Saab files Gripen IN offer for India’s MMRCA competition

Tuesday, Apr 29, 2008

In New Delhi today 28 April 2008 Saab, acting through its Gripen International Business Unit, handed-over its compliant response to the Ministry of Defence, government of India Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA) for the Indian Air Force.  

Gripen International is proud to offer the Indian Air Force Gripen IN, tailor-made to meet all current and future requirements of the Indian Air Force and employing only the very best and latest technologies from Sweden, Europe and the US.  
Gripen IN is based on the newly launched Gripen NG, the next generation of Gripen, an enhanced version of the well proven Net Centric Warfare Gripen multi-role fighter, which has unbeatable low acquisition, operation and support costs. Gripen IN provides freedom of choice in weapons and sensors and an unrivalled sustained sortie generation rate through high availability.  
Saab President and CEO Åke Svensson stated “The compliant proposal submitted by the Saab/Gripen team today, demonstrates our commitment to winning the Indian government’s MMRCA tender” he said. “I am confident that Saab has submitted the complete solution to India’s requirements. We are offering cutting edge, next generation combat aircraft and unbeatable industrial co-operation, including unrivalled access to key technologies, enabling autonomy and increased national security for India”.  
Following submission of the Saab/Gripen team’s bid Eddy de la Motte, Gripen International’s India Campaign Director said “By choosing Gripen IN, India will receive an affordable world class weapons system that will enhance India’s military operational capability and industrial defence base well into the future and in addition, will create independent capabilities right from the word go”.  
“Gripen IN will provide India with a capability that offers complete independence of weapon supply. In addition, Gripen IN comes with the guarantee that we are committed to ensuring that India will have the fighter that the Indian Air Force wants” he continued.  
“We will do this by transferring all necessary technologies to enable Indian industry and the Air Force to build, operate and modify Gripen to meet all indigenous requirements over time. Gripen IN has huge future growth potential for India to harness to the maximum extent, ensuring that this fighter above all others, will stay in the lead as future technology brings yet greater effectiveness and firepower” he continued.  
“Gripen is fully operational today and with the total long-term commitment and support of the Swedish government, I believe that Gripen IN will provide the basis for significant future Indian and international co-operative programmes in future”.  
Gripen IN – The Complete Solution  
– Operational  
- A next generation state-of-the-art Net Centric Warfare true multi-role fighter that meets all the Indian Air Force defined operational requirements.  
- Gripen IN is a tailored version of the Gripen NG next generation fighter, which includes increased combat range and endurance, additional weapons carriage capability and increased payload, the more powerful General Electric F414G engine and supercruise capability.  
–Weapons System and Weapons:  
- The latest generation of weapons system, with an open and flexible architecture providing ease of integration of new equipment, systems and weapons.  
- Fully integrated advanced sensors and weapon fusion, including an AESA radar and IRST sensor.  
- A wide range of weapons, which can be sourced from manufacturers worldwide, gives the Indian Air Force freedom of choice by avoiding sole source supply constraints.  
–Transfer of Technology:  
- A comprehensive Transfer of Technology (ToT) programme, ensuring access and transfer of technology to enable India to manage all aspects of the life cycle for the Gripen IN.  
- Unbeatable low acquisition, operation and support costs compared to alternative platforms.  
–Support and Training:  
- A reliable, innovative, cost-effective and life-time logistics support solution sourced from Indian suppliers with support from Saab and its partners.  
- State-of-the-art training facilities that combine synthetic training aids and real fighters, for the training of pilots and maintenance personnel.  
– Offset-Industrial Co-operation:  
Genuine commitment to deliver real industrial co-operation, creating indigenous capabilities in advanced defence technology areas. Saab has an unbeatable track record when it comes to fulfilling offset obligations.  
Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. Saab has operations and employees on all continents and constantly develops, adopts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.  
Gripen International is the Saab Business Unit which acts as a prime contracting organization, responsible for marketing, selling and supporting the Gripen fighter worldwide. Gripen International combines the strength of its international industrial partners, which are among the world’s most experienced and respected manufacturers of aerospace and defence equipment.  
Gripen is the first of the new generation, true multi-role combat aircraft to enter service. Using the latest available technology it is capable of performing an extensive range of air-to-air and air-to-surface operational missions and employing the latest weapons. Gripen is designed to meet the demands of current and future threats, while at the same time meeting strict requirements for flight safety, reliability, training efficiency and low operating costs. Gripen is in service with the Swedish, Hungarian and Czech Republic Air Forces and has also been ordered by the South African Air Force and Thailand. The UK Empire Test Pilots’ School (ETPS) is operating Gripen as its advanced fast jet platform for test pilots worldwide.

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