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P3 – Portable Perforating Panel

The new EziLine P3 (portable perforating panel) embodies the best of what Eztek has to offer. Built with client needs in mind, the P3 has all of the flexibility of their universally compatible perforating panel with less weight and in a wheeled pelicase.

As with Eztek’s standard EziLine perforating panel, the P3 provides the power required for igniting electrical detonators, with wire routing and shooting CCL detection. The panel is suitable for use with off-the-shelf EFI and EBW firing tools. The rugged Pelicase includes lid storage for cabling, while the retractable handle and trolley wheels mean that it is easily transportable to difficult locations. Read more…

Eztek Launches New Website

Eztek Limited is excited to announce the launch of their new website, which provides an easier browsing experience and more in-depth content for existing and potential clients.

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Eztek growth on schedule with approval for new office building

Aberdeenshire Council has approved Eztek’s plans for a new building on the site next to their recently refurbished production facility and the fabrication building. The new building will mean a fourfold increase in office space, including a large dedicated meeting room.

“This building will allow us to efficiently meet the growing demand for our products,” says Robin Hunter, General Manager at Eztek. “With the new building we can look forward to expanding our team and ensure we continue providing an excellent service for our clients.”

Since the start of the New Year, just two weeks ago, Eztek have received a record number of orders, including new scheduled orders. These orders span their entire product range, including data loggers, wireline panels, rig intercoms and video monitoring systems.

Construction on the new building will begin later this year, which also marks Eztek’s 20th year providing solutions to the oil and gas industry.

“We’re definitely going to be celebrating this year,” says Mr. Hunter. “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved, but we’re also firmly focused on what lies ahead.”

Source: Eztek

User friendly wireline solutions

Eztek will be showcasing their range of wireline instrumentation products on November 14th and 15th at the SPE ICoTA European Well Intervention Conference in Aberdeen.

Eztek has developed a reputation for innovative solutions to wireline, slickline and e-line problems. They design and manufacture a range of products from the 2 Way TalkBack Rig Intercoms, ideal for use in wireline operations, to perforating panels, safety keys and purpose-built data logging equipment, such as the TallyBook Winchman and Ezi-Pod.

The TallyBook Winchman has been a major seller for Eztek, with 14 sets shipped to two major Wireline Truck manufacturers earlier this year.

Designed in response to client requests, the TallyBook Winchman completely mimics the industry standard mechanical gauge while recording all data.

“All Eztek products are designed to be user friendly and the TallyBook Winchman is no exception,” says Eztek’s General Manager Robin Hunter. “It requires minimal training and provides extreme reliability, which maximizes efficiency for our clients.”

The Ezi-Pod data logger is another product designed with the demanding nature of wireline operations in mind. It is compact, inexpensive, and suitable for use in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous areas. It is again easy to use and automatically records when powered on.

Primarily used as a back-up (black box) logger, synchronized with a winchman panel, the Ezi-Pod comes with either 66 or 102 hours of battery power, and has enough memory capacity to store 300 days of logging information.

Graeme Montgomery, Operations VP/Director at JAZ-TEK Services LTD. states that the Ezi-Pod “has proved robust in operation and is reliable in the field. The simplicity of the device makes for prompt data recovery.”

The Ezi-Pod is designed to complement Eztek’s range of wireline equipment, including perforating and correlation systems, and is often used in conjunction with their TallyBook Winchman.

“I’m looking forward to ICoTA,” says Eztek’s Business Development Manager, Mervyn Newberry, “It will give us a chance to really show what we can do to improve efficiency for wireline operators.”

Eztek will be located in Booth 28 at SPE ICoTA at the AECC, November 14th-15th. They will also be offering the chance to win a top of the range bottle of malt whisky for anyone who drops their card into a bowl.

Source: Eztek

Wireless or Wired Rig Intercoms?

When considering the communication and safety needs of a land or offshore oil rig there are a lot of options on the market. One of the first choices to be made is whether to go for a wireless rig intercom or a wired rig intercom.

Eztek has over 10 years of experience in providing reliable wired rig communication solutions for oil and land rigs, for wireline operations and drilling operations.

The stated advantages of wireless rig intercoms include safety, portability and ease of set-up and use. So, if wireless offers so much, why do our clients come back to us time and again for our wired 2 Way and 4 Way TalkBack Rig Intercom systems?


Wireless rig intercom providers often state that their systems increase safety because there are no cables that can develop faults. The NEK 606 cables we use are armoured and made for use in hazardous areas with our ATEX-Zone 1 and Zone 2 TalkBack Rig Intercom systems.

Furthermore, the cabling means that the remote stations do not need separate local power sources. Unlike wireless rig intercoms there is no risk of the remote station failing, and safety being compromised, because batteries were not recharged.

The remote stations in our TalkBack Rig Intercom system are also more secure. There is no risk of crew walking off with the remote station.

While most wireless devices are hand held, both our 2 Way TalkBack and 4 Way TalkBack rig intercom systems are hands free, with the speaker also acting as a microphone, allowing rig workers to continue to perform their tasks safely and effectively.

All of our systems offer independent local and remote volume settings, to ensure best communication. The 4 Way TalkBack offers direct communication to specific locations as well as an emergency broadcast button for increased safety.

Finally, with a cabled system you do not have to worry about adding extra antenna to counteract the effect of metal on wireless signals, meaning that you can be sure your message with get through and keep your crew safe and informed.


As stated above, portability can sometimes be a liability if your remote station does not stay where you need it most.

Both our 2 Way and 4 Way TalkBack Rig Intercom systems can be supplied with armoured cables on cable reels for portable and temporary installation. It is easy to set up the system and take it down when needed.

Simple Set Up and Use

Good communication is essential in a hazardous noisy environment such as an oil or land rig. You want a system that can be set up and used right away.

Wireless rig intercoms occasionally require setup to be carried out by specialist technicians, adding to your cost. They often require additional antenna in order to boost the signal as the metal structure on oil rigs gets in the way.

At Eztek, we strive to make all of our products simple to set up and operate, and our rig intercoms are no exception. With over 10 years of use in the field, our TalkBack Rig Intercom systems have gained a reputation for high reliability, clear communications and simplicity of use. We are confident that our wired rig intercoms continue to be an ideal tool for safe and effective communications on oil rigs worldwide.

Source: Eztek

Eztek appoints new General Manager

Eztek Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of a key staff member as General Manager. Robin Hunter, who previously held the position of Sales and Engineering Manager, will be responsible for further growing the company to even greater heights. Eztek almost doubled their turnover in the last year and exciting times ahead are expected. Robin , who has been with the company for several years commented “these are very exciting times for Eztek and I am delighted to be appointed general manager of a successful innovative company which has an extremely bright future”.  Eztek have an excellent team of skilled employees and combined with a fantastic product range and support reputation are in an excellent position to grow still further. He continues “we have recently been recruiting and I envisage more jobs to be created in 2012. We have an agent in the Middle East covering our Wireline range of surface panels and we plan to establish partnerships in other geographical locations.”  Managing Director Bert van Tuijl adds “Robin has shown enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism to prove himself capable of managing the company with a focus on growth” 
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