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Latest Oceanteam Press Releases

Oceanteam Power & Umbilical is equipped to lay and bury flexible product for any client in any geographic location in time on budget.

Oceanteam was established in 1998 as a specialist company focussed on Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services and vessels within the Mexican Market.

At we feature all their latest press releases.

OCEANTEAM wins large Offshore Renewable contract in Germany 13/02/08
Oceanteam secures US$14.6 million Subsea E.ON installation contract 25/01/08
OCEANTEAM acquires additional Power Cable Installation Assets 25/01/08
OCEANTEAM takes step into developing, installing and owning offshore power grids 06/12/07
Triton Group nets subsea contracts in excess of £8 million 05/12/07
OCEANTEAM secures DONG Energy installation contract 04/12/07
OCEANTEAM secures two more new build options with MetalShips and Docks 30/10/07

Oceanteam Company Information

Oceanteam Power & Umbilical is equipped to lay and bury flexible product for any client in any geographic location in time on budget.

  • In the Offshore Renewable and Subsea Power Distribution industries, power umbilicals up to 300mm diameter.
  • In the Oil & Gas industry, control and power umbilicals to 400mm diameter together with small diameter steel pipe.
  • Key Oceanteam Power & Umbilical management and operational personnel all have very extensive experience within the international subsea industry.
  • Oceanteam Power & Umbilical operational personnel have been involved with many of the offshore wind farm power cable installation projects undertaken to-date.
  • New division built on experienced people and partnerships.

Oceanteam was established in 1998 as a specialist company focussed on Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (IMR) services and vessels within the Mexican Market.

  • In 2004 Oceanteam acquired Geolab Survey and established Oceanteam Power & Umbilical
  • In 2005 Oceanteam IMR merged with DeepOcean AS and subsequently the company was listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange as DeepOcean ASA.
  • In parallel to this Oceanteam P&U started its investment programme in Q2 2005 securing building slots to build three new vessels and trenching equipment targeted for the flexible installation and burial market.
  • Oceanteam P&U will take delivery of vessel named North Ocean 101 in August 2007 and North Ocean 102 in January 2008
  • December 2005 Oceanteam P&U was awarded flagship wind farm installation project in the Netherlands and has been pre-qualified within its target markets.
  • From early April 2006 Oceanteam P&U started taking delivery of its ‘new’ and ‘state of the art’ lay and burial equipment for the installation of power cables, umbilicals and flexible pipelines.

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Latest Metals UK Ltd Press Releases

Set up to serve the Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil and Gas industries of Europe and Asia Pacific. Metals UK Limited began trading Duplex, Super Duplex and other high Nickel content alloys in November 2002.

At we feature their latest press releases.

AM Castle & Co signs agreement to acquire Metals UK Group Jan 03, 2008
Metals Group Ltd invests further GBP £1.5 Million in new processing equipment Jan 04, 2007
Metals UK and MetalTech Service Centre team up to form Metals Group Oct 10, 2006

Metals UK Limited Company Information

Set up to serve the Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil and Gas industries of Europe and Asia Pacific. Metals UK Limited began trading Duplex, Super Duplex and other high Nickel content alloys in November 2002.

Following a successful first year the company formed Metals UK Group Ltd.

An indicator of the growth enjoyed, 2005 brought the accolade of exporter of the year for the region. Currently we export to 36 countries worldwide and we sell to 5 continents

The three years since inception have been years of rapid expansion as Metals UK Group Ltd brought into the group three UK based businesses, E Harding and Sons, Loks Plasma Services and KKS. Following a period of heavy investment this group of businesses now has the biggest and most comprehensive range of processing facilities available anywhere in the UK including new Laser, Water Jet and CNC Machining facilities, upgraded Plasma and High Definition machines as well as Shearing and Press Brake facilities

The Group is now positioned to offer 21 grades of material with every known method of processing.

2007 sees more of the same… with an international flavor, as we open AMESA in Bilbao and Metals Group Inc, Houston.

Our vision is simple… “To be your worldwide supplier of choice”

Over the coming years our plan is to continue our pattern of growth in the Petrochemical, Chemical and Oil and Gas markets.and to rapidly increase our new Aerospace business elevating us to Group sales in excess of €100M per annum.

Our vision is to continue our rapid growth through investment, people development, world class manufacturing and closely aligning ourselves with our customers.

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J P Kenny awarded global subsea agreement by BP

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2007

J P Kenny Engineering, a subsidiary of John Wood, has entered into a Global Agreement with BP International Limited to provide engineering and project management services for BP’s offshore development projects. JPK has already begun work on the first release under the Global Agreement, for the Shah Deniz project in Azerbaijan.

Steve Wayman, Chief Executive Officer, J P Kenny Group said, “It is extremely important for us to cement our relationship with BP through the award of this long term, performance-based agreement where we work together to deliver superior long term value for our shareholders. We have been working with BP for many years providing subsea engineering teams for the UK & Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia and also as part of their deepwater development activities in Block 31 Angola. We now look forward to developing and strengthening the relationship even further and wider.”

David Clarkson, E&P Technology Vice President of Projects & Engineering for BP, said, “As we successfully expand into new, ever more challenging environments – deeper water, high pressure and high temperature reservoirs – the technologies needed to maintain safe, reliable operations become every more sophisticated. Through this agreement with J P Kenny, and our similar agreements with other contractors in the subsea sector, we will jointly design the most up-to-date subsea facilities to meet the increasing demands for more efficient energy production.”

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J P Kenny London appoint Subsea Applications Manager

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

The London office of J P Kenny is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Phil Hawthorn as Subsea Applications Manager.

Phil has been with us since the beginning of November 2006 and is a Project Engineer on the BP Angola Programme as well as assisting Peter Metcalf (Business Manager Subsea Systems) with the development of JP Kenny’s subsea business. He has 10 years subsea engineering experience, having worked as Technical Applications Manager for Seacon (Europe) on underwater electrical and fibre optic connection systems and for ABB Offshore Systems (now Vetco) as a Mechanical Project Engineer on subsea control systems.

His subsea controls and business development experience will be of great benefit to J P Kenny as we continue to expand the London office and Group businesses in the future.

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Change of personnel in Abu Dhabi for J P Kenny

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

Asset and Integrity management comes to the fore in Abu Dhabi as Zadco, Takreer and Adco call for interest in various projects.

Mr. Nazar Al-Hassani is the new General Manager in Abu Dhabi, replacing Bryan Smith who has moved to India as the Project Manager on the Cairn Project for J P Kenny.

Nazar has been with J P Kenny Ltd. since the summer 2006 and is Project Manager on the New Doha International Airport Project. He has over 30 years experience having worked as Director of Oil and Gas for Tebodin in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and directly for operators such as ADNOC, as well as UK based companies such as Jacobs and John Brown. His knowledge of the Middle East, it¿s clients and culture will therefore be of great benefit to J P Kenny as we go forward in our aim to grow our presence in the region and make 2007 a profitable year for the Abu Dhabi office.

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J P Kenny named “Subsea Company of The Year”

Friday, Feb 01, 2008

J P Kenny has been selected as the Subsea Company of the Year by Subsea UK, a trade association representing 150 of the world’s leading subsea companies

A panel of industry experts chose J P Kenny from a short list of 11 companies because of our recent worldwide expansion, international reputation, technical excellence and commitment to people and safety.

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J P Kenny London awarded East West Oil and Gas Corridor Technical Advisor

Monday, Feb 18, 2008

J P Kenny Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the Georgian International Oil Corporation (GIOC) to provide technical advisors to the Georgian Government for two major onshore oil and gas pipelines.

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Maxwell Downhole Technology Ltd. Company Information

Maxwell Downhole Technology Ltd. is a company that designs and manufactures Measurement While Drilling (MWD) instrumentation.

The company combines in-house expertise in Mechanical and Electronics Engineering with Software design allowing for a complete systems approach to equipment design.

The current product range is a ‘family’ where components from one system may be re-used to convert to another type of tool. For example, to convert from Mud Pulse telemetry to electromagnetic (EM) transmission the user need only to unscrew the top tool section and attach the alternative transmitter section. Equally, the customer can start with the simplest type of tool for vertical drilling and then upgrade to sophisticated Logging Whilst Drilling (LWD) tool combinations by adding extra sensor sections.

The equipment has been designed to be simple to use and also offer low-cost maintenance. The small size and comparative simplicity of the equipment make it particularly suitable for small operations and for operations in remote locations.

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LHR Marine Company Information

LHR Marine world class products, innovative system design,
leaders in the field of safety.

LHR Marine continually reaches for new horizons, be it work at height,
anti slip, marine personnel transfer or the latest grade 5 mooring accessories,
we can offer or engineer safety solutions for a demanding global market place.

Our long term relationship with Feuerstein (mooring product) Capital safety (work @ height systems) Safeguard (anti-slip solutions) or Billy Pugh (X 904 CE approved transfer device)        can assist you to achieve the highest level of safety. Our dedicated team is on hand to      answer and solve any safety related issues you may have.

The world continually changes, whether it’s on or offshore, factory, office or                          any environment in which employees, contractors or visitors find themselves.

Everyone needs to be, and feel, safe, with LHR’s wealth of experience and product      knowledge they can be assured their safety is in good hands. Safe in the knowledge              that the right product for the job or task has been supplied.

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K&L Ross Company Information

K&L Ross supplies a comprehensive range of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Industrial Workwear, Footwear, Safety Clothing & Accessories to a widely-varied client base in a number of industries.

And we make a pretty good job of it too – probably because we’re obsessive about customer service.

Building on our experience in the North Sea energy sector, we’re also involved in supply and procurement in Eastern Europe and Africa.

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Latest J P Kenny Press Releases

J P Kenny is one of the world’s largest and most innovative pipeline and subsea engineering and management contractors, with over 25 years experience, and more than 900 professional staff in 10 worldwide offices.

At we their latest press releases.

J P Kenny named “Subsea Company of The Year” Feb 01, 2008
J P Kenny Ltd (Abu Dhabi) awarded Jebel Ali Fuel Farm Project Feb 01, 2008
J P Kenny London awarded East West Oil and Gas Corridor Technical Advisor Feb 01, 2008
Change of personnel in Abu Dhabi for J P Kenny Feb 01, 2008
J P Kenny London appoint Subsea Applications Manager Feb 01, 2008
J P Kenny Awarded Global Subsea Agreement by BP Dec 18, 2007

J P Kenny Company Information

J P Kenny is one of the world’s largest and most innovative pipeline and subsea engineering and management contractors, with over 25 years experience, and more than 900 professional staff in 10 worldwide offices. J P Kenny judges its success based on the value we add to our customer’s businesses. In all of our activities we have a powerful track record of reducing project costs, improving schedules, managing risks, maximising safety, and delivering other objectives. J P Kenny’s delivery success is based on building and evolving expertise in our core business areas and on sustaining a proactive culture within our teams. 
J P Kenny has a global network of offices, each with an autonomous management team.

J P Kenny seeks to combine the local accountability of its offices with a global perspective to provide the most appropriate skills and expertise to customers. Our offices routinely work together and inter-office transfers of personnel are encouraged. There are group wide systems for knowledge sharing, a group board for technology planning, and established global planning and management processes.

J P Kenny is part of Wood Group – an international energy services company with more than $2.8bn sales, employing more than 16,000 people and operating in 40 countries. The Group has three businesses – Engineering & Production Facilities, Well Support, and Gas Turbine Service – providing a range of engineering, production support, maintenance management and industrial gas turbine overhaul and repair services to the oil & gas, and power generation industries worldwide.

J P Kenny works with Wood Group companies to share worldwide experience and industry best practice to provide the most appropriate solution for customers.

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Ionik Consulting Company Information

Ionik Consulting is an independently managed international company providing innovative engineering and project management solutions across a broad manufacturing and industrial base. 

As part of the Wood Group organisation, Ionik leverages world-class knowledge, services and products, to deliver significant added value to our clients in the oil and gas, mining, water and and power generation industries. Wood Group is a major international energy services company with a turnover in excess of $3.5billion in 2007, and employing more than 22,000 people in over 46 countries worldwide. 

Ionik operates an accredited Quality, Environment & Safety Management System in accordance with ISO and equivalent international standards. We also recognise that good health, safety and environmental management contribute significantly to the long-term well-being of our own company, our clients and our planet. Ensuring the safety of our staff, with minimal negative impact on the environment, has equal standing within our other core business objectives.

Our People

We strive to be an employer of choice in the provision of Materials Engineering and Integrity Management, with services in corrosion, material selection, coatings, cathodic protection, welding, risk, reliability and asset management through life, from concept to decommissioning.

The strength of Ionik lies in our people. Our success is attributable to our growing number of highly qualified permanent staff members supported by significant investment in information technology, infrastructure and ongoing technical development.

The depth of specific industrial and materials engineering expertise provided by our key personnel enables us to solve problems pragmatically, and with industrial relevance.

Over the years, Ionik has developed a substantial internal knowledge resource known as the KSS (Knowledge Sharing System). Valuable and scenario-specific engineering knowledge and solutions are captured by the system and made available to Ionik personnel around the globe, facilitating the best solutions to our clients. 

Ionik engineers have many years of accumulated work experience on a variety of operating assets, having worked internationally on major onshore and offshore projects. 

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Latest Hydrasun Press Releases

Established in the UK in 1976, Hydrasun has grown to become a highly recognised supplier to global and local markets from its main operating bases in the UK and Europe and through an established worldwide distribution network.

At we feature all of their press releases.

Hydrasun participates in Subsea 7 Supplier HSEQ Day Dec 01, 2007
Hydrasun attends MoD Career Fair 7th November 2007 Nov 07, 2007
Hydrasun at Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition 2007 Oct 05, 2007

Hydrasun Company Information

Established in the UK in 1976, Hydrasun has grown to become a highly recognised supplier to global and local markets from its main operating bases in the UK and Europe and through an established worldwide distribution network.

From its origins in the Aberdeen centred UK Oil & Gas industry, the company has built a strong reputation, progressing by expansion throughout the UK and into mainland Europe.

In parallel with geographic expansion, the underlying Hydrasun model of fast and reliable supply of product from stock, backed by innovative manufacturing and technical support services, has transferred well into other sectors. The same focus on intimate knowledge of customer needs which formed the basis of Hydrasun success in the demanding Oil & Gas sector has allowed the company to begin to penetrate the Petrochemical, Utility, Defence, Marine and Renewable Energy industries.

Hydrasun is committed to the goal of fully understanding and consistently fulfilling customer needs, from the fast and reliable supply of products through the design and manufacture of bespoke connectors, to the provision of whole life asset management service contracts.

Their corporate policies commit to the active assurance that no harm comes to their own people, their customers or third parties from the equipment they supply and the services they provide. Similarly, they are fully committed to the protection of the environment at a local and global level in all that they do.

Hydrasun’s ongoing goal is to continuously improve the quality of their products and services in alignment with customer needs and the achievement of best in class status in the markets they support.

Hydrasun is registered to ISO9001.

Hyrdasun regularly deliver to over 4,000 customers from 6 industry sectors.

Their broad and varied customer base demands in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of product specifications.

In all of their supply and support activities, we seek to exceed the benchmarks against which companies in the field of Fluid Connectors, Hoses, Fittings, Instrumentation and Process Control Products are measured.

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H.S. Pipequipment Company Information

H.S. Pipequipment (HSP) is a leading supplier of valves to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Power Industry. The Company has been operating for 25 years and represents a range of the world’s leading valve manufacturers.

The Company provides end user (MRO) valve requirements as well as packages of valves for projects. The Company offers a total service for the supply of manual and actuated valves and prides itself on its customer service and its on-time delivery of valves.

HSP’s manufacturers are based mainly in Europe. We also have exclusive suppliers in India, China, and Korea when acceptable to customer requirements.

The Company also provides customers with access to the entire global valve industry for those situations when a specific valve is required.

The key to HSP’s success is the teamwork that it has built with its customers and valve manufacturers.

We maintain regular contact with customers and provide technical support and quick responses to all enquiries. The Company’s relationships with manufacturers enable it to offer the best value solution for valves and to make sure that deliveries occur on time.

HSP is based in the UK but supplies valves throughout the world. The Company has three Offices in the UK, with a head office in Newbury and Regional Centres for England and Scotland in Teesside and Aberdeen.

HSP provides the a complete solution for all valve applications in the Petrochemical and Oil/Gas Industry.

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Motorola successfully completes acquisition of Soundbuzz

Monday, Feb 18, 2008

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. and SINGAPORE, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) a global leader in mobile entertainment, has successfully completed its acquisition of Soundbuzz Pte., Ltd., a leading pan-Asian music provider. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Today’s milestone opens the door for Motorola to extend its successful Greater China music platform, MotoMusic, to India and Southeast Asia. In addition to a presence in 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, licenses with Sony BMG, EMI, Warner Music International, Universal Music Group, and over 45 independent record labels from around the world, the acquisition of Soundbuzz establishes MotoMusic as the leading music platform in the Asia-Pacific region.

“With the resources of Motorola, we are now able to immediately expand the digital music offerings available to our customers — and Motorola’s rapidly growing installed base of handsets throughout the region,” said Sudhanshu Sarronwala, CEO of Soundbuzz. “Clearly, this marks a major milestone, as it positions Soundbuzz and Motorola to better participate in the ongoing growth in Asia’s booming mobile music download market.”

“Music is the heart and soul of the mobile entertainment experience, and with Soundbuzz as a part of our family, Motorola has the biggest heart and the most soul in mobile music in Asia,” said Ian Chapman-Banks, Vice-President of Mobile Devices Marketing for Motorola Asia-Pacific.

“With a library of over 750,000 songs and half a million mobile music derivatives, Motorola now offers the people of the Asia-Pacific region an extensive music collection, all available for download either via the Internet or directly onto your mobile device,” Chapman-Banks noted.

Soundbuzz will maintain its Singapore headquarters along with other offices in Mumbai and Sydney, forming a core component of Motorola’s evolving mobile entertainment strategy in the Asia-Pacific region.

About Motorola

Motorola is known around the world for innovation in communications. The company develops technologies, products and services that make mobile experiences possible. Our portfolio includes communications infrastructure, enterprise mobility solutions, digital set-tops, cable modems, mobile devices and Bluetooth accessories. Motorola is committed to delivering next generation communication solutions to people, businesses and governments. A Fortune 100 company with global presence and impact, Motorola had sales of US $36.6 billion in 2007. For more information about our company, our people and our innovations, please visit

Certain statements contained in this press release, including future financial and operating results, benefits and synergies of the transaction, future opportunities for the combined company and products, any other statements regarding Motorola’s or Soundbuzz’s future expectations, beliefs, goals or prospects and any statements that are not statements of historical facts might be considered forward-looking statements. While these forward-looking statements represent managements’ current judgment of future events, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those stated in the forward-looking statements. Important factors that could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements, include: (i) the possibility that the parties may be unable to achieve expected synergies and operating efficiencies within the expected time-frames or at all; (ii) Motorola’s ability to successfully integrate Soundbuzz’s operations and technology into those of Motorola and the possibility that such integration may be more difficult, time-consuming or costly than expected; (iii) revenues following the transaction may be lower than expected; (iv) operating costs, customer loss and business disruption (including, without limitation, difficulties in maintaining relationships with employees, customers, clients or suppliers) may be greater than expected following the transaction; (v) the retention of certain key employees at Soundbuzz; and (vi) the other factors described in Motorola’s Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2006 and its subsequent reports filed with the SEC. Motorola assumes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statement in this press release, and such forward-looking statements speak only as of the date hereof.

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Ericsson to divest its enterprise PBX solutions to Aastra Technologies

Monday, Feb 18, 2008

Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC) has entered into an agreement to divest its enterprise PBX solutions business to Aastra Technologies (TSX:AAH). The agreement involves transfer of approximately 630 employees of which some 360 are based in Sweden. The transaction is expected to close in April 2008. From now on, Ericsson will focus on providing its broad portfolio of enterprise applications directly to operators and service providers.

Ericsson’s enterprise PBX solutions business is a leading provider of IP PBX, converged PBX systems and branch office solutions. The product portfolio includes communications solutions for enterprises of all sizes, mobility solutions, telephone terminals and services. Sales in 2007 amounted to approximately SEK 3 billion. The purchase price is SEK 650 million excluding net of assets and liabilities. A capital gain of approximately SEK 200 million is expected.

Ericsson has a strategic focus on telecommunication operators and service providers, hence considers its enterprise PBX solutions business to be outside its core focus. In addition, the enterprise communications industry is becoming increasingly global and is clearly gravitating toward consolidation. Therefore, Ericsson believes that the enterprise PBX solutions will add significant competence and value to Aastra Technologies, adding leading products and a significant customer base for PBX solutions. This will also be a positive step for Ericsson’s enterprise customers, partners and employees, combining Ericsson’s and Aastra Technologies’ leading product portfolios.

Executing on the strategy for the multimedia business, Ericsson will focus on providing its broad portfolio of enterprise applications directly to operators and service providers. Strategic products from the acquisition of Netwise will also remain within Ericsson. 

The agreement is subject to approvals from relevant competition authorities.

SEB Enskilda acts as sole financial advisor to Ericsson in the transaction.

Ericsson is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. The market leader in 2G and 3G mobile technologies, Ericsson supplies communications services and manages networks that serve more than 185 million subscribers. The company’s portfolio comprises mobile and fixed network infrastructure, and broadband and multimedia solutions for operators, enterprises and developers. The Sony Ericsson joint venture provides consumers with feature-rich personal mobile devices.

Ericsson is advancing its vision of ‘communication for all’ through innovation, technology, and sustainable business solutions. Working in 175 countries, more than 70,000 employees generated revenue of USD 27.9 billion (SEK 189 billion) in 2007. Founded in 1876 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Ericsson is listed on the Stockholm, London and NASDAQ stock exchanges.

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Ericsson Media Relations

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About Aastra

Aastra Technologies Limited, is a global company at the forefront of the Enterprise Communication market.  Headquartered in Concord, Ontario, Canada, Aastra develops and delivers innovative and integrated solutions that address the communication needs of businesses small and large around the world.  Aastra enables Enterprises to communicate and collaborate more efficiently and effectively by offering customers a full range of open standard IP-based and traditional communications networking products, including terminals, systems, and applications.  For additional information on Aastra, visit

For further information contact:

Allan Brett, CFO

Phone: +1 905 760 4160


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