ACCIONA wins €450m wind park deal in Mexico for 3 facilities totaling 306 MW

ACCIONA Energy has been selected for the construction and operation of three wind parks in Oaxaca state (Mexico). The 450 million euro (more than US$600) deal is for three parks totaling 306 MW. Construction work will get under way in 2010 and the parks – which will feature ACCIONA technology 1.5 MW wind turbines – are expected to come into operation in 2011. The deal accounts for 12.7% of the wind power implementation objective to 2013 envisaged in ACCIONA’s Strategic Plan.

In the Call for Tender by Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), ACCIONA beat rival bidders Iberdrola Renovables, Recursos Eólicos de México (ACS), and Enerfin Sociedad de Energía (part of the Elecnor group).

This new contract further cements ACCIONA’s leadership of Mexico’s wind power sector. The company has installations located in an area with excellent wind potential and which ensure a profitable return on investment in a country that stands among ACCIONA’s key markets, as stated in the company’s recently-presented Strategic Plan 2010-2013.


12.7% of wind power objective to 2013

ACCIONA already has one wind park in operation in Mexico, the 250.5 MW Eurus facility – the largest wind power installation in Latin America in terms of installed capacity – , which delivers electricity to CEMEX cement production plants across the country. The Eurus facility is located in the same area as the newly awarded parks. 

ACCIONA’s Strategic Plan envisages the construction of 2,400 MW of wind power over the period 2010-2013. The Mexican deals total 306 MW and represent 12.7% of this target worldwide.

Orders for ACCIONA Windpower turbines

The wind parks awarded through the CFE’s call for tender are Oaxaca II, Oaxaca III and Oaxaca IV (102 MW each), all of which will be located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region.

The deal involves orders for 204 ACCIONA Windpower AW 70/1500 wind turbines (a 1.5 MW model) which will be manufactured in the second half of this year. This will enable the Company to step up its turbine manufacturing activity considerably.  

Construction work on the three facilities will get under way in the second half of 2010 and the parks are expected to be operating commercially by December 23rd 2011.  According to CFE estimates, annual average output of the three wind parks will come to a total 1,129.3 GWh.

As well as marketing the energy produced at these facilities, these wind parks will be able to obtain and sell Emission Reduction Certificates, as Mexico is eligible for the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanisms.

ACCIONA Energy is a world leader in renewable energy, with a significant presence in seven clean technologies. The company has installed 7,702 MW of wind power in 14 countries (6,230 MW are wholly-owned) and manufactures wind turbines based on its own patented technology. It has two operational solar thermal (CSP) plants, important PV solar facilities, 79 hydroelectric installations; and three biomass, two biodiesel and one bio-ethanol plant. The company is also a worldwide provider of services for clients who wish to develop, build and operate renewable energy projects.

 ACCIONA is one of Spain’s leading business corporations. The Company operates in infrastructure, energy, water treatment and services in more than thirty countries. Its corporate motto, “Pioneers in Sustainable Development”, reflects the Company’s commitment to contributing to economic growth, social progress and environmental balance. ACCIONA is sector leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and posted revenues of more than €6.5 billion in 2008. The Company has a workforce of 35,000 and is quoted on the IBEX 35 blue chip index (ANA.MC).


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