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JDR scoops two gongs at Subsea UK Awards

Achievement cements company’s commitment to growth and employee development

  JDR, a leading supplier of subsea umbilicals and power cables to the global offshore energy industry, is celebrating today after winning the Global Exports and Young Emerging Talent categories at the Subsea UK Awards.

The awards ceremony – hailed as the most prestigious in the subsea sector – took place at the AECC in Aberdeen last night. Attended by over 600 industry professionals, the highly-coveted awards highlight the achievements of individuals and companies throughout the subsea industry, and bring together peers in mutual celebration of the UK’s leading position on the global stage

JDR took home the Global Exports Award for its successful global exports strategy and its adaptability to foreign markets, and the Young Emerging Talent Award, which recognises an individual under the age of 35 who has significantly contributed to the development of the subsea sector. Robert Weeks, lead engineer at JDR, was presented with the award for his contribution to the development of subsea umbilical design calculation tools.

Weeks says: “It’s an absolute privilege to be recognised by my peers in the industry. At JDR, I have the fortune of working alongside a number of very talented individuals who, in sharing their experience, have enabled me to develop my own skills and expertise, and make a real contribution to the industry.”

David Currie, CEO at JDR, adds: “These awards are a fantastic recognition for the whole JDR team. Over the past year, we have continued to secure and deliver a large number of overseas projects, which we can only achieve with the hard work and dedication of our employees. Special thanks also go to Robert and all of our young engineers who continue to help JDR position for future growth.”


JDR recently announced its contract with Marathon Oil for the design and manufacture of power and static subsea umbilicals with accompanying hardware for the West Brae field. The company is exhibiting at Subsea Expo 2016 on stand 81 in Aberdeen this week.

For more information visit:

Come and see us at Subsea Expo 2016!

At this year’s Subsea Expo, at Aberdeen AECC 3rd to 5th February, we will be exhibiting at stand 152.

Our newly appointed Sales Executive, Mark Dalziel, will be on hand to greet you and take your enquiries.

On display we will have a number of our portable subsea video and communications systems, as well as our newly promoted 4000m range of underwater cameras and LED lights. We also welcome you to interact with our user friendly products and familiarise yourself with the systems that countless dive supervisors are using across the world today.

 C-Tecnics attracts clients from a wide range of industries, from marine and scientific research, tunnelling, film, all the way to military and search and rescue services.

C-Tecnics products are designed to exceed the expectations of our customers who operate in some of the harshest and most challenging environments, and who rely on their equipment to complete their operations effectively and efficiently. Our knowledge in this area has been honed through over 40 years in the design and manufacture of subsea electronics.


National Hyperbaric Centre offers a range of innovative medical solutions, including DanMedical’s D-MAS HyperSat medical monitoring system for offshore workers and divers.

The D-MAS system will be available for demonstration on NHC’s stand 126 at SubSea Expo 2016 in Aberdeen.

DanMedical’s solution enables real-time medical monitoring of patients offshore, including divers in saturation. So specialist doctors based onshore can now provide real-time, expert medical diagnosis and advice to support a patient who is working offshore. The D-MAS device enables compliance with the requirements of OGP 411 and DMAC 28 by measuring the patient’s heart rhythm and ECG, blood pressure, blood oxygen content and core temperature, as well as medical images in still or video format. D-MAS is now deployed by many leading offshore energy contractors and medical advisors, worldwide. The equipment is also installed at the NHC’s hyperbaric facility, to enable diagnosis and medical support of any injured diver brought in to the NHC’s chambers.

Laura Stuart, General Manager of NHC said: “NHC is committed to improving the safety of subsea operations through promoting world class equipment and training. We share this commitment to safety with DanMedical, and we look forward to demonstrating the D-MAS system at SubSea Expo 2016.”

Peter Couldery, CEO of DanMedical added: “In these tough times, implementing innovative medical practice can both save lives and deliver business benefits. I’m looking forward to SubSea Expo to meet the leading offshore operators to talk through these issues.”.


C-Tecnics welcomes Mark Dalziel as their new Sales Executive

C-Tecnics, a UK high quality subsea equipment manufacturer, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Dalziel as its new Sales Executive. Mark brings with him 22 years of Business Development Management and Account Management success. Mark will be a great asset to the professional team at C-Tecnics, as he has spent the last 15 years’ working in electronic design and has a successful background of managing key accounts and supplier relationships.

“C-Tecnics was always going to be my number one choice, as they are an ambitious forward thinking company with an excellent reputation, who want to grow their market presence globally. For me personally, this is an exciting career move and one that will be both challenging and rewarding. The team has the right attitude and C-Tecnics has a great product range which sets it apart from its competitors,” said Mark Dalziel.

C-Tecnics has many years of experience in the design, manufacturing and supply of diving equipment for marine environments. The team welcomes Mark aboard at a time of growing and sustained demand for C-Tecnics’ range of cost effective subsea video and communications equipment.

C-Tecnic Mark

Cimteq to exhibit at Wire Dusseldorf

Cimteq will be exhibiting three new innovations this year, as well as the latest release of their flagship cable design and quotation product, CableBuilder, featuring new productivity tools.

geschäftsmann schaut auf computer

CableBuilder 3D – A complete 3D modelling CAD package that produces 3D models at the touch of a button and renders them to photo-realistic quality.  With CableBuilder 3D there is no need for expensive product photographs when producing datasheets and catalogues.

CableMES – The most modern and flexible Manufacturing Execution System to date.  It relays manufacturing instructions to the shop floor, monitors machine running parameters and tracks order progress, quality and performance (OEE).  With powerful analytical tools, it helps companies identify performance and quality problems quickly to minimise waste.

CableSuite – Is a joint venture between Cimteq and InnoVites.  CableSuite is the most complete and fully integrated enterprise software that supports all business functions of cable manufacturers.  CableSuite is designed to support the specific needs of the wire & cable industry in design, engineering, warehousing & logistics, sales, production, planning and finance.

Cimteq will have experts at hand on their stand to help you choose the best solution for your company and advise you how to use them to maximise their rewards.

For further information visit Cimteq at Wire, Dusseldorf – Booth 11D15 4 – 8 April or visit:


Rob Spillard joins Bibby HydroMap as their new Technical Director

Bibby HydroMap Technical Director Rob Spillard

Rob Spillard joins Bibby HydroMap as their new Technical Director

Seabed survey company Bibby HydroMap continues to strengthen their executive board with the appointment of Rob Spillard as Technical Director.

Rob Spillard brings over twenty-five years’ experience in the offshore survey industry and will take overall responsibility for the technical direction of the Wirral-based company. Having previously performed key roles at Fugro EMU, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Rob will play an intrinsic part in the continuing growth of the company.

As part of the company’s focus on efficiency, the newly created role has followed a restructuring of the senior management team, which included the appointment of Mick Slater to Operations Director earlier this year. Bibby HydroMap Managing Director Andrew McLeay comments: “We are very pleased to have Rob join us as a key member of the executive board. I am looking forward to working closely with him during what is a very challenging time for much of offshore industry but one which also throws up a series of exciting opportunities for Bibby HydroMap as we continue to develop our range of services.”

Rob comments: “I’m both excited and delighted to join the company.  Bibby HydroMap’s focus on a quality product, together with their investment in new, state-of-the-art vessels and innovative technologies like the d’ROP survey platform were all aspects that made me keen to join the team.  I am thrilled to be a part of the company and look forward to working with our customers in 2016”.

Oil and Gas in Review: Prepping for 2016 by Reviewing 2015

For anyone dependent on oil and gas for energy — which is to say nearly everyone in the developed world — 2015 has been a confusing year. Even as people rally for more renewable forms of energy, the demand for fossil fuels has never been higher. Yet, gas prices have vacillated all year long, dropping more than 40 percent and sending many companies into a tailspin of layoffs and cutbacks. Throughout the year, the oil and gas industry has suffered quite a bit from standing on uncertain ground, which makes it all the more imperative for companies to lay a solid foundation for the year ahead.outsourse1

2015 Reality Check

This year has been one of the most turbulent for the oil and gas industry in recent memory. As prices slipped, power exchanged hands, and the fundamental structure of our field is forever changed.

Shifting supply and demand. At the end of a four-year oil expansion, the United States now claims 20,000 shale wells, boosting the country’s production to nearly 9 million barrels per day and roughly 3.7 percent of the world’s oil supply. More and more, we find that LNG suppliers are finding consumers closer to the source ­— in the U.S., the Middle East, and elsewhere — and these fluctuating dynamics of supply and demand have swung long-held global distribution channels all over the map.

Changing trade patterns. Mexico is strongly considering a lift to its oil monopoly, which only strengthens the bond amongst the North American countries, providing them more resource independence. Further, Russia, China, and India have forged an alliance, swapping oil for natural gas in mutually beneficial trade. Yet, even as such cooperation leads to regional strength, these developments severely impact OPEC’s global market, disrupting traditional trade patterns and causing it to look elsewhere for opportunities.

Increasing pressure on OPEC. Since time immemorial, OPEC has maintained a stranglehold on the world’s supplies of oil, controlling the market in nearly every way. However, with many countries seeking alternatives to OPEC fuel, the cartel is struggling to retain its influence. Because of 2015’s drastic changes to oil and gas fundamentals as well as the various OPEC nations experiencing political, financial, and cultural upheaval, few experts expect OPEC to continue its primacy in the industry for very long.

2016 Outlook

Even with such drastic changes on the industry’s horizon, 2016 promises to be as profitable as prior years — as long as companies become agile and forward thinking.

Keep costs low. It is undeniable that the biggest oil and gas news story of 2015 was the breathtaking drop in summertime prices — from about $100 per barrel to below $45 — and as the industry continues to shift and change, we may expect similar price events in the coming months. Thus, companies should hunker down in preparation for a tumultuous year, market-wise.

It is wise to invest in projects that are unlikely to demand repeated expenses in maintenance and utility; for example, instead of concrete and metal structures — which take forever to build and cost a fortune to preserve — companies may opt for inexpensive, enduring fabric structures. It is always wise to keep spending to a minimum, but the lower costs can go in these unpredictable times, the better.

Remain flexible. The oil and gas industry is nothing if not cyclical. We have seen before similar fluctuations in price and struggles to garner resource independence. Though the developments of 2015 have been perhaps more intense than others in recent history, companies will be able to weather the new systems with the same strategy of the past: flexibility. An ability and willingness to adapt to the new market will protect companies from most of the damage inflicted by the changing fundamentals.

Consider renewable energy investments. For the foreseeable future, oil and gas has a prominent place in the energy sector. Still, changing consumer tastes — as well as the ever-diminishing availability of fossil fuels — indicate that oil and gas companies should diversify with more Earth-friendly endeavors. Industry leaders around the world have committed in one way or another to renewable energy: Exxon committed more than $100 billion to algae biofuel; Shell and Chevron have some of the largest solar farms in the world; and Statoil’s wind turbines provide energy to more than 220,000 homes every year. For public approval as well as insurance against future oil failure, companies should certainly start turning green in 2016.


Seatronics successfully activates world’s first P.A.N. disrupter subsea with Predator ROV Elite System

Seatronics, an Acteon company, has successfully triggered a Percussion Actuated Non-electric (P.A.N.) disrupter, subsea, with its Predator Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), whilst maintaining station keeping during a live fire mission.

Manufactured and developed by Seatronics, the Predator ROV has been designed to function in all market sectors due to its compact and portable structure, ensuring easy deployment and operation.

Seatronics established the Predator ROV Elite System as a Bomb Squad Capable Improvised Explosive Device (IED) ROV specifically designed to perform demonstrations in conjunction with Great Eastern Group (GEG) for the US Maritime Bomb Squads. A demonstration of the unit was conducted in April 2015 in response to requirements outlined by the nation’s bomb squad community and the Port of Los Angeles / Long Beach Port Dive Operations Group (PDOG).

Euan Mackay, vice president – sales, Seatronics Inc., said, “Feedback received from the demonstration proved to be very positive, categorising the Predator ROV Elite System as a very capable ROV with great potential for underwater counter IED projects. The attendees recognised the system’s power, effective station keeping ability and low cost basis as key beneficial features. The Predator’s ability to hold station was made possible with the use of the SeeByte CoPilot software, which was developed in conjunction with Seatronics and refined to address the specific needs of the FBI and PDOG teams. The trials and client comments enabled the Seatronics and GEG team to identify areas for ROV enhancement to capitalise on the functionality for counter IED missions, including lowering the overall system weight, improving mobility as well as successfully integrating the P.A.N. disruptor function onto the unit.”

Initial demonstrations resulted in an invitation for Seatronics to demonstrate the Predator ROV Elite System at the Underwater Post Blast Investigators Course in Bluffton, South Carolina, USA, hosted by the FBI Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Unit (C-IEDU), along with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division’s (SLED) Bomb Squad. Attending the course offered the opportunity to demonstrate the Predator ROV Elite System to a variety of Public Safety entities in a real world environment.

Derek Donaldson, vice president of global operations, Seatronics, said, “The Predator ROV Elite System performed flawlessly, aiding the dive teams in finding post IED explosions debris in near black-water conditions.

“The capability demonstration culminated with the Predator successfully live-firing a P.A.N. disruptor subsea, while maintaining full control using the vehicle’s SeeByte CoPilot system. The Predator is the first ROV in its class to achieve this prestigious accolade.”

Robert Von Loewenfeldt, senior special agent, South Carolina Law Enforcement, added, “The Predator ROV Elite System’s cameras positively identified a suspected IED and the P.A.N. was fired from the ROV’s Operator’s Control Unit. The firing of the P.A.N. had little effect on the Predator’s ability to maintain station keeping, making it easy for the operator to see the effect the P.A.N. round had on the target. Unlike most ROVs, the Predator ROV Elite System offers a truly remote solution to the underwater IED problem.”

Click here to see the Predator ROV Elite System in action:

Predator ROV Elite System


Ferguson Offshore DNV 2.7-1 4000 Litre Tote Tanks Available out of South East Asia

Ferguson , a leading supplier of offshore DNV 2.7-1 / EN12079 certified containers, tanks, refrigeration modules, accommodation and workspace modules, supplies DNV 2.7-1 offshore tote tanks from their South East Asian bases in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The 4000 litre tank is used to store and transport most chemicals used in oil and gas production as its construction makes it more able to withstand the rigours of offshore work and has a lower transport cost per litre than an IBC. The tanks are part of Ferguson’s offshore DNV 2.7-1 chemical tank range, introduced in response to client demand.

IBCs are durable and light, but they are susceptible to damage and possible leakage during shipment and can burn rapidly in fire conditions.  The DNV 2.7-1 offshore tank can withstand both fire and substantial impacts due to its design and its 316 stainless steel construction weathers well in the tropical climate of the region.

Quayside, on and offloading drums of chemicals involves a significant amount of handling and once used, the drums are difficult to clean, re-use or even dispose of.  The larger capacity of the tank means that there are fewer lifts.

Simon de Koning, General Manager, Singapore welcomed the tanks.

“The tote tanks are a very cost efficient way to move cargo.  When a 1000 litre IBC is lifted as loose cargo, it takes four lifts to get 4000 litres of product on board the vessel, and thereafter onto the offshore installation, while it only takes one lift when using the 4000 litre tank. Additionally, the 4000 litre tank has a lesser footprint than four IBCs.”

Each lift increases the risk to the vessel, the cargo and the handlers, therefore a reduction in the amount of lifts means a reduction in risk.

If small volumes of product require to be transported in IBCs, the IBCs can be shipped in specially designed IBC carriers or mini containers that are designed to carry two IBCs. The Ferguson IBC mini container comes with internal tie down points and a cargo net.

When handling materials offshore, it is essential to reduce the risk to the cargo, the environment and the handlers.  Ferguson believes that their new 4000 litre tote tanks will be a key part of this process.

 Picture caption:

Ferguson Tote Tanks Available out of Singapore

Chemical Tank 4000L


Unique Group expands into Saudi Arabia

Unique Group , the leading integrated subsea and offshore solution provider, is making its first move into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the opening of two new facilities in Riyadh and Dammam. With the opening of the two new sites, Unique Group is signalling its commitment to growth in the Kingdom, as well as the wider Middle East.

The move is being made in response to customer demand for products and support services to be provided locally.  Ten skilled engineering roles will be created throughout 2016, some of which will be filled by local people, in line with the Kingdom’s aspirations to increase opportunities for its indigenous workforce.

The teams will be led by sales manager Egon Oltmans, who brings a wealth of experience gained in similar roles with companies such as Nortek SeaDarQ and Nortek Oceanografische Instrumentation in the Netherlands, and Trio DataCom in Melbourne.

The Riyadh office is already open, Dammam will follow in early 2016, and services provided will include those offered by Unique Group’s five divisions: Survey Equipment; Marine & Subsea; Buoyancy & Ballast; Diving Equipment; and On-site Engineering. These new bases will also open up further opportunities for Unique Group’s recently-acquired GSE Rentals, a rental specialist of high quality Geophysical, Hydrographic and Oceanographic marine survey equipment.

Sharad Kumar, group business development manager for Unique Group, said: “This expansion has been motivated by the need to deliver a streamlined service, available locally, to our customers.  We already have a strong presence in UAE and a growing customer base in Saudi Arabia: now we can offer a faster response to deliver sales and rentals of hydrographic equipment, as well as on-site support.”

Sahil Gandhi, director of Unique Group, added: “Unique Group is in an exciting period of growth that has dramatically extended our global footprint, increased our access to emerging markets and given our customers access to a wider range of services.

“Establishing two facilities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a clear indication of our intentions: to strengthen our presence in the Middle East, to acquire new partners for our portfolio and to recruit the best talent.

“We have long, successful relationships with our customers because we offer a quality, streamlined service that operates globally.

“Opening new facilities enhances our service and it was with customers in mind that we selected our recent acquisitions, GSE Rentals and Oceanwide SAS. Our customers’ requirements are at the forefront of our business strategy.” Unique Group is headquartered in Sharjah, UAE and also has presence in Oman and Qatar.

Sahil Gandhi (left) with Sharad Kumar (right) (2)



Seatronics secures first UK sale of 2G Robotics’ ULS-200 underwater laser scanner

Seatronics, an Acteon company, has secured the first UK sale of 2G Robotics’ ULS-200 underwater laser scanner. The system was purchased by HR Wallingford; a world-leading independent civil engineering and environmental hydraulics organisation, based in Oxfordshire.

Sale of ULS 200 - HR Wallingford



Adil Ali, product sales manager, Seatronics, said, “HR Wallingford is a leader in global hydrological research, and purchased 2G Robotic’s ULS-200 system based on the impressive level of resolution and accuracy it delivers. Seatronics has an excellent track record of customer service and technical support and provided close client liaison in both commercial and technical matters leading up to the sale.”


The ULS-200 is 2G Robotics’ mid-range underwater laser scanner. The system has a lightweight, compact design and low power and bandwidth requirements, enabling simple integration and operation. The system generates 3D point cloud models. From these models, highly accurate and precise measurements can be captured for detailed analysis of underwater structures and environments.


HR Wallingford recently opened the Fast Flow Facility, one of the world’s largest marine test facilities, with a unique, dual-channel flume for wave-current-sediment modelling. The company conducted trials with the ULS-200 at the facility, with technical support from Seatronics and 2G Robotics. HR Wallingford subsequently purchased a ULS-200 and has successfully deployed it in marine renewables projects and scour research.


Prof. Richard Whitehouse, technical director,HR Wallingford, said, “We were impressed with the ULS-200′s capabilities and results during our trials. The 3D visualisations generated by the ULS-200 are providing highly accurate models from which detailed analysis and research can be conducted. The ULS-200 is greatly assisting with our projects – including those in the marine renewables sector – delivering significant benefits in accuracy and efficiency. The ULS-200 is a definite asset to our facility.”

Heskins Introduce Marine Anti Slip Tape

Heskins are proud to announce their new marine specific anti slip tape. Like Heskins Safety Grip™, it is an abrasive anti slip material, but the comparisons end there, as this is an abrasive material that is comfortable to walk on with bare feet.

Where Heskins Safety Grip™ uses aluminium oxide, a very sharp material, marine anti slip tape uses S2, a derivative of sand, that are more like round, glass beads. Not only is this more comfortable to bare skin, but it provides exceptional slip resistance in the most demanding of conditions also.

This feature makes marine anti slip tape suitable for all water-fairing vessels, from pleasure crafts to commercial ships.

Heskins H3460 marine anti slip tapemarine-anti-slip-tape-blue

is also the first product in the Heskins range to be 100% salt resistant, ensuring it provides exceptional slip prevention for a long time. A beneficial feature for a product intended for vessels that spend huge amount of time on the open seas.

Heskins currently stock marine anti slip tape in black, blue and grey, available in pre-cut rolls or die cuts.

Dependent on order quantity, Heskins will be happy to discuss a custom solution should you require it, as the post-production facilities available allow for a cost effective solution that minimises waste.

For more information, or to order, please contact the Heskins sales team.

Unique Group acquires Aberdeen marine survey equipment firm GSE Rentals

(left to right) Andy Doggett, director of Unique Group’s survey equipment division; Stan Moroney, former owner of GSE Rentals; and Ray Hughes, managing director of Unique System UK Limited.

Unique Group has acquired GSE Rentals (Geophysical Survey Equipment) a rental specialist of high quality Geophysical, Hydrographic and Oceanographic marine survey equipment.

GSE Rentals is now wholly owned by Unique Group and the company’s workforce will be retained. Former owner, Stan Moroney, will continue as business advisor and consultant to Unique Group.

Unique Group has more than 20 years of survey rental experience globally. By acquiring GSE Rentals, it can strengthen its presence in non oil and gas markets, with a focus on offshore renewable energy projects, submarine cables, dredging, ports and harbours and civil projects.

Andy Doggett, director of Unique Group’s survey equipment division said: “GSE Rentals is a well respected company that offers a high level of technical support and knowledge to its global customers.

“The advantage to GSE Rentals’ customers is that it will now be able to provide enhanced global support through Unique Group’s bases in the Middle East, South Africa, India, the Netherlands, Singapore and the USA.

“We are well aware of the high-quality service provided by GSE Rentals and by committing additional capital to increase its fleet, we will enhance its place as the preferred marine survey rental company in Europe.”

Stan Moroney, the now former owner, of GSE Rentals said: “Becoming part of Unique Group will allow us to invest further in our rental pool and ensure that we have all the skills and equipment to meet our clients’ needs now and in the future. For the past 25 years we have been supplying the latest technology, supported by our dedicated staff and we will continue to supply the same high level of expertise and support to our clients”.

Harry Gandhi, founder of Unique Group said: “We offer the very best in the offshore and subsea sectors and the addition of GSE Rentals to our team is great news for our existing and potential customers.

“Our acquisition Of GSE Rentals will help us consolidate and expand into key markets that complement our existing offering, from Aberdeen to Singapore.”

Unique Group recently acquired Oceanwide Safety at Sea, the market leader in the design, construction and maintenance of self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats. Oceanwide’s Rotterdam office has increased Unique Group’s access to new clients across the Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremen seaports.

GSE Rentals will continue to operate from its facility in Aberdeen, a short distance from Unique Group’s UK headquarters in Dyce.


For more information, please call +9716 513 0333
or email at

Israel Defence Forces Reveal Social Media Tactics in a Special Guest Address Next Week

SMi’s 5th annual conference on Social Media within Defence and Military takes place next week and will include a special guest address from military engagement pioneers, Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The IDF is active on 30 platforms in six languages including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and has been approached by several western countries, keen to learn from its expertise.

The presentation entitled: Communicating Conflict – Social Media Challenges on the Battlefield, will be delivered by an Official IDF Spokesman, who will provide a comprehensive overview of the IDF’s current social media presence and activities. With a focus on cutting edge social media strategy, the keynote address will offer guidance on building a strong organic following in support of war/crisis, and look ahead into the IDF’s future digital strategy.

A snap shot of those confirmed include:

Airbus Defence & Space , British Army , British Forces Broadcasting Service , College of Policing , Cranfield University, Cycurity Vision , Danish Defence, Defense Media Activity, DEU BwOCC, DND Canada, Echosec, Elbit Systems, EU Naval Force, European External Action Service, French Joint Defence Staff, HootSuite, Israel Defense Forces, Italian Navy, MINDEF, Singapore , MOD, NATO ACT, NATO Headquarters, NATO SHAPE, Navy Information Center, Norwegian National Security Authority, QinetiQ, Royal Netherlands Army, Ruag, Saab, Selex, Singapore Armed Forces, Swedish Armed Forces, U.S. Department of Defense, US AFRICOM, US Army, ZC Social Media

Further details are available online at:

Social Media within the Defence & Military Sector

19 – 20 November 2015

Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK

Follow the conversation at #milsocialmedia

Sponsored by Cycurity Vision and Echosec

H3453 Corrosion Protection Tape Now Available


If two different metals come together, as well as being exposed to moisture, galvanic corrosion can occur. Things such as trailers can be made from different materials, and when this reaction happens, the lifespan can be dramatically reduced. Galvanic corrosion occurs when two metals are brought together in an electrolyte, causing one ( anode ) to corrode faster than normal, and the other ( cathode ) to be inhibited.

Heskins have created H3453 corrosion protection tape to eradicate this reaction, prolonging the service life and reduce costs. Its simple application only increases its appeal, a self-adhesive backing allows it to be applied to one metal, and the other metal can be applied without risk of galvanic corrosion.

H3453 corrosion protection tape is available in large rolls which can be cut down to sheets or die cuts, and custom options are available dependent on order quantity to meet your requirements.

For more information, or to order, get in touch via phone: +44 (0) 1254 832266, email or Live Chat on the website.

Military Leaders take the next step into digital deployment and address the rise in Extremist Recruitment and Radicalisation

London based conference organisers SMi Group, will open doors to host the 5th annual conference on Social Media within the Defence & Military Sector in a fortnight.

The one of a kind event will draw from an array of leading social media gurus and digital experts as well as senior military from around the world, to discuss the latest developments in operational use; ROI; recruitment; crisis communication; and offer creative and strategic guidance on campaign success, content and engagement.

With the rise of extremist groups becoming more pervasive through sophisticated use of social media, this year’s conference will include a featured presentation on the use of digital platforms for recruitment and radicalisation, presented by retired Brigadier General, Mark Goldblatt.

In current times when online platforms are being hijacked and used as channels for promoting extremism, Mark Goldblatt, Founder and CEO of the business intelligence and cyber security specialists, Cycurity, will ask questions such as; What new tactics should democracies adopt in order to protect themselves? Why have democracies failed thus far? How is Implementing the “Iron Dome principle” in overcoming numbers with technology, relevant? Can key points of intervention be identified to form a coherent strategy?

Countering social media terrorism will also be discussed by the US Department of Defence, where the Director of DoD Social Media, will look ahead into future trends and patterns of engagement and assess the methods used by terrorist organisations to spread ideals.

Set to open with a host nation address from the British Army’s 77th Brigade, other event highlights on the agenda include a special guest address from a senior military spokesperson from Israel Defence Forces, plus exclusive updates from Hootsuite, Saab, NATO and the Home Office College of Policing.

For those who are interested in attending, further details and a snapshot of confirmed attendees are available online at

Social Media within the Defence and Military Sector
19 – 20 November 2015
Holiday Inn Kensington Forum, London UK
Follow the conversation on Twitter #milsocialmedia
Sponsored by Cycurity Vision and Echosec

18th Century Sailing Ship Transports Ethical Low Emission Cargo

shipMILLBROOK, Cornwall, England – 2 November 2015 – Grayhound Lugger Sailing, which provides sustainable cargo transport onboard the only 18th century lugger sailing ship in the world, announced that Grayhound is now flying the flag of sustainable cargo, along with Netherlands-based Fairtransport Shipping and France/Breton-based shipping company Trans Oceanic Wind Transport (TOWT).

By joining with up to twenty small businesses to create the Sailing Cargo Alliance (SCA), Grayhound Lugger Sailing, one of the world’s first modern day low emission sailing companies, is strengthening its already fierce commitment to sustainable shipping.

Back to the future

For those unfamiliar with Grayhound, she is a replica of an 18th century three-masted Cornish lugger sailing ship. When she carries organic ale, wine, tea and honey across the English Channel, she does so in the tradition of sailors hundreds of years ago:  with minimal engine usage. The products transported are labeled individually to identify the specific amount of COemissions saved, as well as route characteristics.  (See the TOWT website

One cargo run alone can save up to 5 tonnes of CO2.

“Onboard Grayhound, we are passionate about treading as lightly as possible on our planet’s resources. We wanted to start a small family run business that would reflect this, so operating as a sailing cargo ship is ideal.  We are actively living it, while offering others a practical way to get their specialist goods to market while reducing the release of harmful emissions,” said Freya Pomeroy-Rowden, Partner at Grayhound Lugger Sailing. “With the support of Fairtransport and TOWT, we are very excited, especially with regard to what it means to the future of sailing cargo and low emission transport and our ability to contribute to it. Together we are stronger and more powerful. Plus, as neighbouring countries, we work together in to support one another through the SCA,” she added.

Practically speaking, the French broker TOWT organises the UK and Breton products that the ship carries. Grayhound’s own office will assign the cargo crew that it receives, with the help of its agents. As a result, Grayhound is well supported, so that she can do what she does best: transport cargo safely and efficiently, while TOWT liaises with the cargo owners and organises the best shipping option and market  for this specialist service.

Ethical organic cargo sails across Channel using low emissions

Sailing low emission cargo is just part of the story.  The cargo that Grayhound carries in her hold is distinctive. Organic wines, ales, tea and food – such as Muscadet and Bordeaux bio dynamic wines,  specialist local Breton tinned sardines, salted caramel and honey- that have been organically produced by merchants who want to ensure that their goods are transported to market via clean shipping. Since May, Grayhound  has sailed nearly 20 tonnes of cargo from West Country ports Brixham, Plymouth and Falmouth to Douarnenez and Nantes in France. A selection of organic Bordeaux and Muscadet wines travelled across the Channel to Falmouth, destined for Cusgarne Organic Farm near Truro, near the Cornish coast. The last delivery took place in September when three tonnes of wine were offloaded for the winter trade.

Looking ahead, the service will resume at Easter. Grayhound’s new 2016 schedule is now online and will sail eight cargo runs from April to October the 2015 model.

Sparking discussion, raising awareness

Freya and her husband, Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden, Partner at Grayhound Lugger Sailing, became aware of Fairtransport when they saw one of its fleet, the brigantine Tres Hombres, sailing and working.  “Ever since, we wanted to work with Fairtransport.  We all have very similar values and are working ships, loading and offloading cargo,” said Marcus.

For Marcus and Freya, cargo sailing is much more than delivering goods safely and on time. “It is our hope to make our trainees and onlookers think, if but for a second, ‘there really are people out there doing something that challenges old ways and breaks the mould.’ If what we do simply kickstarts a discussion, then it is worth it. Working with our buyers and producers, we take pride in trying to achieve ‘fair transport.’ It’s what we are all striving towards. We look forward to sailing with more trainees next year and building sail cargo’s future,” added Marcus.

Merchants interested in shipping cargo sustainably across the English Channel should contact TOWT or Grayhound.  Individuals keen to join as a trainee or crewmember on the Grayhound should visit Grayhound’s website

CRU’s Copper team is seeking an experienced Senior/Principle Consultant to join its dynamic team



Wire and Cable Senior Analyst/Principle Consultant


Copper Team, Non-Ferrous Metals Department

Location :

CRU London Office

Reporting to: 

Head of Wire and Cable Team

Summary of Position:

CRU’s Copper team is seeking an experienced Senior/Principle Consultant to join our dynamic team. The successful candidate will have experience in wire and cable; either with a wire and cable manufacturer or another company in the industry, such as a major distributor, system integrator, or a supplier to the wire and cable industry.

This challenging and exciting position involves leading and developing CRU’s wire and cable market analysis. Working alongside industry experts, you will play a key role within our Wire and Cable division, providing in-depth and insightful knowledge. For the right person, this position will provide the opportunity to become part of a dynamic, supportive and truly international team and provide unrivalled commodity exposure and experience.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Lead and develop CRU’s Wire and Cable market analysis
  • Compile data forecasts and written content forCRU’s quarterly Wire and Cable Market Outlook and other bi-annual reports, and contribute to other wire and cable reports as required
  • Develop a deep understanding of the current and future drivers of wire and cable markets
  • Undertake travel for field research and to meet key market participants
  • Develop, maintain and nurture contacts with key industry players
  • Maintain a structured and accurate approach to data collection, storage and analysis
  • Perform detailed analysis and interpretation of data to generate views and forecasts
  • Respond to ad-hoc client and internal requests for information and opinions in a timely and professional manner
  • Present market outlooks at seminars, conferences and to clients
  • Liaise with sales and marketing in promoting CRU’s products


Essential Qualifications:

  • Undergrad degree from a top ranking university
  • At least 5 years experience of the wire and cable industry in roles involving planning, strategy, marketing, sales management, product development
  • Numerate with the ability to critically analyse data to identify trends and key drivers
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Good presentation skills


To apply for the position, please email your CV and covering letter to:

Compliant employment solutions for Oil and Gas contractor personnel



Acumen International is a single regional Employer of Record, umbrella payroll company and Oil and Gas contractor for employment services in the former Soviet Union, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe plus Central Asia.

We assist Oil and Gas companies expanding to the remotest areas within our region in search of natural resources. We also help international Oil and Gas contractor recruitment agencies meet the needs of their clients fully and compliantly. We provide employment outsourcing and umbrella payroll solutions for Oil and Gas contractors in the energy rich countries in our region, acting as a Professional Employer Organization.

Oil and Gas is one of the fields that has a great need for agility in the workforce. The projects may not always require hiring an in-house staff! That is where our Oil and Gas contractor employment solutions come in place.

If you’re looking to extend your company’s capabilities, place more contractors at your or your clients work sites, in any country within our region, resulting in more profit gain, our solution is just for you. Instead of putting interim project workers on your company payroll or setting up offices in countries where you find the fitting skill and expertise, our Oil and Gas contractor employment services will benefit your business allowing you to stay compliant with the local legislation.

What makes us unique?

  •   Unmatched speed  

Very often having remote Oil and Gas contractor personnel working for you remotely is time critical as it underpins wider business objectives to grow business and increase competitiveness. A single agreement with our UK company allows you to enter as many countries as you want whether it is 1 country or all 33 that we cover, whether it is one person or a hundred or as many as you need.

  •    Narrow Specialization highly valued in Oil and Gas field  

Nowadays it is crucial to trust Oil and Gas contractor employment to a company with project experience and narrow specialization in the Oil and Gas industry as this ensures compliant employment of the best experts as well as timely payrolling them onsite.

With our help, you or your client Oil and Gas companies get rid of any administrative hassle and gain peace of mind that their workforce are paid timely and compliantly. We render cost effective international employment, payroll and immigration services: we are officially registered as a professional employer organization (PEO) and payroll provider in a range of countries and have reliable partners in the rest of them.

  •     An unprecedented guarantee in employment outsourcing and international payroll field

We guarantee you that your or your clients personnel are paid correctly and on time. If we delay a payday even for 1 day, you receive a full 100% fee refund for that period.

With our fully compliant single point of contact services and profound understanding of your local needs, you access a pool of talent and cover wider territories gaining more profit as a result. 

We bear full responsibility for your project, employing expatriate and local personnel and payrolling them correctly on time.
For more information please contact our London Office.

UK, London, 30 Percy Street, W1T 2DB

+44 203 468 87 77


Contact person: Nataliya Oprya

Website link

Trelleborg signs framework agreement with Statoil

Trelleborg’s offshore operation signed a framework agreement with Statoil for the delivery of Passive Fire Protection solutions for use on flanges and bolts. The products will be manufactured at Trelleborg’s facility in Krokstadelva, Norway.

Under the framework, Trelleborg will supply FireNut™, a protection system for flanges and bolts used to extend service life in the event of a fire. The FireNut™ system simplifies installation, inspection and maintenance of flanges and is manufactured from Trelleborg’s unique rubber with FireStop™ technology.

Jørgen Sletten, Business Group Director for Trelleborg’s offshore operation in Norway commented, “We have a long history of working together with Statoil, and we believe they have seen firsthand that our products and solutions can increase efficiency and reduce costs. This framework will lay the foundation for FireNut™ to become a preferred bolt protection solution on all Statoil offshore installations in operation.”

FireNut™ prevents damage to bolt threads and reduces elongation of bolts even after direct impact from a jet fire at 1,300°C/ 2,372°F. The rigid and tough design of the product means that it has extremely good resistance to mechanical damage and can be tailor made to accommodate almost any bolt size.

Trelleborg signs framework agreement with Statoil2Trelleborg signs framework agreement with Statoil






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