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Heskins Thick Safety Grip Now Available


Heskins are proud to announce that H3404 2mm safety grip is now available for order. Thick Safety Grip™ now allows business to kit out their factories to ensure effective slip prevention, that also provide slight cushioning and reduce leg fatigue on a production line. It can also be applied into recesses that are considered trip hazards.

Heskins made the decision to produce thick Safety Grip™ after the demand became great. The reason Heskins had to ensure the demand was there, was simply due to the commitment that would have to be made to produce it. Many of our production and post production machines were modified to produce thick Safety Grip™ to the same quality standards as all the other Heskins products.

Investment was also made into a new range of high-volume crush cut blade holders. The reason this was necessary was due to the thickness. Heskins anti slip tapes are generally no thicker than 1.4mm. While the difference of .6mm doesn’t seem great, the adhesive applied to the base increases this thickness further, making it more difficult to cut.

Now the modifications are in place, Heskins have added a versatile new anti slip product into the range, and like all others, can be slit in rolls ranging from 20mm up to 1170mm, all 18.3m in length.

Heskins H3404 thick Safety Grip™ is available at a very competitive price, and if you would like to place an order, or enquire further, you can contact Heskins by phone or email.

Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

Floor Demarcation and Colour Referencing in the Workplace

When it comes to 5S and floor demarcation in the workplace, there are many guidelines, of which many provide very little insight.

A quote often used is ““In lean manufacturing, the general rule of thumb is that anyone should be able to walk into a workplace and identify the flow of work being done within 60 seconds.”

Keeping this quote in mind, for someone venturing into this for the first time, finding the right information before implementation is a tough task. Many options are available for floor marking and signage products to allow you to begin optimisation of floor demarcation, which in the first instance will be a tough task without the correct information to hand.

Depending on the function of your workplace will naturally determine how you proceed, do you want to optimise what is currently working? Or do you want to start from scratch to improve the whole process? We believe that Heskins can help you provide a strong starting point by defining the regulated and approved colours to identify and optimise key workflow areas in your business.

Heskins products are always manufactured in regulation colours, from anti slip tape, to floor marking systems, Heskins products can be used to create a full, optimised workflow demarcation system. heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines

Demarcation Area Black

Demarcation Area Black

Workplace 5s Walkway

Workplace 5s Walkway

5S colours are as follows:

Yellow – Highlights an area that is to be treated with caution. Mainly used for aisleways and walkways, more often than not because these areas could cross with other working processes, such as forklift traffic or other foot traffic.

Red – Highlights danger or can relate to fire. Red alerts people or vehicles that they need to stop before proceeding, or to notify people where fire fighting equipment is available, if it of course can.

Blue – Marks out information, or can be used to hold equipment or machinery that is out of order.

Green – Notifies an area of safety, whether that be a first aid point or notice, or a walkway that is out of the way of potential dangers.

Orange – Used to mark out zones where vehicles are stored or for areas where vehicles operate. Combining yellow and red with this creates a traffic system that is safe and organised.

Black/Yellow – Notifies of potential hazards and to proceed with caution. Areas that store potentially harmful chemicals or areas that can only be entered with additional safety measures.

Red/White – Notification to keep an area clear at all times. Emergency access or electrical points are two such areas that benefit from these markings.

White – Indication of an area where production or work processes are ongoing.

Black – Completed jobs are put in these areas, indicating the job is complete.

For a full colour reference guide for Heskins products and general 5S colour references, you can download the colour reference guide heskins-ltd-colour-guidelines. The Heskins colour guide refers to regulations for all of Europe.

Heskins offer other colours, as well as custom production, so dependent on order quantities, you can get the perfect anti slip or floor marking solution for your workplace. Get in touch


Holtec International and Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance partner to build interim storage facility

Holtec International and the Eddy-Lea Energy Alliance (ELEA) last week announced that they would collaborate to build an interim storage facility to hold the used nuclear fuel that has collected at nuclear power plants across the USA. The agreement covers the design, licensing, construction and operation of a facility modelled on Holtec’s HI-STORM UMAX dry storage system.

President and CEO of Holtec Kris Singh stated that the company expects to apply for a permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) within a year and that the facility could be operational within the next four to five years. Read more…

AFL President and CEO Recognized as SC Ambassador for Economic Development

AFL, a leading fiber optics manufacturer and provider of services, announces that its president and CEO, Jody Gallagher, was recognized as one of South Carolina’s 2015 Ambassadors for Economic Development.

As part of the state’s annual Industry Appreciation Week, the SC Department of Commerce recognized 48 individuals from 46 counties for this award. Those selected include local leaders from the private sector and represent a variety of businesses. Gallagher was selected as the representative for Spartanburg County and was recognized for his efforts to strengthen community and economic development activities. Read more…

AVEVA inspires the next generation of Korean ship designers

AVEVA announced today that AVEVA Marine and AVEVA Bocad software licences will be deployed in Korean Universities and schools to encourage the ongoing development of the local Marine industry. Students will be introduced to the ship design process through hands-on experience with essential engineering and design disciplines.

‘We welcome AVEVA’s support to bring critical job skills to our students’, said Professor TaeWan Kim, Seoul National University. ‘By working closely and training the professors and teachers on the software, AVEVA is enabling the university to give the students the best experience of industry-leading design software. AVEVA is truly inspiring the next generation of Korean ship designers’. Read more…

RUD Lifting Applications for the Armed Forces Worldwide: On Land, Sea and Air

RUD Chains is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of round steel chains, producing top quality chain components and systems for a wide variety of markets and applications. Operating for over 140 years you can be confident in the quality and expertise of the RUD product portfolio.

RUD are known as a leading manufacturer of chain systems and components to the Armed Forces Worldwide: On Land, Sea and Air, RUD Military Technology is meeting the specific needs of the world’s defence forces. Read more…

Outstanding Optical Fibre Flag Labels at Data Centre World 2015

Having trouble labelling optical fibres? Silver Fox, a UK based labelling manufacturer, has developed a range of labels to overcome this challenge.

Prolab® Optical Fibre Flag labels have been perfectly designed for quick and easy application. These labels are ideal for use in the Data and Telecoms Industry. Silver Fox are delighted to be exhibiting these labels at Data Centre World 2015, on stand F95, along with other labelling solutions.

Optical Fibre Flag Labels are a durable solution with strong adhesive that enables the labels to be applied with good alignment, quickly and easily. These labels are not only a reliable solution but also convenient to apply onto the Optical Fibre. They are supplied as pre-cut A4 sheets that can be loaded into any standard office laser printer. Read more…

FEMME 2015 Call for Papers Extended As Delegate Registration Opens

Registration has opened for the FEMME 2015 conference, set to take place in Singapore on 17-19 November 2015. Kongsberg Maritime encourages its multibeam product users to register early to ensure their place on the 14th biennial Forum for Exchange of Mutual Multibeam Experiences (FEMME 2015).

The deadline for conference paper abstracts has been extended to 1st March 2015. The majority of the FEMME 2015 schedule is reserved for user presentations, giving the international hydrographic community a platform to engage colleagues with technical studies and application reviews. Read more…

Deloitte: Thought Leadership

Deloitte: Thought Leadership

The Deloitte NWE End of Year Review 2014 was released on 15 January 2015, reporting on exploration and appraisal drilling, licensing and deal activity, field development approvals across North West Europe over the past year.

For more information, please visit

Crude Awakening – The Impact of Plummeting Crude Oil Prices on Company Finances

What has caused the sudden fall in oil price? What effect will this have on the industry? Who will be the winners and who will be the losers? Our recent article provides a view of the impact the plummeting crude oil price will have on company finances.

For more information, please visit

For more information, please visit

Click here to view the Deloitte profile

HUBER+SUHNER Significantly Increases Sales and Order Intake

HUBER+SUHNER increased its net sales in the 2014 financial year by 4% to CHF 749 million. In organic growth terms (in local currency, without copper effect and portfolio effect neutralised) this actually represents an increase of 4.9%. Developments in order intake were even more dynamic, with a rise of over 12% to CHF 768 million. Read more…

Repsol Well Intervention Case Study

Last week Repsol completed a riserless light well intervention campaign on the Rodaballo-1 well in the Mediterranean. An exclusive case study of this project will be delivered by Repsol at the Offshore Well Intervention Conference (April 15-16, Aberdeen).

The case study will include:

• Details of the well’s performance and intervention requirements to see exactly why the RLWI process was selected over alternative options

• An overview of the execution methodology, equipment choice and contractor selection to demonstrate technology needs and benchmarks for RLWI

• Results of the project and key lessons learned to aid your intervention efficiency

For more information on the Offshore Well Intervention Conference Europe, you can download the full brochure at

Repsol will be joining other operator speakers from Total, BG Group, GDF Suez, Tullow Oil and Wintershall.

For more information, please visit or contact Tommy Angell (

New harsh environment fiber optic connectors from HUBER+SUHNER deliver best in class performance, packing density and environmental protection

Global connectivity solutions company HUBER+SUHNER has set a new benchmark for outdoor fiber optic connectivity with the launch of its new Q-ODC®-12 interface for industrial and FTTA applications. Designed to be the smallest and most robust products in their class, the new connectors also have the highest fiber density – based on the proven QN push-pull mating system. Q-ODC®-12 connectors are similar in size to the two-fiber Q-ODC® but can connect up to 12 fibers in a single mating step. Read more…

Anadarko, BHP Billiton, Marathon Oil, Stone Energy and W&T Offshore on Deepwater Decommissioning

On February 10-11 2015, leading offshore operators will come together to discuss the challenge of deepwater decommissioning and subsea abandonment at the Deepwater Decommissioning Workshop. If this is an area your company are active in – download the brochure to gain full details of the Deepwater Decommissioning Workshop program: Read more…

Kongsberg – Photo and Video Competition

KONGSBERG is celebrating 200 years in business during 2014.

To celebrate this milestone achievement we are launching The Full Picture Photo and Video Competition and invite you to send us your best images and SD or HD video clips taken with a Kongsberg Maritime Ltd Camera Product for the chance to win a prize*.

Prizes for the best photos and video clips include:
An iPad, an iPod and Digital Camera

*In order to qualify for entry all photos and video footage must be taken with a Kongsberg Maritime Ltd Camera Product and submitted materials must specify the model number with which they were taken and be cleared for our use by a responsible person in the competition entrant or their clients company.

Upload your photo and/or video and register to win.

The competition period is from 26th August 2014 to 30th November.

Click here to register
Click here to find out more about Kongsberg Maritime

RUD VLBG Load Ring

Turns Loads 360° aligned to the direction of the pull.

RUD offer a wide range of lifting and lashing applications, which include both welded and threaded types, covering a working load capacity range from 0.6 to 200 tonne. Offering over 500 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points. Read more…


A fundamental difference between NASNet® and conventional Long Baseline (LBL) systems is in NASNet®’s use of a broadcast, or one-way ranging technique which allows the use of passive receivers. This approach successfully overcomes the limitations of conventional LBL systems and provides a true multi-user system.

NASNet® combines its advanced signalling technology with a unique, patented, implementation to provide acoustic range measurements of up to 5,000m for seabed positioning and up to 10,000m for surface positioning. This allows any area to be covered by greatly reducing the number of units, thereby reducing vessel time needed to install and calibrate the seabed array. Read more…

Regional oil, gas and petrochemical producers will convene to share strategies for implementing Operational Excellence

In October of this year, many of the region’s leading producers will meet in Abu Dhabi to share stories of how they are developing strategies and implementation plans for Operational Excellence. Read more…

Top decommissioning operators to speak at GOM summit

Experts from operators at the forefront of decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico have been 

confirmed as keynote speakers at the largest decommissioning and abandonment gathering in

the world taking place in Houston.

Win Thornton, vice president for decommissioning at BP, and Lew Dennis, Chevron’s

Read more…

Shipwreck salvage techniques could help GOM decommissioning, expert says

A Dutch salvage expert believes that techniques developed by the global salvage industry could be

usefully deployed for offshore decommissioning in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

Jelle Lanting, commercial manager of Manmoet Salvage BV, told DecomWorld that since every

shipwreck presents a unique mix of risks and opportunities, salvage companies have to be ‘terribly


Recent Manmoet projects include the recovery of a capsized rock barge off the English coast and a

monsoon-damaged drilling rig in the South China Sea.

“For those companies who construct offshore oil and gas infrastructure, salvage companies are not

regarded as proven,” he said, “but the fact is we have to be terribly creative in dealing with a host of

unknowns in totally unique situations.”

Mr Lanting, who will be addressing DecomWorld’s Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment

Summit in Houston, said that techniques which could be applied to offshore decommissioning

include creating buoyancy in sunken structures to partially refloat them for greater manoeuvrability.

Another approach is the modularization of equipment, such as hydraulic chain pullers, which allows

the scaling up of capacity to whatever level is required.

“If you have a chain puller capable of lifting 300 tons each, and you deploy 10, 15, 20 or more of

them for a given operation, there are almost no limits on what you can do,” he said.

The 6th

 Annual Decommissioning & Abandonment Summit, 10-12 March, 2014 in Houston will

explore innovative recovery techniques and provide delegates with in-depth market forecasts and

expert-level perspectives to equip them for the imminent challenges of GOM decommissioning.

For more information please click here

AMEC wins brownfield modifications contract for TAQA’s Cladhan field development, North Sea

AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, has been appointed by TAQA’s UK business, to undertake the engineering, procurement and  construction of modifications to the Tern oil production platform to accommodate a new subsea tie-back to the Cladhan field in the northern North Sea. AMEC will also provide commissioning support. Read more…

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