First Rilsan® PA11 high pressure natural gas pipe installations in the US

The first natural gas pipes made of Rilsan® PA11, a high performance polyamide of renewable non-food-crop origin, were recently installed in the United States on two sites (1.2 and 10.5 miles each) to replace corroded steel pipes.Rilsan® PA11 was chosen as it requires very little maintenance, while the installed cost is comparable to that of steel pipes.

Rilsan® PA11, the first high-performance polyamide resin allowed by the US authorities in piping systems for high pressure natural gas distribution

In the United States, regulated gas distribution market operates very stringent safety standards. After more than 10 years of laboratory research and testing, Arkema’sRilsan® PA11 is the first high-performance polyamide to be authorized for pipelines conveying high pressure natural gas: in December 2008, the US Department of Transportation has allowed Rilsan® PA11 to be used for pipes up to 4 inch in diameter at operating pressures up to 14 bars.

A cost effective, performant and environmental efficient solution for gas piping systems

Rilsan® PA11 pipes offer all the installation and cost advantages of conventional polyethylene, at the operating pressures of steel. Installation costs are reduced thanks to coiled pipe laying technique and the possibility of using the most common connection systems.  Rilsan® PA11 features two further key benefits: it eliminates the need for an expensive cathodic protection system, unlike steel, with no risk of leaks from corrosion. Both operating and maintenance costs are then significantly reduced. Rilsan® PA11 pipes therefore offer the most technically and economically efficient solution to replace old or damaged steel and cast iron pipes.

Finally, Rilsan® PA11’s 100% renewable non-food-crop origin combined with the RcycleTM service, Arkema’s technical polymer recycling program, should appeal to the market players concerned with eco-design.

Source: Arkema

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