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Seal change-out tool transforms emergency breakaway into permanent solution

A self-sealing emergency breakaway that is being used successfully on vessel-operated workover projects has been transformed into a permanent solution after its creators SECC Oil & Gas developed a system which allows operators to replace its elastomer seals subsea.

The two-part system combines a Seal Change-Out Tool with a replacement Inner Piston Seal Cartridge to widen the potential uses of SECC’s Hot Make Hot Break connector and provide permanent injection solutions with connect and disconnect capability.

The new technology means the Hot Make Hot Break fitted with the Inner Piston Seal Cartridge can now provide direct access to a well from a manifold or Xmas tree via a vessel, making it a viable connector for scale squeeze and gas compression projects. As a result, a Hot Make Hot Break connector and Inner Piston Seal Cartridge were recently installed on a North Sea manifold for scale squeeze injection.

“The outcome for the operator is a more cost effective and safer scale control strategy with a lower operational cost and increased flexibility for other weather and vessel availability,” says Justin Marshall, business development manager at SECC Oil & Gas.

The Hot Make Hot Break connector, which is now specified by most service companies in the light-well intervention market, uses a pressure-balanced, full-bore, external check valve design to remove the risk of pollution and protect offshore personnel and equipment in a drive off emergency. It does this by instantly and automatically sealing each end of the bore when disconnecting under pressure, eliminating high pressure fluid loss or seawater ingress at the point of connection and disconnection.

However, its elastomer seals which are essential to its pressure balanced design and automatic disconnection and reconnection capability, are not considered by the industry to last the 25 year life time required of permanent connectors.

“Being able to replace seals subsea means the Hot Make Hot Break with its elastomer seals now provides a realistic option over metal to metal seal for permanent subsea use,” explains Marshall.

The new technology is built around a removable cartridge or Inner Piston which is integrated into the connector’s permanently installed female component and simply removed and replaced via ROV. The ROV lowers the change-out tool into the female receptacle and twists out the Inner Piston cartridge, replacing it with a new one.

“By inventing the Inner Piston and Seal Change-Out Tool, we have overcome a major hurdle that previously made operators reluctant to use a system with elastomers permanently on subsea infrastructure,” says Marshall.

“As a part of permanently installed subsea architecture we can now offer an emergency disconnect solution that is relevant from field development stage, rather than just being part of the intervention solution for older fields, and provides quick, simple and extremely cost-effective access points for vessel-deployed equipment.”

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Leading provider of Hot Make Hot Break Connectors

Are you looking for a provider of Hot Make Hot Break Connectors? SECC Oil & Gas are a leading supplier of Hot Make Hot Break Connectors.

The SECC Hot Make Hot Break subsea coupling allows full emergency breakaway and disconnection protection under working pressure with a 100% no discharge guarantee.What distinguishes our system from conventional options is the use of pressure-balanced technology to ensure all connectors remain in balance at any pressure and any depth. No internal separation forces are created when the line is internally pressurised and there is no need for additional systems to balance external and internal pressures.

This protects subsea equipment by dispensing with uncontrolled subsea and surface disconnections and the need to use guillotines in an emergency. Instead, pressure lines operating maximum in excess of 15,000 psi can be quickly disconnected — manually or automatically — under full working pressure.

As a result, our technology offers exceptional protection in the event of DP loss or other type of emergency to high-pressure lines — from ¼” to 6” — trailing subsea from any type of vessel.

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SECC Oil & Gas delivers industry-first straight-through hot stab

Cheshire, UK, 12th March 2012 – The industry’s only full-bore, straight-through, pressure-balanced hot stab, based on patented technology from subsea connector specialist SECC Oil & Gas, is being specified for a series of subsea injection and pumping projects in the Gulf of Mexico to help operators make significant improvements in achievable flow rates.
The Max Flow hot stab has been designed to achieve the highest stab connector flow rates in the industry with exceptionally low pressure drops. (Please see illustrations below)
Unlike traditional hot stabs, SECC’s Max Flow is based around a straight-through bore with no obstacle or change of bore angle to throttle the rate at which fluids can travel through it.
Measuring a quarter of an inch to four inches and with zero head loss caused by directional change, the innovative design enables operators to achieve very high flow rates using a smaller equivalent diameter bore without having to pump at higher pressures or use larger and heavier connectors and lines.
SECC’s stab uses pressure-balanced technology to eliminate net forces that would otherwise push the stab out of position and creates reliable connections. A simple J-Latch is used to align the ports and protect the connection against loads on the attached hose.
“In our industry, the use of conventional hot stabs introduces unnecessary restrictions in the flow and often equates to increases in cost,” says Gareth Black, Engineering Manager at SECC Oil & Gas. “That could be a result of having to use larger hoses and lines, or commissioning larger vessels to manoeuvre equipment into position and taking more time to complete projects.
“To combat the problem of pressure drop typically associated with conventional connectors, we have developed a unique high-flow solution that is ideal for subsea injection and pumping projects, including those involving high viscosity fluids and high flow requirements, such as tooling, intervention, testing and flooding.
“As well as reducing the cost implications of these types of projects, we are also helping operators reduce the risks associated with working at high pressures and protect the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment.
“Ultimately, we are helping service companies and operators to achieve high flow rates more efficiently and increase potential flow rate thresholds with significantly smaller bores than they might traditionally use.”
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Illustrations: The graphs below show the pressure drop versus flow rate for the SECC Max Flow Hot Stab (Example 1) and a standard ‘high flow’ hot stab (Example 2). When compared, these illustrate how the Max Flow’s straight through bore results in a significantly lower pressure loss than equivalent high flow hot stabs, allowing smaller bore diameter connections to be employed.

Leading provider of Max Flow Hot Stab in the Middle East

Are you looking for a provider of Max Flow Hot Stab in the Middle East? SECC Oil & Gas are a leading supplier of Max Flow Hot Stab throughout the Middle East.

The Max Flow is the world’s first straight through pressure balanced stab connector. It has been designed using SECC’s patented zero head loss technology and is ideally suited to high-flow operations. The straight-through, full bore enables operators to employ smaller diameter bores to achieve very high flow rates.

The Max Flow Hot Stab which provide significantly higher flow rates than traditional hot stabs can be supplied in bores of 1/2” and 4” at pressures up to 1034bar [15’000psi]. They are available in a range of materials and are easily aligned and locked in position by ROV compatible handles. All Max Flow Hot Stabs are designed in accordance with ISO 13628-8 and API 17D.

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