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SMD supply Quasar MkII ROV to Jan de Nul

Industry leader in dredging and marine construction activities Jan de Nul have confirmed an order with SMD for a Quasar MkII 150hp 3000m rated work class remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The high specification system including Tophat Tether Management System, A-Frame, Umbilical Winch and dual control system (vessel bridge and control cabin) will be delivered in the second quarter of this year.

SMD is one of the world’s leading subsea engineering companies designing and manufacturing Work Class ROVs, trenching systems, and subsea mining machines. They have a worldwide customer base operating in oil and gas, telecoms, mining, salvage, renewables, defence and scientific markets, with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Brazil. Read more…

SMD – Work Class ROV Systems


Building on a strong and unique legacy of over 40 years in subsea engineering, SMD entered the work class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) market in 2004 following the acquisition of Hydrovision. Since then SMD have designed and manufactured over 125 ROV systems for the oil and gas, oceanographic, defence, salvage, telecoms, special projects and renewables markets. Read more…

Energising the Future of the Next Generation

SMD were joined a host of local businesses and education establishments at the Skills North East event held at Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle last week. The two day event allowed local businesses to showcase career opportunities for young people.

SMD are keen to dispel stigma surrounding apprenticeships, and the myth that this type of qualification limits young people to low level roles, with little opportunity for career progression. Read more…

Ultimate Trenching Spread Delivers

Long-standing SMD customer DeepOcean, have now received delivery of their 1000hp QTrencher (QT) 1000 and successfully completed a number of projects. The recently upgraded T-3200 heavy duty trenching tractor is set to sit alongside the industry‐leading free flying, jet trenching ROV on DeepOcean’s Havila Phoenix vessel. Read more…

SMD Release Advanced ROV Training Simulator

SMD are delighted to announce the release of the new advanced ROV Training Simulator. SMD’s R&D department have been working together with technology partner TreeC to develop a new dynamic and intuitive simulator which addresses current training market needs and requirements, with a particular focus on operator/pilot training and mission planning and rehearsal. Read more…

Versatility of a Modern Work Class ROV

Work Class ROV models have historically been configured to satisfy requirements for distinct market sectors.  Smaller units were aimed at Drill Support, medium sized units at IRM (Inspection Repair and Maintenance) and Survey, whereas large units were intended for Heavy Construction.  These distinctions were mainly driven by contractors who were purchasing equipment to fulfill their particular corner of the market.  Read more…

QT1400 Over 100km Trenched

Fugro Salt Subsea took delivery of the 40t tonne QTrencher 1400 pipeline and Flexible product trenching ROV in summer 2012. The vehicle has since trenched over 100km of subsea Products (cables umbilicals, flexible pipelines), achieved trench depths from 400mm to 1800mm and speeds of up to 800m/hr. SMD talked to Fugro to find out a little more about the vehicle and its track record… Read more…

Soil Machine Dynamics selects IFS Applications to integrate business processes and improve project management

IFS, the global enterprise applications company, today announced that Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has chosen IFS Applications as its new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With IFS Applications, SMD will integrate the project-centric business’s processes across a number of locations, delivering benefits including improved operational efficiency and better project management. The contract represents a substantial investment by SMD and is the single largest IT project in the company’s history.

Founded in 1971, SMD provides the world’s largest range of subsea remotely operated vehicle systems (ROVs) from work-class to more specialist vehicles such as trenching and cable burial, which are used when, for example, organisations need to lay and protect telecoms cables under the sea. The company’s specialist equipment is also used in subsea mining, marine renewable energy and nuclear decommissioning sectors.

Richard Lowery, Finance Director at SMD, said: “SMD currently has a number of disparate IT systems, used for managing different aspects of the business. As the business has grown significantly over the past few years, we realised the need for an integrated end-to-end IT solution that would provide a platform to support growth and improve efficiency across the entire company.”

IFS Applications 7.5 will be used to handle the design, engineering and manufacturing of SMD’s systems, and the management of the projects for a wide range of customers. As part of the contract, SMD will also receive Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) functionality via IFS Applications, ensuring that the company can keep track of each system – from its initial design to its assembly and use in the field.

According to Richard, SMD selected IFS for a number of reasons, including the company’s track record in the industry and its proven ability to deploy its ERP application seamlessly and on time. “Most importantly,” said Richard, “the solution offered by IFS closely matched our requirements – better than other options we considered. IFS Applications allows our business to be more agile and adaptable: better able to meet our constantly changing operational needs, and our evolving business needs. At the same time, it helps us to retain the high quality of customer service that has led us to be the number one independent designer of ROVs.”

Paul Massey, Managing Director, IFS Europe West, said: “IFS Applications enables businesses to be more agile. Its project-centric functionality in particular offers companies like SMD the ability to manage a project, such as ROV design, production, maintenance, operation and decommission, from beginning to end, and in the context of the entire business operation. We look forward to helping SMD exploit the potential of our ERP application and stay at the forefront of its industry by, among other things, increasing the efficiency of its business operations, improving visibility of data across the business, and enhancing its customer service levels.”

Source: SMD

SMD to supply Hallin Marine with more Quantum XP WROVs

SMD is pleased to announce a contract for supply of two Quantum XP construction class ROV systems to Hallin Marine. The two high specification systems include Quantum XP 200hp ROVs, Tophat TMSs and built in control consoles. Hallin have also ordered two SMD 12te Telescopic launch and recovery systems (LARS).

Read more…

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