Borouge and Borealis Wire & Cable Academy event in China increases engagement across the industry

For the first time, Borouge and Borealis leading providers of innovative plastics solutions for the wire and cable industry world-wide, have organised their global Wire & Cable academy together with SECRI (Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute) as part of the 2011 Annual Technical Conference of CES (China Electrotechnical Society) W&C (Wire and Cable) Committee, which took place at Westin Hotel in Fuzhou on November 10-13, 2011. More than 180 participants of key cable manufacturers and representatives of major Chinese national testing authorities, cable manufacturing machine suppliers and professors from some top universities in China participated in the events.

The Wire and Cable Academy was initiated three years ago with the objective to facilitate knowledge sharing between key value chain stakeholders as well as to enhance industry standards and support future developments of innovative Wire and Cable solutions. There are now several academies around the world with programmes tailored to each region. Events have already been staged in Brazil, US and Russia while more are planned in South Africa and China this year, and the UAE in February 2012.

With the innovative solutions they are providing for the Wire and Cable industry, Borouge and Borealis have successfully positioned themselves as the market leaders and facilitators of upgrading the standards of the Wire and Cable industry.

Building up on their strong connections with key stakeholders across the value chain, the Wire and Cable Academy event in China provided both companies with an opportunity to reinforce their strong commitment to this region by November 23, 2011 demonstrating their latest innovative solutions for the Wire and Cable industry including HVDC and HV submarine cables.

“The Wire and Cable Academy event was such a success due to the large number of delegates participated and the comprehensive technical questions asked by the customers to ensure benefits for all,” says Rudi Peters, Borealis Value Chain Marketing Manager. SK Tham, Borouge Marketing Manager Wire & Cable, also highlights the importance of the event and the commitment of the audience who were eager to learn more about Borouge and Borealis latest innovations in the Wire and Cable industry.

“Our global Wire and Cable Academy provides a unique platform for experts to share knowledge and strengthen business relationships across the industry and we are pleased to initiate it in China,” says Michael Bjorn, Vice President for Borouge Wire and Cable. “We want to increase awareness of the performance and reliability of the existing power delivery infrastructure and gain a better appreciation of the opportunities and challenges that result from developing a more reliable network.” He adds that Borealis has recently been awarded with the prestigious Frost and Sullivan 2011 Europe Product Leadership Award in the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) cable insulation market, honouring the high electrical breakdown properties of the cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) based insulation compound Superclean™ LE4253DC, bringing performance reliability improvements to HVDC cables.

Several important meetings have been arranged during and after the event where more than 10 topics were discussed by the participants who included representatives of two Chinese national testing entities, SECRI (Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute) and State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, as November 23, 2011 3 (5) well as three top universities such as Xi’an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Harbin University of Science and Technology which have strong connections with the National Grid in China. Leading Wire and Cable industry experts and manufacturers highlighted during the event today’s challenges related to submarine cables and HVDC technology and their applications, sharing their extensive knowledge and providing the audience with fundamental know-how.

The presentations delivered during the event covered subjects such as offshore power transmission from a cable maker’s perspective, performance and reliability of the current power infrastructure, challenges of undergrounding high voltage and extra high voltage cables, as well as HVDC cable technology, specification and experience in installation and testing in China.

“We had a very successful event and in the future we should collaborate further with Borealis and Borouge.” says Prof Fan, Chairman of the Wire & Cable Committee of China Electrotechnical Society. Wu Sheng Yun, General Manager of Hangzhou Walsin Power Cable & Wire Co. Ltd, also says “The topics discussed on submarine cables and HVDC technology were exactly what we were interested in at the moment. The event has efficiently addressed the customers’ needs.”

Together, Borouge and Borealis have pioneered advances in insulation systems and jacketing solutions for both energy and communications cables through various global brands, which include Supercure™, Visico/Ambicat™, Borcell™, Borstar® and Casico™. The two companies deliver step-change technological solutions along the value chain that respond directly to needs for production, installation and cable system lifetime enhancements.

Source: Borealis

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