El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Wind Energy Generation

Wind Energy Generation
Wind energy is the most attractive clean and fuel-free solution to the world’s energy challenges. Indigenous and enough wind blows across the globe to cope with the ever increasing electricity demand. It is the fastest growing & most economical and mature renewable energy resource with more than 50 countries all over the world, […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Transmission & Distribution

Transmission & Distribution
We are specialized in the supply, installation and commissioning of overhead transmission lines and substations on a turnkey basis
including rural electrification and street lighting projects
Our services cover utilities and industries throughout Africa and the Middle East.
Our Offerings
- Design, Engineering, Supplying, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of: Overhead Transmission lines, Substations from L.V to H.V
- […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Industrial Grade Networks

Industrial Grade Networks
Downtime can be very disruptive and cause heavy losses in non tolerating communication era
For many applications, availability is a must and one of the key requirements for the host-level protocol .The network must be fault tolerant up and running even in the presence of a fault. This is extremely critical at the host […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Fiber Networks

Fiber Networks
The Telecom solutions offered by COMCORE are done through projects management and execution which is specially supporting the infrastructure projects used for data and service connection and transmission such as (Fiber To The Home and Backbone projects). These projects represent the method used for all of the real estate and industrial projects.
The Solution includes:
- […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Fiber Backbone

Fiber Backbone
The Fiber Backbone projects supports the infrastructure projects used for data and service connection and transmission.
Our Offerings
- Designing
- Engineering
- Installing
- Laying
- Pulling
- Terminating
- Testing with warranty and availability for more than 20 years for solution certifications.
Added Value
COMCORE guarantees to provide the premium products and services to our customers where they could receive the most […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Solutions - Carrier Grade Networks

Carrier Grade Networks
Product downtime can save millions of investments. In today’s plugged in business life;
- Reliability,
- Availability
- Security
- Power efficiency
are non-compromised product values required to meet the demands of the next-generation networks
Our extensive range of carrier grade products and solutions to be established and new telecom operators from the core of the network up to […]

El Sewedy Electric eyes stronger performance in second half of 2011

Major cablemaker expects demand to pick up for all operations after regional upheaval squeezed sales for the first six months of the year

El Sewedy Electric - Our Companies - United Industries-Fiber Glass Poles

The Fiber Glass Poles division under the umbrella of United Industries guarantees the satisfaction our customers.
Through the manufacturing of fiber glass poles with the highest quality & the most economical cost up to 14 m height.
Quality Policy
Our Fiber Glass Poles are:
Resistant to deflection and bending
Resistant to UV radiations
Resistant to vibrations
Resistant to chemical and corrosive reaction
Easily […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Companies - UEIC Elsewedy

UEIC Elsewedy (United Electrical Industries Company) is the newest one out of Elsewedy Electric Group. It’s specialized in manufacturing of Magnet Wire (Round enameled copper wires).
The factory consists of 14.000 square meters covered area out of 37,395 square meters of prime manufacturing space together with associated technical offices, laboratories and storage areas.
We are new enterprise […]

El Sewedy Electric - Our Companies - 3W Networks

3W Networks is a subsidiary of Elsewedy Electric. It is a technology based Communications Contractor and Systems Integrator primarily involved in providing Integrated Communication Solutions to Oil & Gas, Power Utilities, Telecom Operators, Transport and Fibre Optic Infrastructure sectors.
The company offers its clients a comprehensive range of complete turnkey communication solutions to suit any application […]