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Looking for a supplier of Oil Competency Training in China?

Are you looking for a supplier of Oil Competency Training in China? At Your Oil and Gas Training News we can provide all the key suppliers of Oil Competency Trainers in China and throughout Asia.

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Oil and Gas is a demanding industry to work in, where companies are now operating in some of the most challenging places on the planet. In these tough environments, everyone has to know how to do their job effectively, and be able to rely on the next person to do the same.

It is vital that everyone in the workforce is fully competent, and can prove this on the field.

Through this partnership, the demands of the industry will be met, giving employers full ownership of the skills and knowledge needed to ensure competency in its workforce and effective business, safety, and environmental performance.

The partnership will also work together with employers to identify gaps in the existing arrangements. We will ensure that the considerable employer investment returns greater value and is translated into successful learning within a structured framework, which can be globally benchmarked, understood and acknowledged through formal qualifications and internationally recognised certification, to cover the core business areas of the Upstream and Downstream oil and gas industry.

These include:

• Production Process Operations – drilling extraction, processing and logistics

• Refinery Process Operations

• Process Engineering – design, installation, commissioning and maintenance

In addition, we cover the wider sustainable energy sector including:

• Renewable Energy Systems

• Environmental Sciences

• Sustainable Environmental Management

Qualifications covering critical support disciplines such as management, ICT, Business and HR and Catering are also available.

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