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Managing the Risks

Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy specialises in Marine and Risk consultancy, Safety Management Systems, Safety Cases, Thorough Reviews, Audits, Risk Assessment and Studies, Technical Authorship and Rig Moves.

Formed in 1998, Marex, whose core business is Safety Case authorship (introduced in UK under the Cullen Report following the Piper alpha platform disaster in 1988) now has two rapidly expanding departments, Risk and Marine, which operate from its harbour side offices in Aberdeen, Scotland.

The worldwide oil and gas market is changing and has been opened up to Marex as more coastal states now have a requirement for drilling companies to have safety cases. This is coupled with the fact that the oil majors are requesting drilling companies to have safety cases even if there is no coastal state legislative requirement. Marex for many years has been a leading provider of Safety Cases and HSE Cases Internationally, having completed over 100 cases to date. Furthermore, the Macondo incident in the Gulf of Mexico will no doubt result in a more prescriptive legislative regime worldwide and a requirement for the expertise of companies such as Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy to become involved in the risk assessment process worldwide. Regardless of legislation there is a duty to provide a safe place of work.

Marex coordinates a team of marine, safety and risk professionals, working in such places as Norway, Egypt, Brunei, Singapore, South Korea, Trinidad, Bahrain, Turkey and US. The team comprises of Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Mathematicians, Human Factors, Risk and Safety specialists and Industry experts. This combination of staff allows Marex to very effectively perform a variety of tasks to support their clients well, demonstrated by its organic growth, based, largely on repeat business and referral.

The departments carry out work for oil majors, including Principal Marine Support provision, Ship Vetting, Auditing, Incident Investigation, Safety Management Systems, Safety Cases, Thorough Reviews, Bow Tie Risk Assessment, Practical Risk Assessment Workshops for Managements and Crews and the planning and execution of Rig Moves as well as undertaking Technical Authorship, OVIDS and General Marine Consultancy.

Marex has developed innovative ways of ensuring that aspects of the PFEER (Prevention of Fire Explosion and Emergency Response) Regulations, and the Design and Construction Regulations are addressed. It has helped its clients introduce user friendly verification schemes.

The Marex risk assessment techniques ensure that the workforce is better able to understand the Safety Case and the implementation of its related regulations. Greater involvement of the workforce is a key point made much of at the joint industry conferences on the topic. Marex employ QRA specialists who have developed robust qualitative risk assessment techniques to fit all levels of hazard, increasing their strength and reputation in this field.

Ian McDougall, Managing Director, Marex Marine and Risk Consultancy, stated “Over the last five years, there has been noticeable development in the volume of work being undertaken worldwide and the geographical spread of that work. Consequently, the team has grown considerably in numbers and depth of knowledge to meet this need.” .

source: marex.

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