabilized this week, remaining above US$82 per barrel, standing at US$82.44 a barrel on Tuesday, 28th October 2014, compared with US$82.37 the previous day.

This comes, however amidst new claims, according to Goldman Sachs, that the price of US crude is due to fall as low as US$70 per barrel in 2015.

The new figure has been said to be due to the world producing more oil than it needs, and falling demand due to China’s demand lowering and the US shale boom.


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