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Special welding cable Topweld H01N2-D, from Top Cable

The high grade of flexibility in this cable facilitates use of the welding tool and avoids the formation of knots in the cable that could cause the conductor to break internally.

The Top Cable Topweld H01N2-D cable has been specifically designed to transmit high currents between the welding generator and the electrode. It can also be used in automatic welding machines, transport belts, and assembly or production lines, such as automobile assembly lines.

Flexible electrolytic copper conductor

It is a 100/100V Low Voltage cable, designed from an extra-flexible electrolytic copper conductor, class D according to UNE 21027-6. The separator is made of polyester tape, and the outer sheath is made of black rubber (type EM5).

Reference norms

The Topweld H01N2-D cable, specific for welding, is a high-performance product submitted to the strictest quality controls during its entire production. The Topweld H01N2-D cable adheres to the reference norms HD 22.6 / UNE 21027-6, applying the national norms / European UNE-EN 60332-1 and IEC 60332-1.

Likewise, this cable has the quality certifications of AENOR.

Properties of the outer sheath

The properties of the vulcanized rubber sheath permit its use outdoors. This sheath also protects the cable against damage from chemical products, such as mineral oils or hydrocarbons. The Topweld H01N2-D’s water resistance is AD3 (aspersion), and its impact resistance is medium (AG2).

Due to the quality of its materials, sheath thickness and the conductor’s flexible formation, this cable allows for a bending radius of five times the outer diameter.

Lastly, it stands out that the sheath’s meter by meter marking facilitates supply to the distributor, simplifying stocking and replacement.

Use temperatures

This cable can be used starting from a minimum service temperature of -25ºC, and up to a maximum conductor temperature of 85ºC. The maximum short-circuit temperature is 250ºC, for a maximum duration of 5 seconds.


The flame-retardant quality of the Topweld H01N2-D cable contributes to the improved general safety of the installation.

With the Top Cable guarantee

The Topweld H01N2-D cable, ideal for applications of industrial use and welding, is certified by the ANOR certification by means of the recognized AENOR mark. Likewise, it provides a quality guarantee from Top Cable, one of the sector’s companies that has grown the most in recent years, guided by a strong spirit of innovation and by persistently continuing with the constant search for products with better performance. Moreover, as a company committed to the environment, Top Cable uses environmentally friendly materials in its processes.

If you wish to receive a catalog of the Topweld H01N2-D cable and its corresponding quality certifications, request the rubber cables catalog from your regular Top Cable sales representative or send an email to

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Cable characteristics for photovoltaic applications

Topsolar cables, from Top Cable, become the best alternative when performing photovoltaic installations.

Connection of panels to the Low Voltage network in continuous current

The TOPSOLAR (PV) cable has been specifically designed to withstand the most demanding conditions between the panels and LV network in continuous current from a solar photovoltaic installation.

Its excellent proprieties make it the best cable for all LV installations:

• It has a useful life of 30 years at 90 ºC, being able to withstand up to 120°C continuously. Temperatures higher than 90 ºC are common in installations on rooftops. Normal cables with reticulated polyethylene or EPR insulation are designed for a maximum conductor temperature of 90 ºC and noticeably colder surroundings. It is demonstrated in tests that the TOPSOLAR (PV) cable shows high resistance to weather corrosion, abrasion, and chemical agents.

• Its allowable current is superior in identical sections to conventional cables. High-quality ethylene-propylene insulation of TOPSOLAR (PV) cables allows the conductor’s temperature to reach 120ºC, which implies important increases in allowable currents with regards to similar sections of conventional cables.

• It is halogen-free, fire-retardant and has reduced the emission of opaque fumes. It surpasses the tests for flame-retardants, fire-retardants, low emission of opaque fumes and low emission of toxic and corrosive gases, which on top of decreasing the collateral effects of fires on people, also protects the solar installations’ valuable electronic equipment due to its high fireproofing and the low corrosiveness of emitted gases.

• It is fit for mobile services. The use of followers is frequent to get the most out of solar radiation. It should not be forgotten that in these cases the connection cables between mobile structures and the fixed parts are subject to movement, for which conventional cables are not suitable. The TOPSOLAR (PV) line demonstrates good mechanical properties even at low temperatures.

• It is more convenient to install due to its extraordinary flexibility and reduced diameter. The cable is made of a flexible class 5 tin-plated copper conductor, high-quality insulation of ethylene propylene and an outer sheath of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Its reduced outer diameter makes the cable more manageable and takes up less space in the wiring.

Cables for the Low Voltage network in alternate current

At the inverter’s output begins the LV network in alternate current, which ends in the connection point to the LV network or even the transformer, in the case of connecting to the MT network. In solar parks, this LV channelling in alternate current tends to be buried pipes. Moreover, in this type of application, the designers should evaluate the possible presence of rodents in any part of the installation. In this case the use of armoured cables should be considered, like those of the TOPSOLAR XZ1FA3Z-K type.

Cables for the Medium Voltage network

Top Cable offers two cable families:

• those insulated in reticulated polyethylene (XLPE)

• those insulated with ethylene propylene (HEPR)

Both in voltages up to 30 kV.

The X-VOLT range has its cold-shrinkable outer semiconductive layer, a quality highly valued by the installers, given that its easy removal is a critical factor when correctly preparing the cable tips for the making of joints and outlets, furthermore constituting a notable saving of time.

The X-VOLT RHZ1 cables, insulated in XLPE, are characterized by a good dielectric rigidity, low loss factor and high insulation resistance.

The X-VOLT HEPRZ1 cables, insulated with HEPR, can withstand temperatures of 105 ºC in continuous operation, demonstrating very good resistance to thermal aging and partial discharge.

In both cases, the cables can include elements sealed in the shield that impede longitudinal water propagation in case of breakdown of the sheath and/or elements for the longitudinal sealing of the conductor.

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Top Cable Powerhard M RVMV-K, flexible armoured cables

Thanks to its flexible class 5 conductor, Top Cable’s Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cables make installations substantially easier.
The Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable, manufactured by Top Cable, has been built according to the IEC reference norms IEC 60502 and UNE 21123-2, with conductors made of electrolytic copper, flexible class 5, based on EN60228, XLPE insulation for RVMV-K or PVC for VVMV-K, PVC armour bedding, galvanised steel wire armour, helically placed over the separation sheath and a flexible black PVC outer sheath.

This type of cable is manufactured in a unipolar and multi-conductor version.
The unipolar cables (RVMAV-K type) use aluminium wires to reduce losses due to currents induced in the armour.

Powerhard cables are known for their great flexibility. Due to its flexible class 5 conductor, installation is substantially easier, comparing it to the rigid class 2 conductor type, what makes Powerhard cables highly suitable for difficult layouts. Given their ease of installation and extraordinary mechanical strength, they are the preferred choice of installers.

The Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable is highly versatile. Its minimum service temperature is -15ºC. The maximum temperature of the conductor is 90ºC and 70ºC, respectively. The maximum short-circuit temperature is 250ºC and 160ºC, respectively, for a maximum of 5 seconds. The bending radius is 10 times that of its external diameter.

The design of the Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable makes it particularly suitable for explosion-proof installations, and ensures that a flame or fire will not be spread, that its impact resistance be AG4 (very strong). It is also water resistant AD7 (immersion) and has a good chemical resistance, as well as the possibility of being installed permanently in the open air.

In order to facilitate the availability of the product, Top Cable has this cable in immediate stock. For better control, this cable comes marked metre by metre.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that the Powerhard M™ RVMV-K & VVMV-K cable complies with the National / European norms UNE-EN 60332-1 / UNE-EN 60332-3 and the International Norm IEC 60332-1 / IEC 60332-3.

The design of this cable is particularly suitable for fixed installations subject to possible mechanical aggression.

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Medium Voltage X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL/OL/2OL Cable

It is a cable for fixed installations, adequate for energy transport and distribution in Low Voltage networks. The (AS) indication certifies that it is a high security, halogen-free, flame-retardant and fire-retardant cable.

The Low Voltage X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL/OL / 2OL cable has been designed according to the construction norms UNE-HD 620-5-E (type 5E-5) and IEC 60502-2. Its AENOR certification attests to the exhaustive fulfilment of all requirements demanded by regulation UNE- HD 620.

Cable design

The conductor is made of electrolytic aluminium, class 2, insulated with reticulated polyethylene (XLPE), reticulated in dry nitrogen gas, with a shield of copper wiring and a cross-wound loop of copper tape and, in the versions of the –OL and -2OL type cables, a hygroscopic tape that completely covers the shield.

Technical characteristics

For the nominal voltages 6/10 kV, 8.7/15 kV, 12/20 kV and 18/30 kV the maximum conductor temperature is 90ºC, and the maximum short-circuit temperature is 250 ºC (for a maximum duration of five seconds). This cable allows for a bending radius of fifteen times the outer diameter. Due to its excellent mechanical properties, the RHZ1 aluminium cable, fabricated by Top Cable, is ideal for interior, exterior or underground installations.

Fireproof polyolefin sheath

The outer sheath of the X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL cable is made of fireproof polyolefin, halogen-free and black with two green stripes.

Certifications and type-approval

The X-VOLT RHZ1 (AS) AL cable is approved by Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR) and certified by the electric companies Endesa and Unión Fenosa.

Other available versions

There are other available versions in the X-VOLT family: this cable is likewise manufactured for applications that require a flame-resistant cable (X-VOLT RHZ1 AL/ OL / 2OL (S) ) for voltages of 6/10 kV, 8.7/15 kV, 12/20 kV and 18/30 kV. Likewise, the X-VOLT cable can be designed from a copper conductor.

If you wish to obtain the complete technical specifications of this cable, visit the Medium Voltage subsection at, or consult with your regular Top Cable sales representative.

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NEW WEBSITE Ecomatic Calculate energy in a SUSTAINABLE way

Top Cable has developed an innovative measuring tool called Ecomatic which calculates how much energy you save in electrical installations.

Sustainable development is part of Top Cable’s strategy, as shown by their commitment to controlling and reducing their impact on the environment. Strengthening this commitment, the Ecomatic programme calculates the energy that you can save choosing a cross-section that is greater than what is strictly necessary for your installation. A greater conductor cross-section reduces the circuit’s resistance, decreasing Joule losses and optimising the use of energy.

Ecomatic gets you significant energy savings, with a subsequent drop in the electric bill and a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. It is a highly useful tool for engineers, installers, distributors and students.

Source: Top Cable

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