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Belden introduces new Railway Approved data cable for use in Gigabit Ethernet networks

Belden, the leading supplier of high quality and innovative signal transmission solutions, has added a Railway approved high performance Ethernet Gigabit data cable for mission critical railway and mass transit applications to its comprehensive range of cables and connectors, rugged Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls – all harmonized to work seamlessly together.

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Belden plans further growth for connectors and connectivity systems

Product innovations and expansion of Asian presence

Belden’s Industrial Connecting Solutions business is one of the world’s leading providers of connectors for use in automation. The portfolio, marketed under the Hirschmann™ and Lumberg Automation™ brands, ranges from products for cabling actuators and sensors to power connectors and connection solutions for LED illumination. Belden’s Industrial Connecting Solutions business also enjoys a strong market position in the field of distributor systems and I/O modules for fieldbus and Ethernet networks.
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Belden introduces a new modular industrial patch panel

MIPP™ is the first modular industrial patch panel in the market able to combine copper and fiber management in one solution offering significant space and cost savings.
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Belden introduces new HD Brilliance® broadcast BNC Connectors, including innovative 1-piece, locking collar design

Belden, a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has launched a new and innovative range of Belden Brilliance High Definition (HD) BNC Connectors. Designed for use with Belden Brilliance Coax Cables, these new Belden HD Brilliance Connectors deliver unparalleled end-to-end performance.
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New Industrial Ethernet Certificates

Hirschmann™ extends certification and training program

Hirschmann™ is one of the leading providers of Industrial Ethernet products and solutions. Launched in 2003, the Hirschmann™ certification and training program has since captured a firm place on the market. Five Industrial Ethernet certificates have now been added to this already extensive program. These certificates are awarded for the “Specialist” and “Professional” levels and allow participants to prove their expertise in the areas of Routing, Security and Wireless LAN as well as their basic or advanced know-how in network administration for the industry sector. The relevant tests can be taken online or at Hirschmann’s site in Neckartenzlingen near Stuttgart. Participation in the training courses in Neckartenzlingen is optional.

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New I/O module for safety applications

Belden has brought out a new I/O module in its Lumberg Automation™ range specifically for the decentralized Fieldbus system LioN-Link. The module (0942 UEM 612) fulfills protection class requirements IP67 and has four digital M12 slots with a higher limit on the output voltage permitting 2A per line and 6A in total. These outputs are designed for safety-related applications up to performance level D (as defined in the new Machinery Directive) making this I/O module particularly suitable for failsafe control of actuators or – following a complete switch-off of the 24V output power supply – reliable emergency OFF functions. Your terminal equipment can be connected directly to the I/O module, so there is no need for terminal boxes, which are comparatively expensive and complicated to install. This makes it possible to implement cost-effective safety solutions that can be used, for example, in mechanical engineering applications or in the assembly and handling sector.
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Quality comes first at Hirschmann™

Despite a significant growth in demand for switches and their increasingly higher performance, Hirschmann retains a strong focus on Quality – so that customers can be certain of getting the best possible solutions.
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Belden shows latest HD solutions – and more – at IBC

At IBC, to be held from 9 until 13 September 2011 at the RAI Exhibition Center in Amsterdam, Belden will showcase its world-class solutions for HD and 3G applications in Hall 1 at Stand C21.

As an industry leader, Belden has a proven track record in reliability and high quality which is especially important for the registration of “live” events. The company offers a broad product portfolio for HD and 3G applications, and as every year, Belden will be using its IBC booth to highlight its latest high quality infrastructure solutions for a wide range of applications. Belden specialists will be on hand to demonstrate how physically robust Belden cables offer excellent support for the high frequencies needed for digital video. It is here that Belden delivers Installable Performance®, providing sufficient headroom so the cable will still work after installation.

This year, Belden’s main emphasis will be on cables for both studio and field use, as well as cables for use in permanent installations.
Key innovations and features include:

Belden Brilliance HD BNC
Instead of using a standard 3-piece crimp BNC connector to connect a 3 Gb/s HD coaxial cable, Belden now offers a new line of Belden 1-piece compression BNC. After prepping the cable, the 1-piece compression connector can be fitted in a few seconds. And this solution is tested up to 4.5 GHz to meet the professional broadcast performance of 3G (1080).

Belden 3 Gb/s HD Coax Cables
Once again this year, Belden will be supporting a demonstration at the nearby Grass Valley booth (Hall 1 D11). Grass Valley will be showing its Trinix router, running 3G (1080p/60) through Belden 1694A. The transmission distance chart at the Belden booth says this cable can go 82 m. Last year, this demo was actually achieving 140m.

Belden Duofoil™ Plus Coax Design
Last year, Belden introduced Belden 1794A, the first RG-7 coax cable designed specifically for 1080p/50-60 “3gig” applications, with a high-velocity core, and Belden Duofoil™ shield, for the ultimate in shield effectiveness. The product was so successful that this year, the cable is now also available in RG-59 and RG-6.

Hirschmannn™ Ethernet Switches
Belden’s Hirschmann™ brand offers an Ethernet switch with the same high reliability of other Belden broadcast equipment. Mean-time-between-failure: 40 years. Five-nines reliability (5 minutes per year). A back-up switch can be booted and formatted in seconds. According to PTPv2 (IEEE1588) at all ports, plus PoE and with 10G ports.

For more information on Belden and its products visit Belden at IBC, Hall 1, stand C21 or go to

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New Belden faceplates ranges for Europe

Tuesday, Jul 05, 2011
To complement its state-of-the-art Belden IBDN® networking system, Belden has introduced a new design of mounting hardware, with inserts that can hold both keystone and MDVO modular jacks.

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Belden Adds the OZD Profi G12 ATEX 1 Device to its Hirschmann™ Range of Products

Fast Fibre Optic repeater for Ex Zone 1

Belden has now launched the Hirschmann™ OZD Profi G12 ATEX , Profibus FO repeaters certified for use in hazardous locations, zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. The optical ports are intrinsically safe and have got op-is approval. With a transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps, the repeater is available with a stainless steel or plastic housing. The optical function module, which has its own Ex approval, is also available without a housing. This enables it to be installed in the same housing as other components, so saving valuable space. The optical performance of the FO repeater can be continuously monitored using signal strength outputs which can be integrated in the process control system. As the Hirschmann™ OZD Profi G12 ATEX 1 repeaters also support ring redundancy, it is now possible to implement highly available Profibus networks using ring or line topologies in potentially explosive environments such as those found in the oil and gas sectors and in some areas of the food industry.
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New certifications for WLAN devices for Belden’s range of Hirschmann™ products

Belden’s WLAN access points and clients belonging to the Hirschmann™ BAT54-Rail and BAT300-Rail series of products now have both ATEX IEC/EN 60079 Zone II and ISA 12.12.01 Class 1 Div 2 certification. Equipped with suitable protective cases, they can be used anywhere in the world in potentially explosive environments such as oil, gas or mining industries. Mountable on top-hat rails, these devices are also flexible enough for a wide range of applications, such as installation in control cabinets or distribution boxes. What’s more, in combination with BAT WLC controllers, they can be centrally configured and managed.
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Integration of access points and clients in Profinet and Ethernet/IP networks

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2011
Belden has announced the release of HiLCOS 8.50, a new version of its established WLAN firmware from the Hirschmann™ product range. Like its predecessors, this firmware is fully compliant with the European 5 GHz standard (EN 301893 V1.5.1). New to this firmware version, however, is that it permits access points and clients to be integrated into Profinet and Ethernet/IP networks without requiring additional management software, thus allowing flexible administration. In the future, HiLCOS 8.50 firmware will be offered as a standard for all devices in the Hirschmann™ BAT54 and BAT300 series. In addition, the firmware will also be available as a free-of-charge download from “” enabling customers to update older access points and clients.
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Royal Society of Medicine invests in the future with Belden’s versatile and space saving Gigabix system

Wednesday, Jan 26, 2011
Only Belden was able to offer a high performance, ultra flexible and high density future proof solution when the Royal Society of Medicine needed to refurbish the IT network in its Central London facilities. They found the perfect network in the Belden IBDN GigaBIX System: with space at a premium, the system meets the current telecommunications needs and will serve them well into the future.
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Belden introduces FiberExpress@EASE: a new standard in fiber patch panel solutions for quicker and easier fiber management

Belden, a leading supplier of total solutions for enterprise networks, has added a new fiber patch panel to its successful high quality and cost-effective FiberExpress family, designed for a wide range of installations.
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Quick-connection technology enables use of M12 cord sets

Monday, Jan 17, 2011
Belden has extended its range of Lumberg Automation™ products to include new Profibus DP connectors. These connectors each have a D-Sub and M12 interface, and are offered with 35°, 90° or 180° cable outlets. All versions support data rates of up to 12 Mbit/s and feature a compact die-cast zinc housing with test socket and activatable terminating resistor. They also boast quick-connection technology that enables Profibus DP devices to be connected with M12 Profibus cord sets simply and securely without the use of tools. The advantage of this, for example, is reduced downtimes of machinery and equipment when faults occur, increasing production efficiency.
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High contact density despite compact dimensions

Friday, Dec 03, 2010
Belden has extended its Lumberg Automation™ product range with the world’s first eight-pole M8 actuator/sensor connectors. These connectors, which fulfill all requirements for shock and vibration resistance, are being offered in two variants with molded cables as well as in three field-attachable installation variants. All variants are designed for a temperature range of between -25° and +80°C, and, when screwed together with the appropriate counterparts, meet the requirements of protection type IP67. Owing to the high contact density, up to eight signals can be transmitted with an external power supply, making the new eight-pole M8 actuator/sensor connector especially suitable for connecting optoelectronic sensors or safety switches of the kind used, for example, for monitoring safety doors on machines and systems.
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Clear identification of interfaces

Wednesday, Oct 13, 2010
The renowned circular connectors from the Hirschmann™ CA series that were previously only available in black can now be ordered from Belden in red, white and blue. This makes it possible to clearly label power supply, measurement and control interfaces, even when they all use the same basic connector. The CA circular connectors are all UL- and VDE-approved, and thanks to their compact construction they are currently the smallest connectors on the market. Other features include a temperature range from 40 to +90°C and – provided they are correctly mounted and screwed together – protection category IP67. Meaning that these connectors can be used wherever maximum reliability is critical, for instance in machine building, traffic engineering and renewable energy applications.
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Belden introduces new railway approved data cable

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2010
Belden, the leading supplier of high quality and innovative signal transmission solutions, has added a highly flexible, high performance Ethernet data cable for mission critical railway and mass transit applications to its comprehensive range of cables and connectors, rugged Ethernet switches, routers and firewalls – all harmonized to work seamlessly together.
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Belden releases new plug-n-protect OPC firewall to provide robust cyber security for automation facilities

Thursday, Sep 02, 2010
New Hirschmann™ EAGLE20 Tofino OPC Enforcer protects networks using OPC Classic, the world’s most widely used industrial integration protocol.
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Belden Announces 10% Price Increase in EMEA

Belden has announced that the company is to increase the prices of all its wire and cable products in the EMEA region by 10%. According to Roel Vestjens, General Manager of Belden Wire & Cable Systems EMEA, the increase, which will be effective as of 12 April 2010, is to offset escalating costs, particularly raw materials and energy.
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