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Leading European German Tube Mill Manufacturer selects Thermatool

Inductotherm Heating and Welding are pleased to announce that a leading European German Tube Mill manufacturer has ordered another Thermatool Solid State welder for an end user in Israel. Thermatool have supplied many welders to this company over the years and have a long working relationship with them.

Thermatool specialises in the design and manufacture of high technology tube and pipe production equipment, offering the most comprehensive range of HF welders, seam annealers and high-speed flying shears to the tube and pipe sector worldwide.    Read more…

Augusta Steel Selects Thermatool Welding Systems

Augusta Steel, an independent manufacturer of high quality steel tube based in Boksburg, South Africa has recently installed a third Thermatool HF welder manufactured by Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd. The company is delighted to have this opportunity to play a key part in a series of strategic investments currently being made at Augusta Steel.

Thermatool specialises in the design and manufacture of high technology tube and pipe production equipment, offering the most comprehensive range of HF welders, seam annealers and high-speed flying shears to the tube and pipe sector worldwide. Read more…

Tosçelik Selects Thermatool Welding Systems

Tosçelik Profile and Sheet Ind. Co. – One of Turkey’s leading producers of precision steel pipe, has initiated start-up of its new tube and pipe production mills in Dilovasi utilising  induction welding systems manufactured, delivered and installed by Thermatool.

Thermatool currently has 275 Solid State welders in Turkey and with this prestigious sale Toscelik now has a total of nearly forty pieces of Thermatool equipment in operation which demonstrates the strength of our ongoing relationship.

Thermatool’s range of CFI and CFD induction welders were selected and installed at the Osmaniye plant with notable benefits applied from the HCT (Haz Control™ Technology) Welder. The units supplied to Toscelik utilise Variable Frequency and Dual (Induction & Contact) functionality built into a number of systems. Read more…

Induction Tempering (IT) the modern alternative to Oil Tempered (OT) wire

Oil tempering is recognised as the traditional method of producing spring wire for cold coiling. Today Induction Tempered (IT wire) is increasingly growing in popularity amongst leading spring makers for cold coiling applications due to its superior mechanical properties.

DSR Wire Corporation of South Korea placed its trust in Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd (IHW) and purchased its first Radyne Spring Wire Line for the production of IT wire. At that time IHW had already supplied ten such lines and today has supplied fifteen of these high capacity high efficiency lines with production capacities of 1,500 to 3,000kg/hr. Typically the Radyne lines treat SAE9254 or equivalent and are also used to treat more exotic alloys with Vanadium and Nickel additions. Read more…

Leading Russian producer of API Grade Pipe selects Thermatool

A Thermatool three stage (1500 kW) Seam Annealing System has been selected by one of Russia’s leading producers of API Grade Pipe. The latest Thermatool Seam Annealing technology will be delivered by Inductotherm Group company Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd of England, with commissioning and service support provided locally by Inductotherm Group Russia engineers.

With hundreds of Thermatool Seam Annealers used to produce API Line Pipe and Casing products around the world, Russian producers are assured of no untempered martensite in the weld HAZ and optimized weld section Charpy Impact results for demanding material applications. Read more…

Banyard wins prestige contract in India

Inductotherm Heating & Welding, working in close partnership with Inductotherm Group India have won a prestige contract to supply a major Aluminium producer in India with a complete induction heating system which includes one of the latest generation of Banyard LFi precision low frequency induction power supplies.

At the heart of the Banyard system, powered by the latest in IGBT technology, is a high efficiency, multi-layer induction heating coil which ensures precision control of the billet temperature across multiple temperature zones in order to achieve billet temperature homogeneity and repeatability – two major benefits derived from the use of Banyard technology. Read more…

Announcement of New Company – Inductotherm Group Italy S.R.L. Turin

Inductotherm Group, the world’s leading supplier of thermal processing equipment to industry, has opened a new Group company in Turin, Italy.  Italian customers will benefit from timely and direct access to Inductotherm Group product brands, covering the many active market segments in Italy.  The company will provide local qualified, trained service and parts support for Induction Heating and Thermatool Welding equipment to Italian manufacturers with fast response.

Inductotherm Group Italy, S.r.l. has appointed Sales Manager, Vincenzo Tosetto, who brings over 25 years of induction heating experience to the local team. Mr. Tosetto is responsible for delivering to Italian customers the latest technologies Inductotherm Group offers, including Inductoheat Europe’s induction heating process technology and pacesetting new equipment such as Inductoheat’s latest line of Crankshaft Hardening machines. Read more…

Inductotherm Heating & Welding – Induction Heating Equipment and Tube Seam Induction Welding Systems

Applications Technology

From spring wire production through to mass manufacturing of stainless steel tube, Inductotherm Heating & Welding has gathered a wealth of applications experience. Each product line under our Heating & Welding umbrella has been developed to suit the evolving needs of our customers.

The company’s Applications Support Engineers are equipped with specialist software enabling them to conduct real time process simulation in order to assist prospective customers with feasibility studies. The benefits to a potential customer are considerable. Initial results can make all the difference when looking at return on investment as both energy efficiency and production rates can be predicted. Read more…

DPW Extend Production Capability with Thermatool CFI Welder

Dniprovskiy Pipe Works (DPW), LLC, Ukraine has recently installed and commissioned a new Thermatool CFI 350 Welder at its new production facility.

Working closely with the customer from our first meetings and also liaising with the local mill builder, Thermatool were able to provide the right specification Welder for DPW’s new production range in a timely delivery to fulfil production requirements. The whole commissioning was completed on time and with acceptance within 3 days of arriving to site.

Fully trained and certified Russian / Ukrainian speaking Thermatool commissioning engineers were dispatched locally by Inductotherm Group Russia (Moscow). Local service and spare parts will be provided from Moscow as required. During the start-up of the HF Welder the technicians provided full operator and maintenance training to customer personnel.

Thus, the tubular variety of DPW’s production capacity has been extended to ERW steel tube and sections within the size range of OD15 – OD70 mm for rounds and 10×10 to 50×50 mm in square and rectangular tube. The high quality tube is destined to mainly supply the construction and industrial sectors. DPW’s market position in Ukraine as a tube producer will be strengthened by this investment, as they sell tube into both domestic and foreign markets.

Thermatool continue to invest in this region, the Moscow office has recently increased the number of staff, in addition we have a local representative and continue to focus in this important region with future exhibitions planned for Mashprom, Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine October 2012.

Source: Inductotherm

Thermatool and WEMPCO Agree Future Supply of High Frequency Induction Welders

Tuesday 27 March at the International Tube & Pipe Fair in Dusseldorf marked a significant day for both Thermatool and Western Metal Products Company limited (WEMPCO) of Nigeria, in association with Salzgitter International, as an agreement was signed for the future supply of 22 Thermatool high frequency induction welders.

Mr Lewis Tung, managing director of WEMPCO, Mr Walt Albert, president of Inductotherm Heating & Welding (Thermatool’s European headquarters) and Mr Theobald Albrecht, director of business Africa, Salzgitter – are pictured with members of their staff at the Inductotherm Group Stand in Dusseldorf.

Mr Tung, having already taken consideration from the operation and service of a Thermatool Alpha Shear System and Welder installed in 2011 expressed his future intention to use European built Thermatool equipment in his tube, pipe and profile production.

This considerable investment will span a five year plan for which Thermatool have committed to provide complete support, service, spares and on-going training of the WEMPCO personnel in their Ikeja and Ibafo factories.

The first of these welders are scheduled to be delivered later this year.

Source: Inductotherm

Grupo Condesa Invest in Thermatool Solid State Welding System

Groupo Condesa have confirmed their investment with Thermatool for a new High Frequency, Solid State 900kW Contact Welder, for future increased production at their Lorraine Tubes Rettel operation in France, in August 2012.

Thermatool product manager Wayne Hine comments:

“This is recognised as a significant order for Thermatool and confirmation of the confidence, reliability, reputation and service capabilities Thermatool can deliver, supported by its growing European offices in France and Germany. When deciding which welder in our range best met with Lorraine Tubes production requirements, having clear objectives and open communication from the Rettel and Lexy plant managers (where Thermatool also has Welders) was invaluable”

The latest in a string of high profile global references shows a continuing trend and strength in Thermatool’s full range of High Power, Low Power and Fixed to Selectable Variable Frequency welders that can be configured to meet all Tube production requirements.

Hine continues “We also recognise the positive investment by the Grupo Condesa and of course will continue to work closely with them to maintain their business objectives, that may see the start of further discussion to replace Valve Technology units still in operation across Europe”

Source: Inductotherm

New Induction Heating Technology at Tube & Pipe 2012

Inductotherm Group Hall 6, Stands C39 & C40

The biennial International Tube & Pipe Fair takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany between 26 and 30 March 2012. As usual, Inductotherm Group will have a strong presence at the show, exhibiting a host of new and exciting induction heating products from Thermatool and Radyne – Specifically developed for the tube and pipe production industry.

Visitors to the Inductotherm Group stand will have the chance to operate one of the very latest Thermatool HCT solid-state HF welders equipped with HAZControl Technology™. Designed to provide greater control of the welding process with selectable weld frequency in 1kHz increments, HAZ (Heat Affected Zone) control ensures “superior cost-effective product” – run after run.

The new Thermatool Smart Annealing control console will be on display for the first time in Europe. Smart Annealing systems provide producers of API grade pipe with greater, repeatable control over both the temperature and the positioning of multiple heat stations during the Seam Annealing process. Spiral Seam Annealing systems are also available for API grade SAW pipe.

For visitors interested in precision, high-speed cutting of tube, Thermatool’s Alpha-cut series flying shears can now be taken to the next level with new operator controls and new accelerators. A range of new cold saws and friction saws are also now available for the European market.

A new design of Radyne clam shell induction coil will be on display, ideal for precision induction heating (prior to coating) of API grade pipe sections during offshore field-jointing operations. Onshore producers of API grade oil and gas pipe and water pipe will have an opportunity to discuss the very latest in Radyne induction pre-heating systems, prior to continuous pipe coating.

The most exciting display on the stand features a Precision Quench Ring™ in continuous operation. Visitors will be able to see at close range Thermatool’s environmentally friendly, high velocity, impinging quench spray utilised in Quench & Temper systems for bar, pipe and tube heat treatment.

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Source: Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

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